Mechanisms for Implementation

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Upcoming Meeting

12th September 2023: 2nd Session of Knowledge Management For Biodiversity Webinar Series on the theme "Scaling Up Knowledge Management to Achieve the Goals and Targets of the GBF (Part 1 - Global Initiatives)."

Past Meetings

5 September 2023: The first Knowledge Management for Biodiversity (KM4B) webinar series was launched today under the theme "Unlocking the Power of Knowledge to support implementation of the Kunming Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework".

The first webinar consisted of presentations on "Introduction to knowledge management under the Convention and its Protocols" by Mr. Erie Tamale and on "Leveraging knowledge management to support implementation of the goals and targets of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)" by Prof. Andreas Brandner.

-Presentation 1: Introduction to KM under the CBD and its Protocols

-Presentation 2: Leveraging KM to Support GBF and SDG Implementation

-Recording of the 1st Webinar on YouTube

Knowledge Management

Article 17 of the Convention on Biological Diversity requires Parties to facilitate the exchange of technical, scientific and socio-economic information from all publicly available sources, as well as information on training and surveying programmes, specialized knowledge, indigenous and traditional knowledge.

Target 21 of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework calls on governments and stakeholders to ensure that the best available data, information and knowledge are accessible to decision-makers, practitioners and the public to guide effective and equitable governance, integrated and participatory management of biodiversity, and to strengthen communication, awareness-raising, education, monitoring, research and knowledge management and, also in this context, traditional knowledge, innovations, practices and technologies of indigenous peoples and local communities should only be accessed with their free, prior and informed consent in accordance with national legislation.

There is a need for enhanced support mechanisms for the generation, use and sharing of knowledge to achieve positive outcomes. Collectively, Parties and stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Convention have a wealth of experience and knowledge, including good practice cases, tools and guidance, and additional useful information exits beyond this community.