Mechanisms for Implementation


The Secretariat provides the global hub of the Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM), an internet-based network that promotes technical and scientific cooperation and the exchange of information. It relies on CHM Focal Points, which are national and international centres and institutions with relevant expertise, to gather and organize information to be shared. The Secretariat analyses national reports of parties.

The Convention’s Financial Resources and Mechanism provides financial resources to developing countries for the implementation of the CBD. It is supported primarily by funding from member governments and operated by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) under the guidance of COP. UNDP, UNEP, and the World Bank, as Implementing Agencies of the GEF, including the preparation and cost-effectiveness of GEF projects.

To facilitate its work, the Secretariat has developed Cooperation and Partnerships with a wide variety of UN agencies, environmental conventions and non-governmental organizations to provide technical input and assistance.