The Council of Environment and Territory Ordinance of the Canary Islands Government, directed by Domingo Berriel, celebrated the International Day for Biological Diversity, with the culmination and definitive approval of conservation plans for more than 15 threatened species within the Canary Islands.

To celebrate IBD, the Biosphere Reserve of La Palma Island, held a celebration with Sr. José Luis Perestelo, President of the island. The day was dedicated to showcasing the different landscapes, ecosystems as well as the unique flora and fauna of “La Isla Bonita.”

At noon, an institutional declaration was made, which pleaded for the protection of the richness of the Biosphere Reserve. Sr. Perestelo also took this opportunity to encourage the cities and towns to continue to respect the island’s biodiversity in order to evolve into a perfect model of equilibrium between development and conservation.

WWF/Adena, in the town hall plaza of Cuidad Real, set up a taste-testing table with food made from resources taken from the Picos de Europa and Sierra Nevada National Parks. This information kiosk was aimed at increasing the public’s awareness of their dependence on biodiversity in this area.

The Biodiversity Foundation, of the Ministry of Environment of Spain, organized a conference at the Fine Arts Centre in Madrid to commemorate IBD. The guest of honor was Dr. Jane Goodall who spoke of the importance of biodiversity conservation in face of climate change. To view presentation: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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