Biodiversity Day Around the World


Biodiversity day was celebrated in Katmandu as well as in different districts of Nepal. In Katmandu the following programmes were launched:

  • A note on the biodiversity day sent by the Rt.Honourable prime minister, Sher Bahadur Deupa, was broadcasted through Radio Nepal and Nepal Television on 22 May 2002.
  • An "Exhibition on Biodiversity" for three days from 22-24 May was organized in the Forests Research and Survey building. Inaugurated by the Secretary of the Forests and Soil Conservation Ministry.
  • Cards were displayed at different places with the slogan " Manage forests for biodiversity conservation for uplifting of human beings".
  • Interaction programme on biodiversity and forests on Nepal Television
  • All outgoing letters from the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation were stamped with "Biodiversity Day 22 May".

Different districts of Nepal launched the following programmes: Talk Program, Essay competition and Plantation.

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme