The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as the National Focal Point for the Convention, coordinated several activities for IBD. Television media was involved in most of these activities.

A nature tour of the CEIBA Biological Research Centre was held on 2 June. This was done in collaboration with the National Parks Commission. Thirty students from 15 Environmental Clubs were selected to participate. Dr. Godfrey Bourne, a Guyanese scientist currently an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA, and owner of the research centre, gave a brief history of the establishment of the Centre, and emphasized the importance of conservation. Participants were taught about various plant species and basic agricultural techniques.

A roundtable discussion, which targeted tour operations in Guyana and the Customs and Trade Administration of the Guyana Revenue Authority, was held on 23 May. The discussion focused on the biodiversity research application and permitting process, the benefits arising from biodiversity research conducted in Guyana, and the role of the public in the process, with an emphasis on tour operators and the Customs and Trade Administration.

The CBD Video on Biodiversity and Climate Change was distributed to seven local television stations to be aired throughout the course of International Biodiversity Day.

Ms. Annie Pitamber, Senior Environmental Officer of the EPA, was interviewed on the Morning Show ‘Guyana Today”. She gave a brief background on the Convention and explained the relationship between Biodiversity and Climate Change. The activities planned for IBD were also highlighted. She was also featured on the evening newscast, along with Ms. Sharifah Razack, Director, Education Information and Training Division.

A Panel Discussion was held on the television programme “Close-Up”. Mr. Ramesh Lilwah, Biodiversity Specialist, EPA, Dr. Patrick Chesney, Conservation International-Guyana and Dr. Raquel Thomas, Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation, were featured. They discussed the interactions between Biodiversity and Climate Change and emphasized that just as climate change affects biodiversity, so changes in biodiversity can affect the world’s climate. They also highlighted simple ways in which people can adapt to, and mitigate the effects of Climate Change.


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