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Plateforme de l'initiative française pour les entreprises et la biodiversité


The French Platform for Business and Biodiversity brings together all the interested French organizations working on business and biodiversity including “programs” (non-profits, NGOs, think tanks, research organisms, etc.) and public and private organizations. A platform was designed at the end of 2013 in order to organize this network: the French Platform for Business and Biodiversity, dedicated to the presentation of the different actors, the linkage between them, and the highlighting of the best case studies and practices.

Orée, which is the focal point for the French Initiative, is a French non-profit organization created in 1992 which brings together about 150 companies, local authorities, institutions, nonprofit and academic organizations, in order to develop a collaborative reflection on best environmental practices and to implement practical tools for an integrated management of the environment across the territories.

Orée’s activities are reflected in its three priorities: Business and Biodiversity, the Circular Economy, and Environmental Reporting and Labeling. Since the end of the year 2005, Orée has worked on business and biodiversity by leading working groups, conducting doctoral thesis, developing technical tools (guides, position papers, internet platforms, etc.), holding events (conferences, seminars, book presentations, etc.), and taking part in reflection groups at the international, regional, and national levels.

Initiated in early 2006, the working groups bring together some thirty companies, local authorities and non-profit organizations around the issue “How to integrate biodiversity into organizations strategies?” Another working group was recently established in order to conduct a prospective reflection about the dynamics of ecosystems and economic stakeholders, by considering their interactions and possible evolution over a territory.

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Ms. Sylvie Gillet
Director of Development and Biodiversity at ORÉE

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