COP Guidance on NBSAPs

As the main instrument for implementing the Convention, NBSAPs are referenced in several COP decisions, pertaining to thematic areas, cross-cutting issues and stakeholder processes, indicating those areas that Parties have suggested should be included in NBSAPs.

The main COP decisions that provide direct guidance for NBSAPs are decision IX/8 and decision X/2. Parties are encouraged to review these decisions for consolidated guidance on the NBSAP process, substance, components, support systems, and monitoring and review systems.

The table below provides a quick reference to relevant COP-10 and COP-11 decisions, with links to the respective CBD webpages of the areas in question.

Topic (linked to CBD webpage)
NBSAP Contents  
Target-setting, National Biodiversity Targets X/2 paras 3(b) and (c)
Mainstreaming X/2 paras 3(d) and (f); XI/8 para 4
Biodiversity for Development X/2 para 3(d), X/33 para 8(k)
Resource mobilization; Funding priorities and needs X/3 para 2; X/26 para 3; X/31 para 11; XI/4 paras 5, 17, 25;
Cooperation with other conventions, international organizations, and initiatives X/5 para 3, XI/6 paras 10 and 11
Global Strategy for Plant Conservation X/17 para 6(a); XI/26 paras 4, 5, 5(a)
Gender X/19 para 5, XI/9 para 7
Marine and coastal biodiversity X/29 paras 7, 18, 67
Mountains X/30 paras 4 and 8
Protected Areas X/31 paras 1(c), 11, 26(b); XI/24 para 1(a)
Sustainable use of biodiversity (Bushmeat) X/32 paras 2 (e) and (h); XI/25 para 13(d)
Ecosystem Services, Valuation X/32 para 2(g); X/44 para 6; XI/30 para 9
Climate Change X/33 para 8(k); XI/19 para 7(a)
Agricultural biodiversity X/34 para 7
Dry and sub-humid lands X/35 para 2(b)
Biofuels and biodiversity X/37 para 5; XI/27 para 2(a)
Global Taxonomy Initiative X/39 para 8; XI/29 para 3, Annex B para 5
Incentive Measures X/44 para 6; XI/30 paras 3, 6, 7, 9
Biosafety XI/5 Appendix II para 4(d)
Island biodiversity XI/15 para 4(b)
Technology needs assessments X/16 para 3(a)
NBSAP Revision Process and Stakeholder Involvement  
Progress in NBSAP implementation XI/2 A. paras 3, 4, 8, 9
National reporting; Monitoring X/10 para 9(b); XI/3 para 6
Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM) (funding) X/15 para 2(c)
Business engagement X/21 para 1(e) and (g)
Subnational Governments, Cities and Other Local Authorities X/22 para 2; XI/8 A para 4
Children and youth XI/8 B para 1
Civil society XI/8 C para 1
Indigenous and local communities XI/14 B para 17
Cooperation with other conventions, international organizations, and initiatives XI/6 paras 10 and 11