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There are several Business and Biodiversity Initiatives in the Netherlands.

Natural Capital Future Proof Community

NaturalCapital.community is a Futureproof community: an online matchmaking and community platform for entrepreneurs working towards a sustainable balance for their business processes, biodiversity and ecosystems. With Futureproof CSR Netherlands works on several sustainable topics on communities. As a centre of excellence for Dutch companies that are striving towards corporate social responsibility we aim to support our partners and other organisations in their sustainable ambitions. For the Futureproof community NaturalCapital CSR Netherlands works together with the Dutch Federal Government, IUCN NL, the Dutch employers association VNO-NCW and several other organisations.

NaturalCapital.Futureproof.community invites entrepreneurs, doers and thinkers to contribute to challenges and share their personal insights, knowledge and services. It provides matchmaking and knowledge by sharing and searching for the right solutions, knowledge events and community members.

Community of Practice Greening Finance

The Greening Finance Community brings professionals within the financial sector together around smart and responsible financing challenges and solutions. The Greening Finance Community is part of the Community of Practice Greening Finance. In order to scale up and inspire and motivate other professionals, the Community of Practice Greening Finance engages with the Futureproof.community.

Green Growth Frontrunners network

The Green Growth Frontrunners network GroeneGroeiers.nl is a network of entrepreneurs striving for green growth. They want to reduce their impact on nature and environment and contribute to a better world. That's why they invest in the development of circular producs and services, sustainable sourcing and sustainable energy. Green Growth frontrunners develop good business cases focusing on ecodesign, re-use and refurbishing of products and materials, products and materials and long-term value creation. They collaborate with other companies, governments and knowledgecentres, because this kind of collaboration is a key to success.

Green Growth Frontrunners organise face to face meeting and collaborate on the online community. Meetings are organized by the five regional branches of the Netherlands employers association VNO-NCW.

Nature inclusive Agriculture Network

The Nature Inclusive Agriculture network is a grassroots network of committed citizens and organizations that want to collaborate to strengthen and green the link between nature and agriculture. With the aim to create healthy soils and increase biodiversity. The network has published a Manifest and joint action agenda.

Dutch Agro-Water Climate Alliance

The Dutch Agro-Water Climate Alliance unites companies, NGOs and governments to support business cases that counter causes and impacts of climate change.

The Dutch Agro-Water Climate Alliance identifies options and finds resources for business opportunities that help companies to reduce climate change related risks in their value chains. The alliance prioritizes those options that also help reduce underlying causes of climate change and that contribute to adaptation outcomes outside company fence lines. The alliance creates competitive advantages with reputational rewards. The Dutch Agro-Water Climate Alliance is a project of IUCN NL and receives financial support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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