Activities of the CONABIO in 2007


  • Second Workshop for the Monitoring Program of Mangroves in Mexico (September)
  • Workshop on Remote Sensing. International Seaspace Remote Sensing conference and the Land and Vegetation Direct Readout Workshop (October)
  • Workshop on Cloud Forest (November)

CITES Scientific authority
  • Workshop on the elaboration of Non Detriment Findings for Big Leaf Mahogany (April)
  • Capacity building workshop for authorities involved in supervising the wildlife trade between Mexico and Guatemala (August)
  • National Meeting for the Protection of Marine Turtles. CONABIO gave a lecture about the international conventions that aim to protect the sea turtles (November)

State Biodiversity Strategies
  • Workshop on exchange of experiences on the elaboration of State Biodiversity Strategies in the southern region of México (August)
  • Workshop for the Jaguar protection in the pacific region in Mexico, the workshop was given to the community of rangers (October)
  • Workshops for the Jaguar protection in the Yucatan Peninsula region in Mexico, and in the border region between Mexico and Guatemala; the workshops were given to the community of rangers (November)
  • Informative Workshop on the State Biodiversity Strategy of Puebla, Mexico (November)

Analysis and Priorities
  • Workshop on management of risks associated to invasive alien invasive species (March)
  • Workshop on endangered fauna in Mexico (June)
  • Workshop to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection on alien invasive species (August)
  • Workshop on the use of BIOTICA (June)
  • Workshop on methodologies for liberation of genetically modified organisms in Colombia (August)

Mesoamerican Biological Corridor (MBC) and Sustainable use of biodiversity
  • Seminar - Workshop on the Conservation and Development from the point of view of sustainability and complex systems: the case of the MBC-Mexico (March)
  • Workshops to prepare the State Biodiversity Strategies in Campeche, Chetumal and Mérida, three southern States of Mexico
  • Workshop with the Mexican social, academic and institutional sectors and NGOs to discuss and reach a consensus on operating strategies for the State of Chiapas (April)
  • Monitoring network of the MBC-M (Workshop II): Towards the integration of ecological monitoring at different scales and proposal for the evaluation of the ecological situation of the MBC-M region (August)
  • Workshop for the exchange of experiences on pita plant (Aechmea magdalenae), reflections and alternatives for its sustainable use and management (September)
  • Diploma on Environmental Education for teachers in the state of Chiapas (June)
  • LEAD Program week “Actors of Development in the framework of the MBC-M in Chiapas (July)
  • Analysis of Biological Corridors as Complex Systems to establish their tactical and operative integration: Fist Workshop in the Chajul Station (October)
  • Workshops with local communities to reach a consensus on the perception of biodiversity and preparation of the poster in the corridors of Chiapas (October).

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme