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Polish Business and Biodiversity Platform


The Polish Business and Biodiversity Platform brings together companies, institutions, experts, universities, public sector organizations, NGOs, and other players to exchange information and experiences on best sustainability practices. The Polish Business and Biodiversity Platform constitutes a dedicated support forum for business to tackle in a constructive manner sensitive biodiversity issue, i.e., to incorporate this effectively in their operations and strategic business model.

The Platform’s primary goal for the coming years is to support entrepreneurs in the creation and development of sustainable business models and brands. The strategic objectives are: (i) transfer of knowledge and know-how to Polish stakeholders and entrepreneurs from global and European initiatives; (ii) development of cooperation between Polish and international entrepreneurs by participating in the regional and global initiatives for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources; (iii) promotion and supporting of biodiversity-friendly business models; and (iv) introduction and development of tools required to integrate the value of ecosystem services into the national business accounting and reporting systems.

The Polish Business and Biodiversity Platform as a national platform is a member of the EU Business@Biodversity Platform initiated by the European Commission. It operates in Poland fostered by the Ministry of the Environment and with the official support of the General Directorate for Environmental Protection.

The Polish Business and Biodiversity Platform is operated by the Polish Foundation Business for Biodiversity, a Polish non-profit organization (NGO) based in Warsaw.

Contact Information
ul. Wilcza 31/10
00-544 Warszawa
Tel: +48 22 502 3535
Fax: +48 22 502 3530

Contact Person
Ms. Joanna Danilowicz
President of the Board

Annual Reports

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