PoWIB Interactive Forum

Welcome to the interactive forum on the in-depth review of the programme of work on island biodiversity (PoWIB).

This forum provides a podium for an interactive discussion for policy makers, donors, practitioners, government, non-governmental organizations, researchers and any individual or body engaged in the implementation of the CBD programme of work on island biodiversity. It is part of ongoing efforts to learn and share experiences on how the PoWIB has contributed to your work on island biodiversity. It also seeks to determine if improvements are needed to effectively implement the PoWIB, and, if so, what are they and how they can be put in place.

We pose six initial questions to begin discussion.

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Question 1

How has the PoWIB helped you in your efforts to implement the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) on islands?

Question 3

In relation to the above question, do you have any suggestions on how your needs can be met?

Question 4

If you are a developing country Party have you used the PoWIB as a way to leverage funding to implement the CBD?

Question 5

If you are a developed country Party do you consider the PoWIB when providing capacity building for developing country island nations?

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