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Celebrations in Iran

Dr. Fatemeh Vaez-Javadi, Vice President and the Head of the Department of Environment, delivered an address on the importance of biodiversity at the opening ceremony of the biodiversity festival which was held to celebrate this year's International Biodiversity Day.

Many activities were held throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran for honoring the International Day of Biological Diversity as below:

1.Free admission for visiting the Natural History Museums of the country and also the Biodiversity Museum of Tehran.

2.Concurrent holding of Biodiversity Festival in 30 provinces of the country.

3.Naming the Biodiversity festival days as Biodiversity & Ecotourism, Biodiversity & Religions, Biodiversity & Children, Biodiversity & Cultures.

4.Printing a poster of "22 May, the International Day for Biodiversity".

5.TV and radio addresses in Tehran and National Radio Stations on issues related to the biodiversity.

6.Printing and distributing different brochures and banners throughout the country.

7.Cooperation with NGOs for holding some parts of festival.

8.Holding the second national digital photography festival of nature.

9.Holding the first round of national caricature competition in the field of biodiversity.

10.Performing biodiversity related puppet show during the festival.

11.Holding a family training celebration regarding biodiversity for parents.

12.Establishing make-up booths for children in the festival.

13.Holding painting and pottery workshops for children.

14.Holding a kite festival for children with biodiversity mottos.

15.Employing children as Biodiversity Police during the festival.

16.Providing related information to authorities and familiarizing them with the importance of biodiversity and its challenges.

17.Showing a documentary named: "Simorgh-e-Firoozeh" for the first time.