Biodiversity Day Around the World


The celebrations took place in the Province of Maputo, District of Namaacha, Place of Goba, where the local community meets organized In Community Structure of management of the Natural Resources.

The government was represented by the Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental affairs, the Vice minister and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development accompanied by their respective technicians.

The program of the celebrations included visiting places of Interest in the community, mainly to show the positive examples of Conservation of the Natural Resources, as well as to the enterprises whose activities are environmentally friendly.

A planting of shadow and fruit trees was done around the elementary school of the 10 Degree. The two vice ministers offered construction material to the community for the local community's formation in matters of conservation of the natural resources.

The program ended with a meeting with the local community including the primary students. Vice ?Ministers thanked the community for the great success of biodiversity day celebrations.

It was also highlighted the reasons and the importance of this for all humanity, including the Mozambican people and with special emphasis on the community of Goba.

They were left mainly in that community orientations with view to combat the uncontrolled burning, to combat the indiscriminate cutting of trees for coal, and the need of the planting of melliferous trees, of shadow and fruit for maintenance of the forest and of the alimentary diet.

The community of Goba thanked everyone for they have been honored and for the recognition, of the paper that they exercise in the conservation of the natural resources.

The celebrations of ended with a snack between the visitors and the community of Goba.

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme