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Celebrating International Biodiversity Day in Syrian Arab Republic

Activities carried out in Syrian Arab Republic in honor of the International Day for Biological Diversity

Newspaper articles were prepared by the Director of the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Directorate and carried in the "Environment and business" newspaper, highlighting biodiversity in the world and Syria in general, and in Syrian dry-lands in particular.
Press releases were sent to all the media houses and all national institutions highlighting the importance of the theme for the day “Protecting Biodiversity in the dry-lands”.
Lectures were delivered to the members of some NGOs and the public.
Two television programs were broadcast. The first one was for 1 hour, called “Blips on the Biodiversity”, it was consisted in interviews with the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Director – General Commission for Environmental Affairs, and the Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Environment. The other interview was for 30 minutes and during the "Good Morning" program; it was with the Director of Biodiversity and Protected Areas, General Commission for Environmental Affairs.
A radio program was broadcast on National radio “Radio Damascus”.