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The Corporate Responsibility Network FIBS is the leading non‐profit corporate responsibility network in Finland. FIBS was founded in 2000 and has currently over 235 member organizations. FIBS brings together companies, NGOs, universities, public sector organizations and other players to exchange information and experiences on best sustainability practices, as well as to learn from both each-other as well as various other stakeholders. The mission of FIBS is to promote financially, socially and ecologically sustainable business in Finland by supporting the members' CR strategy and initiatives. FIBS arranges seminars, workshops and training, provides information services including latest research, tools and best practices, and offers peer support. Current focus areas include business and biodiversity, human rights and supply chain, diversity management (Diversity Charter Finland-­‐ employees and clientele) and business-­‐NGO collaboration. FIBS is also a member of international CR networks such as WBCSD, CSR Europe and the Global Reporting Initiative.

FIBS is running business and biodiversity programme in Finland in co-operation with the Ministry of Environment. The key goals of the initiative are to raise awareness of biodiversity, introduce tools for companies to help them discover their dependencies on ecosystem services, and helping enterprises to manage their impacts on nature. The business and biodiversity programme includes seminars and workshops open to all companies interested in the business possibilities created by biological diversity. In addition to public events, nine selected companies are participating in Master Class training which deepens their insight on biodiversity and enables information sharing between the companies.

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Helsinki, Finland
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Ms. Anna Lemström
Environmental Specialist

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