2004 Biodiversity Day Around the World


Seminar on International Day of Biodiversity

19 – 20 May 2004, at Narai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand, as a Party to the Convention on Biological Diversity contributed to the celebration of International Day of Biodiversity 2004 by organizing the Seminar entitled "Biodiversity : Food Water and Health" during 19 – 20 May, 2004 at Narai Hotel, Bangkok.

Approximately 250 participants, from relevant governmental organizations, academic institutions and NGOs, attended this two–day meeting. The overall objectives of the meeting were to inform and raise public awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the Convention, and to enhance inter-institutional cooperation among all biodiversity–related organizations/bodies, to optimize the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the country.

The agenda of the meeting was:

Day 1 (19 May): The meeting focused mainly on this year’s theme of Biodiversity Day, including Rice and Biodiversity; Livestock and Biodiversity; Health and Biodiversity; and Island Biodiversity, to reflect Thailand’s preparation for CBD’s new thematic issue; and the summary of COP-7 and MOP-1 Meeting.

Day 2 (20 May): The meeting discussed the Convention’s thematic Programme of Work, including Global Taxonomy Initiative; Agricultural Biodiversity; Biosafety; Forest Biological Diversity; Mountain Biodiversity; Protected Areas, Marine and Coastal Biodiversity; Biodiversity of Inland Water Ecosystems; and conclusions regarding Thailand’s implementation of the CBD.

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