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Belgian Development Cooperation Agency - Belgium
BTC is the Belgian agency for development cooperation. On behalf of the Belgian government, BTC supports developing countries in their fight against poverty. Apart from this public service, BTC also executes contracts on behalf of other national and international organisations that work toward sustainable human development.
Subject(s): Biodiversity for Development; Communication, Education and Public Awareness; Governance, Law and Policy; United Nations; Cooperation and Partnerships; Gender and Biodiversity; Health and Biodiversity; Agricultural Biodiversity

Belgian portal site for information exchange in the field of biological diversity. This page give you access to all the information found on the websites developed by the main OSTC-funded partners concerned by biodiversity conservation in Belgium
Subject(s): Climate Change and Biodiversity; Forest Biodiversity; Invasive Alien Species; Marine and Coastal Biodiversity; Polar Biodiversity

Confederation of European Paper Industries
CEPI is a Brussels-based non-profit making organisation regrouping the European pulp and paper industry and championing this industry’s achievements and the benefits of its products. Through its 19 member countries (17 European Union members plus Norway and Switzerland) CEPI represents some 760 pulp, paper and board producing companies across Europe, ranging from small and medium sized companies to multi-nationals, and 1080 paper mills. Together they represent 26% of world production.
Subject(s): Business and Biodiversity

Countdown 2010
Countdown 2010 works at governmental level by monitoring countries’ responses to the 2010 Biodiversity Target and at local level by mobilising local actors that take concrete actions. In only a few years of activity, Countdown 2010 has been able to mobilize an increasing number of actors ranging from local authorities and businesses to civil society organizations. With a powerful network of more than 900 Partners, Countdown 2010 is one of the leading initiatives mobilizing action for the 2010 Target.
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European Environmental Bureau
The EEB is the environmental voice of European citizens. We stand for environmental justice, sustainable development and participatory democracy. Our aim is to ensure the EU secures a healthy environment and rich biodiversity for all.

The EEB aims to promote knowledge and understanding of the EU's environmental and sustainable development policies amongst European citizens. Our 145 member organisations gain their membership from the general public.

Our office in Brussels closely coordinates EU-oriented activities with EEB Members at national level around Europe. It also works in ad-hoc coalitions with representatives of other interest groups when appropriate.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development - Belgium
The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation guides the Belgian foreign policy. The network of Foreign Affairs is comprised of 130-odd Embassies, Consulates and Representations abroad and in Belgium, with the Main Office in Brussels at the centre.
Subject(s): Sustainable Development / Millenium Development Goals

Natura Music Festival
Le Natura Music Festival est un éco-festival qui sensibilise depuis maintenant 8 ans les festivaliers aux enjeux du développement durable.

Province of Limburg - Belgium
The province of Limburg, as an intermediate government, is responsible for the implementation of the guidelines formulated by Europe and the Flemish government. This means the province has extensive experience in designing policy frameworks and translating these – together with local and regional partners - to concrete actions. The province is a forerunner in participatory environmental policy, opting for a well structured integrated approach, where economical, ecological and socio-cultural ambitions are taken into account as well as all relevant policy domains.

With the TACO2-plan (Total Action plan CO2 neutral), the province has the ambition to become CO2-neutral by 2020. The province installed several new instruments (subsidies, do-tanks, policy frameworks, etc. ) and reoriented several others. The province promotes the use of renewable energy sources and sets up cooperatives to make sure the goals are being met in a sustainable way.

The province coordinates the development of green infrastructure at a regional scale. Increasing connectivity in urban and agricultural areas (outside but connecting to Natura2000) and guaranteeing a basic ecological quality in areas where the protection of biodiversity competes with other land uses, is part of the province’s core business. The province has the necessary tools and instruments to coordinate this process.

The provincial policy, received international recognition. At the biodiversity summit of COP9 and COP10 of the Convention on Biological Diversity, this policy was presented. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 the province received the price of respectively the best, second best and third best project from the Countdown 2010 initiative.

For more than 30 years the province is very active in the field of CEPA (communication, education, and public awareness) and working with volunteers in education programmes and monitoring projects.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
The Belgian Royal Institute of Natural Sciences is part of the Federal Public Planning Service Science Policy (PPS Science Policy), a section of the Prime Minister's Offices. The scientific research is in the area of the natural sciences, mainly concerned with the study of evolution, diversity, and ecosystems.

Activities for the International Year of Biodiversity (pps) - (pdf)
Subject(s): Research and Science; Library and Documentation; International Year of Biodiversity - 2010