Communication, Education & Public Awareness

CEPA Case Studies and Best Practices

As mandated in Decision VI/19 paragraph 4 d), the Executive Secretary has sought "the submission of relevant case studies on biodiversity communication, education and public awareness from relevant sources." Further in response to programme element 1 - Towards a global communication, education and public awareness network and to provide information on the best practices in Communication, Education and Public Awareness, the Secretariat has created the following Database of Case Studies and Best Practices. The database includes research conducted by the Secretariat, as well as contributions from a variety of Parties and organizations who responded to Notification 2003-131, which called for case-studies to be submitted in support of the initiative.

Note that although every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in the database, the Secretariat does not assume responsibility for the data contained therein.  Users are advised to consult with the contact for the lead organization for any detailed project information.

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