Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Four-year framework of programme priorities for the financial mechanism

  • An analytical paper on COP guidance to the financial mechanism was done in 2007 (see the document).
  • COP-9 adopted decision IX/31 defining a four-year outcome-oriented framework of programme priorities related to utilization of GEF resources for biodiversity.

Project cycle (how to access GEF funding)

Guidance to the GEF for financing biodiversity

Reports from the GEF

GEF provides to every ordinary meeting of the Conference of the Parties a report on its activities related to biological diversity. See: 1995 report to COP-2; 1996 report to COP-3 (en es fr ar ru); 1998 report to COP-4 (en es fr); 2000 report to COP-5 (en es fr zh); 2002 report to COP-6 (en es fr); 2004 report to COP-7 (en es fr); 2006 report to COP-8 (en es fr ar ru zh)

CBD Statements to the GEF

The Executive Secretary provides updates on the development under the Convention to the GEF Council and Assembly on a regular basis.

GEF Council decisions database

  • The searchable database provides an easy access to the GEF Council decisions that have an impact on its funding for biodiversity (Click to access the database).
  • The CBD relationship with the GEF is governed by Memorandum of Understanding between the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Council of the Global Environment Facility (Decision III/8)

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