2003 Biodiversity Day Around the World

CBD Secretariat

The Secretariat issued a Press Release: International Day for Biological Diversity Biodiversity and poverty alleviation – challenges for sustainable development

The staff of the Secretariat planted an "American Ash – Autumn Purple" tree at the Parc des Carrières (Park of the Quarries, named in the 19th century for the quarries that operated in the area until the 1930s and from which came the gray stone that is characteristic of older Montreal institutional buildings). The small, historic park was designated by the City of Montreal as a targeted Green Space. City officials believe that the planting of a tree by the Secretariat, on this special day, will give prestige to the park and encourage environmental awareness in the area. A plaque on the tree commemorates the event, which promoted cooperation between the CBD and the City of Montreal in raising public awareness on the importance of biodiversity.

To promote biodiversity public education and awareness among future generations, the Secretariat initiated school visits to selected Montreal area schools. Staff from the Secretariat showed a short video, followed by presentations tailored to the interests of students ranging in age from 7 to 17 about the importance of biodiversity, explaining the effects that biodiversity loss has on everyday life, and what individuals can do to help preserve this variety of life on earth. International Biodiversity Day posters were presented to all the classrooms and a list of educational websites related to biodiversity were given to the teachers for distribution to the students. The presentations by SCBD staff stimulated lively discussions and the experience generated many ideas for expanded school outreach in the coming year. Click here to download the Report on the School visits.

On behalf of the Executive Secretary a representative of the SCBD delivered the Secretary General's International Biodiversity Day Message to the participants at the International Forum on Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health.

At the "2010 – The Global Biodiversity Challenge" conference in London, a reception was held in the library, at One Birdcage Walk on Thursday evening (22 May 2003). Brief remarks to mark the day were made by Mr. Zedan, who also read key passages from the Secretary General’s statement; Charles McNeill on behalf of UNDP; Mark Collins on behalf of UNEP-WCMC; Ivar Baste for UNEP, and Ms. Setijati Sastrapradja, as a veteran of the CBD process, made some remarks highlighting its successes and achievements to date. Entertainment was provided by the Soundwood Ensemble – a renowned woodwind group whose instruments are made from wood from sustainably managed or reclaimed timbers. Soundwood is an initiative of the Global Trees Campaign (GTC), an FFI & UNEP-WCMC joint programme.

The Executive Secretary wishes to thank all governments and communities around the world for celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity with a view to promoting the implementation of the Convention.