Communication, Education & Public Awareness

2004 Biodiversity Day Around the World


Eric Okoree, the coordinator for the celebration of the Day for International Biological Diversity in Ghana informs the Secretariat that:

"We felt that public education was what we needed now to promote conservation in the country, so all the activities we carried out were media based. We arranged for radio talk shows for Prof. Oteng-Yeboah and other members of the National Biodiversity Committee to brief the public. Last Friday (21 May), we held a press conference and invited a lot of media representatives. Last Saturday, it was all over in the newspapers. On 27 May, the Chairman of the National Biodiversity Committee and one of the members held a discussion programme on our national FM station, which is carried along the length and breadth of the country so programme will receive a wide audience. Finally, as part of the celebration, we are planning to have a National Endangered Species Forum later on the year We will do our best for biodiversity conservation in Ghana ".