2018 COP 14 Business and Biodiversity Forum

Investing in Biodiversity for People and Planet

Exchanging lessons learned and catalysing action within the business sector for safeguarding biodiversity


14-15 November 2018


Sharm El Sheikh International Congress Center (SHICC)
Um Marikha Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt


The agenda for the Global Business and Biodiversity Forum is available here.


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Addressing the loss of biodiversity is a global imperative, as continued loss will bear considerable implications to our economic prosperity and human well- being. It is widely recognized that the impact on the Earth's natural systems due to human activity has worsened in the past decades. For example, in terms of food production, 87% of the world’s fisheries are overexploited and agricultural lands are under considerable stress. In addition, despite the multiple services and benefits that forests provide, deforestation continues and accounts for nearly 15% of worldwide carbon emissions. From our oceans to our drylands, and other ecosystems, the growing pressures from human activities, threaten invaluable assets critical to our survival.

The 2018 World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report places biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse as a top global risk. In this context, there has been increasing interest for broader mobilization of support to realize the multiple value of nature by protecting and restoring ecosystems, as well as sustainably using biodiversity, not only for human wellbeing, but also to examine new economic development opportunities, including contributions that the biodiversity agenda could play in a circular economy and natural capital sustainable development approaches.

In response, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has increasingly seen the critical role that businesses must play in addressing biodiversity. Co-organized by Government of Egypt under the auspices of H.E Dr. Sahar Nasr Minister of Investment and International Cooperation and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Global Business and Biodiversity Forum will take place from 14-15 November 2018, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, ahead of the opening of the 14th Conference of the Parties to the CBD (COP 14).

The Global Business and Biodiversity Forum will feature the mainstreaming topics of energy and mining, infrastructure and manufacturing and processing as well as other key topics such as, finance, access and benefit sharing, eco-innovation, partnerships and effective business engagement. Designed to encourage open and lively discussions in interactive sessions, the Forum will enable an exchange of experiences and good practices in mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystem considerations in business models and operations. It will offer a unique opportunity to bring together corporate and businesses leaders, together with Ministers, and other high level representatives from civil society, academia and indigenous and local communities to discuss and share insights on key biodiversity related issues for business

With nearly 300 people in attendance at the 2016 Global Business and Biodiversity Forum, at COP13, in Cancun, this event provides an important occasion for businesses to engage with other businesses, government, NGOs and potential partners that are taking strategic action to mainstream biodiversity and capitalize on the opportunities effective mainstreaming can attract and provide. The Forum is also an opportunity to intensify business engagement in view of the Convention’s broader work, including on issues relating to the post-2020 global biodiversity framework..

The topics of the Forum include:

  • State of Biodiversity and Relevance to Business: To demonstrate the nature of the risks and opportunities; the sense of urgency for business action on biodiversity and to set the stage for why mainstreaming is particularly important to the focus sectors of COP 14;
  • Mainstreaming in Energy: To showcase how companies are mainstreaming biodiversity into the energy sector; what works, what doesn’t, and lessons learnt;
  • Mainstreaming in Manufacturing and Processing: To showcase how companies are mainstreaming biodiversity into the manufacturing and processing sector; what works, what doesn’t, and lessons learnt;
  • Mainstreaming in Infrastructure: To showcase how companies are mainstreaming biodiversity into the infrastructure sector; what works, what doesn’t, and lessons learnt;
  • Mainstreaming in Mining: To showcase how companies are mainstreaming biodiversity into the mining sector; what works, what doesn’t, and lessons learnt;
  • Stocktaking: Mainstreaming actions in COP 13 sectors To showcase successful mainstreaming initiatives since the previous Business Forum in tourism, forestry, fisheries and agriculture;
  • Tools for Mainstreaming: To highlight existing tools, methodologies, operating standards contributing towards mainstreaming biodiversity;
  • Partnership and Effective Engagement: To showcase how partnerships are enhancing biodiversity mainstreaming into the business sector, providing additional services and products for people and nature;
  • Finance and Investing: To demonstrate the role that investors and finance communities play in achieving mainstreaming and to highlight the types of nature based projects and initiatives that investors are interested in;
  • Access and Benefit Sharing: To share best practices on access and benefit sharing and the direct links to effective mainstreaming in the manufacturing sector;
  • Innovation: Highlight how technologies, knowledge and eco-entrepreneurs are playing an important role in biodiversity conservation and sustainable use;
  • Business Engagement Post-2020: A New Deal for Business and Nature To hear from participants at the Forum on how to engage the business community effectively within the Convention process in the lead up to 2020 and beyond; and
  • BioTrade and Access and Benefit Sharing: A New Deal for Business and Nature To highlight how trade can be used as an effective tool to mainstream biodiversity in the sectors under discussion, including as a direct link in the manufacturing sector and to share best practices on access and benefit sharing approaches.

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