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UK Business and Biodiversity Forum


The mission of the UK Business and Biodiversity Forum is to take action to mainstream biodiversity into the core of UK business decision making and activities with the aim to reverse biodiversity loss, achieve net gain and promote the sustainable use of nature. Working with governments and other national and international stakeholders, to help reverse biodiversity loss and promote the restoration and sustainable use of nature.

Its vision is for biodiversity to be fully integrated into business decision making; valued, conserved, restored and managed sustainably which deliver benefits to the planet, people and businesses, across all sectors, by 2030.

The objectives of this business-to-business forum are to:
  • Support UK businesses to identify opportunities and implement practical solutions to biodiversity mainstreaming.
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences across all sectors, from Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to large corporates and promote the work of UK businesses on biodiversity.
  • Act as unifying voice for UK businesses on the importance of nature.

The UKBBF will help raise awareness and understanding of the importance of biodiversity throughout the industry and actively support the biodiversity conservation activities of companies through the establishment of a public-private partnership. The UKBBF will also serve as a hub to provide co-ordinated feedback on national and international policies relevant to UK businesses as well as aim to keep UK businesses informed with the latest relevant developments, best practices, regulations, and policy updates; and strive to improve best practices across UK businesses.

Contact Person
Dr Mark Johnston