Biodiversity Day Around the World

CBD Secretariat

In celebration of International Biodiversity Day the staff of the Secretariat planted a Red Maple tree ("Acer rubrum L.") at the Morgan Arboretum located on the Western tip of the island of Montreal. Some think of the Arboretum as Canada's largest natural laboratory. This enchanted forest provides an extensive program of forestry and environmental education, as well as outdoor recreation. The event promoted the cooperation between the Convention and the Arboretum in raising public awareness on the importance of biodiversity.

The Secretariat also organized a promotional stand in la "Ruelle des Fortifications" on 21 May 2002, handing out CBD publications, an annual poster dedicated to this year's Forest Biodiversity theme, as well as the organization's logo pin. Secretariat staff was on hand to answer the public's queries on biodiversity related issues and stressing the importance of preserving biodiversity. A press release was also issued and made available on the website.