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Celebration in Belgium

Week-long Biodiversity activities in Belgium included visits to nature reserves and the botanic garden, and the launch at the Museum of Natural Sciences of the Biodiversity campaign,

The Belgian National Focal Point launched a press release in French and Dutch elaborating on the theme put forward by the CBD Secretariat and enumerating the different biodiversity-related mutually supportive activities undertaken by various organisations in Belgium around the 22nd of May. In the margin of the International Biodiversity Day, the National Focal Point launched its Website:

Furthermore, the National Focal Point, together with the Federal Public Service for Health, Food Chain Security and Environment, organised a press conference on the 22nd of May in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences(Dutch version). A fan each of whose panels is a fact sheet on invasive species, a website and an interactive internet game on biodiversity in the backyard as well as some post cards were presented to the journalists and launched for the general public.

The fan can be found at: (in French) (in Dutch).

The interactive Internet game and postcards of the Federal Public Service for Health, Food Chain Security and Environment can be found via: Articles related to this specific campaign can be found here in French and Dutch.

In a May 22 press release, Flanders assessed its advancement towards the 2010 Target and concluded that efforts should be maintained and raised to meet the objective. More information can be found on the websites:

As a result of all these activities, there were several broadcasts on radio, TV and in the press.

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