The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), through the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau, took the lead in organizing activities to celebrate IBD in partnership with other governmental agencies and NGOs at the national level.

From May 2-31, streamers were hung in conspicuous places within Metro Manila. On May 22 and May 26, there was a free showing of “Endangered Tales”. On May 22, participants observed “World Migratory Birds Day” and assisted at the launching of the book entitled “Numbers and Distribution of Water birds and Wetlands in Asia-Pacific Region”. In addition, the entrance to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center was free on that day. There was also a release of herons and ceremonial planting of Nilad at the Manila Bay area. From May 22-25, a Bio-Trade Fair and Exhibit were held. An exhibit on Biodiversity and Climate Change was prepared.

On May 23, a forum on “Biodiversity and Climate change was held, which aimed to: draw the attention of key stakeholders to the intertwined issues of climate change and biodiversity; initiate the discussion on addressing challenges to biodiversity from climate change; and come up with a Forum Resolution to continue the discussion on the two issues to further enhance awareness at the national and local levels.

On May 24-25, a short lecture followed by the showing of a film on several issues related to biodiversity and climate change, such as coral reef resiliency, wetland and climate change, and the impact of climate change on mangroves, took place.

On May 25, an IDBD Concert featuring Haribon Foundation Ambassadors and the Wuezon City Performing Arts Development Foundation took place. Finally, on May 26, the closing program included the delivery of certificates of recognition to wildlife enforcement officers/biodiversity conservation partners, as well as the release of herons and turn-over of Nilad tree to the City of Paranaque.

The Metro Dumaguete Roadrunners Club in the Philippines hosted a “Clean-Up Drive” to commemorate the International Day for Biological Diversity. The May 22 event included a 5-kilometer pre-determined route for clean-up that ended with the launching of a Biological Diversity Exhibit. Prior to this event, there was a poster-making workshop for communication, education and public awareness on May 19. This activity ended with a 5-kilometer “fun-run” on May 20.

To celebrate IBD, Bacolod City’s Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) will hold biodiversity conservation activities, including a Lakbay-Aral by in Guimaras on May 17 to 18, to observe efforts to rehabilitate the oil-spill affected foreshore and mangroves areas and to learn its effects to biodiversity. They will also visit the Lombija Farm and Wildlife Sanctuary, a world-class wildlife sanctuary and botanical garden, to learn different practices of wildlife conservation and breeding.

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