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The Mexican Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity

The Mexican Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO) is an Inter-Ministerial Commission dedicated, among other activities, to the development, maintenance and update of the National Biodiversity Information System (SNIB); to the support of projects and studies focused on the knowledge and use of biodiversity; to advise governmental institutions and other sectors; to undertake special projects and programs and share knowledge on biological diversity; and to follow up on international agreements on topics related to biological diversity, and provide services to the public.

Its mission is to promote, coordinate, support and carry out activities aimed at improving our understanding of biological diversity, as well as its conservation and sustainable use for the benefit of the Mexican society.

The CONABIO advises policy and decision-makers to conserve and use biodiversity in a sustainable way by providing data, information and knowledge. It is a leader and innovator in biodiversity informatics and efficient processes, and maintains high quality products and services.

Some of the outstanding activities and achievements of the CONABIO are:
  • The creation of the World Information Network on Biodiversity (REMIB) and of an automated system of early warning of wild fires detection for Mexico and Central America;
  • The Mexican priority regions program for biodiversity conservation;
  • The development of BIOTICA curatorial information manager; and
  • The publication of more than 350 titles and research papers.

Furthermore, the CONABIO acts as the scientific authority of CITES and as the Focal Point of the Clearing House Mechanism (CHM), the Scientific advisory body (SBSTTA), The Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI), and the Global Strategy for Plant Protection (GSPC) of the Convention on Biological Diversity. At the National Level, the CONABIO also coordinates the implementation of the Biological Mesoamerican Corridor (CBM) in Mexico, and the elaboration of the Second Biodiversity Country Study, The National Biodiversity Strategy and similar processes at every State-Province in Mexico, among others.

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