Republic of Moldova

Republic of Moldova

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, in collaboration with the Biodiversity Office, Biosafety Office, Climate Change Office and Ozone Office, organized a press conference for IBD. Representatives from national mass media: radio, newspapers and national channels of television (Moldova 1, NIT, Moldova 7 etc.) participated. The issues addressed included biodiversity, GMO use, and climate change effects, both locally and globally.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry and the Biosafety Office, of the Ministry of Ecology, organized a conference with the territorial inspectors, which focused on IBD and biosafety.

At the Botanical Garden (The Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology of the Academy of Sciences), several activities were organized. A round table discussion was held with the scientific staff of the Botanical Garden, Biodiversity Office, Biosafety Office and Climate Change Office. Several activities were organized for secondary schools including seminars and art and essay competitions. At the end of the day a guided tour of the greenhouses was given.

The youth magazine “Noi” was engaged to publish a series of articles on biosafety. The magazine also launched a drawing competition on the theme “Biosafety – Genetic Modifications”, with the results to be announced in October 2007.

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