Republic of Korea


Korea Business and Biodiversity Initiative

The Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Environment is currently hosting the Korean Business and Biodiversity Initiative, which was initiated on 26 September 2013 with a Signing Ceremony for the Korean Business and Biodiversity Declaration. The Korean Initiative has a number of founding companies and is supported by the KBCSD (a regional partner of WBCSD), the Korea biotechnology industry organization, and the Secretariat of Green Companies. This initiative builds on the work of previous workshops and policy gatherings held in Korea. Through the initiative, the participating companies will actively lead and participate in the conservation of biodiversity, including activities for protection and restoration of wild species and their habitats. The MOE will support those activities by developing the guidelines and best practices, and providing opportunities for capacity building and international cooperation. The Korean initiative will undertake several activities in 2014 and beyond to help raise awareness of this issue amongst the Korean business community.

Contact Information
Ministry of Environment
Sejong Special Self-Governing City 339-012, South Korea
Tel: +82-044-201-7246
Fax: +82-044-201-7261

Contact Person
Mr. Jung-Han Bae
Deputy Director, Biodiversity Division
Ministry of Environment

Mr. Goosun Jung
Policy Planning Team Leader
Executive Office of the Korean Business Council for Sustainable Development

Annual Reports

Please see the link below for progress reports on this initiative