National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs)

COP Guidance on NBSAPs

As the main instrument for implementing the Convention, NBSAPs are referenced in several COP decisions, pertaining to thematic areas, cross-cutting issues and stakeholder processes, indicating those areas that Parties have suggested should be included in NBSAPs.

The main COP decisions that provide direct guidance for NBSAPs are decision IX/8 and decision X/2. Parties are encouraged to review these decisions for consolidated guidance on the NBSAP process, substance, components, support systems, and monitoring and review systems.

The table below provides a quick reference to relevant COP-10 and COP-11 decisions, with links to the respective CBD webpages of the areas in question.

Topic (linked to CBD webpage)
NBSAP Contents  
Target-setting, National Biodiversity Targets X/2 paras 3(b) and (c)
Mainstreaming X/2 paras 3(d) and (f); XI/8 para 4
Biodiversity for Development X/2 para 3(d), X/33 para 8(k)
Resource mobilization; Funding priorities and needs X/3 para 2; X/26 para 3; X/31 para 11; XI/4 paras 5, 17, 25;
Cooperation with other conventions, international organizations, and initiatives X/5 para 3, XI/6 paras 10 and 11
Global Strategy for Plant Conservation X/17 para 6(a); XI/26 paras 4, 5, 5(a)
Gender X/19 para 5, XI/9 para 7
Marine and coastal biodiversity X/29 paras 7, 18, 67
Mountains X/30 paras 4 and 8
Protected Areas X/31 paras 1(c), 11, 26(b); XI/24 para 1(a)
Sustainable use of biodiversity (Bushmeat) X/32 paras 2 (e) and (h); XI/25 para 13(d)
Ecosystem Services, Valuation X/32 para 2(g); X/44 para 6; XI/30 para 9
Climate Change X/33 para 8(k); XI/19 para 7(a)
Agricultural biodiversity X/34 para 7
Dry and sub-humid lands X/35 para 2(b)
Biofuels and biodiversity X/37 para 5; XI/27 para 2(a)
Global Taxonomy Initiative X/39 para 8; XI/29 para 3, Annex B para 5
Incentive Measures X/44 para 6; XI/30 paras 3, 6, 7, 9
Biosafety XI/5 Appendix II para 4(d)
Island biodiversity XI/15 para 4(b)
Technology needs assessments X/16 para 3(a)
NBSAP Revision Process and Stakeholder Involvement  
Progress in NBSAP implementation XI/2 A. paras 3, 4, 8, 9
National reporting; Monitoring X/10 para 9(b); XI/3 para 6
Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM) (funding) X/15 para 2(c)
Business engagement X/21 para 1(e) and (g)
Subnational Governments, Cities and Other Local Authorities X/22 para 2; XI/8 A para 4
Children and youth XI/8 B para 1
Civil society XI/8 C para 1
Indigenous and local communities XI/14 B para 17
Cooperation with other conventions, international organizations, and initiatives XI/6 paras 10 and 11