Monitoring Framework for the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

Addressing biodiversity loss requires knowledge about biodiversity, related socio-economic issues and assessments of the effectiveness of policy and management decisions. Monitoring, including through the use of indicators, is therefore of fundamental importance in addressing biodiversity loss as recognized in Article 7 of the Convention 

Indicators are information tools which summarize data on varied and complex environmental and socio-economic issues to indicate overall status and trends. They can be used to assess progress towards desired objectives at various scales and to signal key issues to be addressed through policy interventions and other actions. Indicators are, therefore, important for monitoring the status and trends of biological diversity and, in turn, feeding back information on ways to continually improve the effectiveness of biodiversity management programmes. Biodiversity indicators, when used to assess national or global trends, also build a bridge between the fields of policy-making and science. 

The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework is accompanied by a detailed monitoring framework comprised of a set of agreed indicators for tracking progress towards the Goals and Targets of the Framework. The monitoring framework, which was adopted in decision 15/5, includes headline indicators which are recommended for national, regional and global monitoring, and more detailed component and complementary indicators. The monitoring framework will provide information on how the world is faring in terms of achieving the Goals and Targets of the framework. In the same decision, the Conference of the Parties decided to establish an ad hoc technical expert group (AHTEG) to provide guidance on the further development and operationalization of the monitoring framework. It also requested the convening, in collaboration with the AHTEG, of moderated online discussions on the monitoring framework. Additionally, in decision 15/6 the Conference of the Parties adopted an enhanced multidimensional approach to planning, monitoring, reporting and review which links with the monitoring framework for the Global Biodiversity Monitoring framework.