The Minister of Environment and the Fight Against Desertification addressed the country, on 22 May. The purpose of the message was to raise public awareness on the threats on biological diversity and to call each person to act responsibly with the aim of sustainable management of this heritage.

In his message, the Minister underlined the efforts made by Niger in the field of integrated management of ecosystems and the conservation of biological diversity, the mitigation of the effects of climate change and the fight against desertification. He emphasized the President’s program, which constitutes a real example of adaptation to the negative effects of climate change.

In recognition of IBD, the Executive Secretary of the National Council of the Environment for Sustainable Development, the focal point of the CBD, in association with the Wildlife and Fisheries Department of the Ministry of the Environment, organized a conference on the theme Biodiversity and Climate Change.

Following an opening message from the Interim Executive Secretary were several presentations on: the biological diversity and the challenges facing it; the UNFCCC and its challenges; and the impacts of climate change on biodiversity.

A 45-minute film about global warming followed these presentations and preceded a question and answer period.

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