Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

The Biodiversity Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment celebrated the International Day for Biological Diversity through several key events on 22nd May 2007. Awareness creation on ‘Biodiversity and Climate Change’ among school children and general public was given high priority at this celebration.

The main IBD celebration was conducted with the participation of Hon. Minister of Environment & Natural Resources. To read his message click here

An awareness program was conducted for school children through a presentations on ‘Biodiversity and Climate Change’ given by an eminent expert. These presentations were conducted at the national level in Government schools.

Four stamps were issued on marine mollusks, which are considered as a vulnerable group of climate change and an important component of Sri Lanka’s biodiversity.

Several expert interviews on ‘Biodiversity and Climate Change’ were broadcast over the radio, and newspaper articles were printed in local papers throughout the country.

To commemorate IBD, the Department of Forestry and Environment Science of University of Sri Jayewardenepura organized a program to introduce the biodiversity found around the university to students and the general public. The day’s program included excursions conducted around the university garden to show different bird, insect, lower plant and higher plant species, key features of their identification. Other events included: a bird-watching tour, and insect watching tour, lower plants observation tour and a higher plants observation tour.

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