On the occasion of the International Day for Biological Diversity, Nature Trust Malta invited the general public to attend a talk on Maltese natural heritage at Wied Gholliega Environment Centre, at the University of Malta. Students visiting the nature reserve on May 22 were given free nature publications.

The Biological Conservation Research Foundation (BICREF) celebrated IBD by talking with youths about the meaning of Biodiversity and the 2010 target to halt its loss, through conservation research and action. BICREF also discussed the problems of climate and environmental change on biodiversity and its effects on humans.

St. Martin’s College hosted the educational gathering with an introductory speech by Ms. Bernie Mizzi, Principle. Mr. Joseph C. Grioli, Vodafone Malta Foundation board member, also gave a short speech and stated “The Vodafone Malta Foundation is driven by Vodafone’s passion for the world around us, which is about caring and commitment. The Foundation aims to make social investments that will make a difference to the world. Our support will surely lead to raising awareness about the need to care for our environment”. Dr. Adriana Vella then spoke about the various reasons why we need to consider more seriously Biodiversity in this day and age and why voluntary work to protect our natural environment should be a part of everybody’s' lives.

BICREF showed and distributed its documentaries, produced with the assistance of the Ministries of Finance and Tourism, to upper secondary education entities including: MCAST, Private, Church and State Sixth forms. A copy was forwarded to the AV Library CCT of the University of Malta for education and research purposes.

These documentaries were aired on all three main local TV channels and on an Australian TV channel.

BICREF also promoted IBD by producing three educational posters for secondary schools. The three posters focus on the sea: its biodiversity, dolphins and BICREF's work. These posters aim at promoting conservation values and awareness for biodiversity research and protection.

BICREF’s members as part of ongoing research projects, including biodiversity around the coasts, and offshore creatures such as cetaceans and turtles, took all photos. The posters' preparation was done with the HSBC-Earthwatch research fellows’ assistance.

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