In Mozambique, several institutions, in ten provinces, organized public events such as symposiums and debates on many radio and TV stations. The Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Affairs, two major directorates were responsible for preparing a symposium and facilitating public debates in two secondary schools in Maputo City.

The CBD Focal Point attended the “Café da Manha,” a widely broadcasted radio show and delivered a message on IBD on “Janela Ambiental,” a Mozambique television station.

Within the provinces the events with major impact were carried out in schools and local communities, where, apart from the public debates and forums, a national tree-planting campaign was launched.

Quizzes for young children were developed to inform them on the important role of biodiversity conservation. The young people with the most correct answers were awarded, in Maputo City, with books, copybooks, pencils, erasers and ballpoint pens.

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