WG8J 6 Information Note for Participants

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1. Official Opening

2. Venue

3. Pre-Registration

4. Access to the Meeting Venue and Name Badges

5. Meeting Room Allocations/Reservations and Seating Arrangements

5. Meeting Room Allocations/Reservations and Seating Arrangements

Information pertaining to room allocations for the plenary as well as for the regional and other groups will be clearly displayed within the meeting venue.

Meeting rooms are available for all groups every day from 8 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. For any other use outside this slot, the access to the meeting rooms needs to be confirmed, on a daily basis, with Mr. Aballache Yesli, Conferences Services. Requests, prior to the start of the meeting, can be submitted to CBD Secretariat (secretariat@cbd.int), and through the “meeting room request” binder located next to the document distribution counter on the 1st floor, during the meeting.

6. Documents

7. Visas and Health Requirements

8. Hotel Information

9. General Information on Access to Montreal

10. Services for Participants

11. Promotional Material

12. Side-Events

13. Other

14. Disclaimer

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