Biodiversity Day Around the World


Barbados celebrated "gully biodiversity" because gullies are the main local forested areas, and at the moment the Ministry is managing a Gully Ecosystem Management Study. Gullies in Barbados are homes to wild vegetation and animals. A gully is a winding ravine approximately 20 meters deep, which runs from elevated inland areas to the coast. They were originally underground caves and developed when the roofs of these caves collapsed over time creating a valley-like formation.

  • The Ministry took twenty-two students, two teachers, a student from the University of the West Indies, and members of the press on a guided tour of Jack-in-the-Box Gully in St. Thomas, considered wild but adequate for a safe tour. An environmental group called Trekkers Outdoor Activities and Tours guided the tour. The activity was very educational and the feedback from the participants was encouraging.
  • Posters on Barbadian gullies, Reptiles of Barbados, Global Warming and this year's theme (sent from the Secretariat) were distributed.
  • Television, newspapers and the local radio provided coverage on the days events.

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme