Biodiversity Day Around the World


Department of the Environment (reported by appropriate Director Generals):

  • Poster printing and bulk distribution through DOE representatives all over the country, preparation and distribution of related brochures and info sheets, and several lectures for university students, NGOs and cultural groups on the occasion of the Day (NBSAP Secretariat);
  • Launching new national biodiversity web site (
  • Planning for the seminar be held late June 2002 on Biodiversity and Taxonomy (DOE in collaboration with Natural Resources Faculty of the University of Tehran);
  • Free admission to visit the natural history museums (DG for natural history museums);
  • Media propaganda and several interviews by DOE managers;
  • Cultural ceremonies, awareness-raising activities, interviews, visits to protected areas, preparation of informative brochures and holding youth bicycle riding campaigns (all provinces);
  • One-day visit to dry forests (DG for Ghom province);
  • Educational program for forest-border area inhabitants (DG for Kordestan province);
  • Holding of Seminar on Agriculture and Environment, Sustainable Development and Natural Resources; several visits to Dasht-e Naz and Semeskande protected areas and Caspian Forest communities for students, NGOs, National Youth Department, and also the first Biodiversity Photo Festival (DG for Mazandaran province);


  • Celebration of International day for Biodiversity with forest theme: seminars, film presentation, book fairs and distribution of brochures, roundtables, contests, etc. (Green Look Supporters; Women Society for Fight Against Environmental Pollution, Mahabad Environment protection cooperative-Kordestan, Nature Fans-Isfahan, Green front West Azarbaijan, South Green Society-Fars);
  • Cultural Festival: exhibitions, theater, folklore concert (Student Union of the College of Environment, Karaj);
  • Scientific roundtable on biodiversity issues (Moje-Sabz Magazine, student associations of Natural Resources Faculty of the University of Tehran);
  • Data collection on active private organizations on biodiversity issues, with the aim to publish this information for public use (Environmental public awareness cultural center); Joint athletic/artistic/scientific 4-day tour to Asalem ancient forests in north-west of Iran (Green civilization/Green butterfly);
  • An educative climbing tour to Mt Rokneddin forested slopes near Shiraz, with participation of over 250 members and other interested people (Fars Green Center);
  • Khoi Natural Heritage Museum Construction Ceremony in the International Day for Biological diversity (Yashil Bakhish West Azarbaijan);
  • Concert in the protected areas' borders (Green front-West Azarbaijan);
  • Endemic tree plantation and distribution of over 2000 young tree shoots among khoi Friday prayers (Green front-West Azarbaijan) and over 50000 in Eghlid (Nature Fans, Fars);
  • Leading eco-tourism activities carried out by tourism authorities and agencies of the province (Green front-West Azarbaijan);
  • Local presentation of some environmental projects proposed to UNDP/SGF (Sanandadj Environmental supporter women Society-Kordestan);
  • Planning and Programming the rehabilitation of Natural Resources of Mountains near Kermanshah, participation of women emphasized in all programs (Protection and Instauration of Mountain Environment Society-Kermanshah).

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme