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News Headlines

“We are not prepared” for climate change—scientists issue bleak warning

Researchers have determined that countries around the world are failing to fulfill their greenhouse gas reduction commitments under the Paris climate agreement, inevitably subjecting the world to unpredictable extreme weather. In a study published in the journal Science Advances, scientists conc ...

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“Life, uh, finds a way”—Applying lessons from evolution to go to Mars

To phrase that more scientifically, evolution has had billions of years of trial and error to produce species that are well adapted chemically and physically. Many human researchers want to imitate that adaptation, turning lessons from the natural world into practice in engineering, technology, ...

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‘UN reformer’ Guterres must do more on climate change

Right now, the capability of the UN’s institutions to understand, prepare and respond to climate change risks is terrifyingly inadequate.In Paris, nations reached agreement to mitigate against and adapt to climate change. It was an agreement between countries to take national action, but we live ...

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‘Photo Ark’ a quest to document global biodiversity: Q&A with photographer Joel Sartore and director Chun-Wei Yi

At turns haunting, humorous or just downright bizarre, the studio portraits of the thousands of animal species that photographer Joel Sartore has collected are more than just a catalog of life on Earth. When someone sees one of his photographs for the National Geographic Photo Ark, Sartore wants ...

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‘Lost’ 99% of ocean microplastics to be identified with dye?

New research, led by Gabriel Erni-Cassola and Dr. Joseph A. Christie-Oleza from Warwick’s School of Life Sciences, has established a pioneering way to detect the smaller fraction of microplastics – many as small as 20 micrometres (comparable to the width of a human hair or wool fibre) – using a ...

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‘Leaf Wonder’ In A World Of Changing Forests

Our ability to perceive red color is an oddity, one shared by our cousins the Old World monkeys and apes, but not by most other mammals. Evolution endowed our ancestors with an extra type of light-sensing cone cell that helped them see fruit and edible young foliage against a background of matur ...

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‘It’s our home’: Pygmies fight for recognition as forest protectors in new film

The word “pygmy” conjures images of hunter-gatherers living deep in the Congo rainforest, far removed from the modern world. But that modern world is closing in on them, as the forests in which they live fall to provide the rest of the world with timber and make way for huge industrial farms.

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‘I don’t want to imagine a world without giant snakes in it’

Here’s a fact that illuminates many of the realities of global conservation: we know more about Burmese pythons in Florida – where they are a destructive invader – than about their lives in their natural range in Southeast Asia, where their numbers are plummeting and their very long-term surviva ...

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‘Godfather of Coral’ on New Mission to Help Save Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

The so-called ‘godfather of coral’ is part of a new research mission to unlock some of the secrets of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Dr. Charlie Veron is part of a scientific team searching for the “super corals” that managed to survive consecutive years of bleaching on the world’s largest reef ...

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‘Empowering Indigenous Women’ll Help Fight against Hunger, Poverty’

Empowering indigenous women who have higher malnutrition rates than any other social group and typically earn far less than men is key to successfully fighting hunger and extreme poverty, the United Nations agriculture chief has said.

News Headlines

‘De-extincting’ the mammoth is a real possiblity, say scientists – but why would we want to?

We all remember the story: scientists find a way to bring dinosaurs back to life and populate an island theme park with the cloned creatures – but things don’t go to plan, and before long the prehistoric beasts are on the rampage

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‘Cities aren’t going to wait’: Mayors drive action on climate change

With cities home to over half the world’s population and producing more than 80 per cent of global economic output, mayors are also driving climate action by adopting renewable energy and cleaner methods of transport.

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‘Blue Planet II’ Is Already The Most-Watched TV Programme Of The Year

It’s no secret that ‘Blue Planet II’ is must-watch television, but the return of the show has surpassed expectations when it comes to ratings. Since it was first broadcast on Sunday 29 October, episode one of the new series has been seen by a whooping 14.1 million people, when you add those who ...

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‘$40bn at risk’ as climate change threatens tourism

Australia’s $40 billion tourism ­industry is in danger, with visitors likely to face more bad weather, deadly jellyfish and damaged beaches due to climate change, the Climate Council has warned.

News Headlines

Écologie : L'importance De La Préservation De La Microfaune Des Sols

Se reposer sur la biodiversité serait-il le secret de sols fertiles ? Si l’on en croit cette démonstration probante, la nature fait vraiment bien les choses : il n’y a qu’à patienter et la laisser faire son travail. Contre les pesticides, une vidéo qui vaut mieux qu’un long discours.

News Headlines

Zoos and aquariums pledge to highlight 'devastating effects' of unsustainable palm oil

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has today signed a memorandum of understanding with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to promote the importance of more sustainable approaches to palm oil production.

News Headlines

Zoological Survey of India compiles a list of 157 alien invasive species for the first time!

These invasive animal species pose a threat to the biodiversity of the area and human welfare and safety, also harming the agriculture and biodiversity.

News Headlines

Zero-deforestation pledges need help, support to meet targets, new study finds

It’s become a trend for big corporations to pledge that their products won’t cause any more deforestation. And while many experts believe in the potential of these “zero-deforestation” commitments to slow or stop deforestation, a new study published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change fi ...

News Headlines

Zebra 'poo science' improves conservation efforts

How can Zebra poo tell us what an animal's response to climate change and habitat destruction will be?

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Youths must prepare for climate change

YOUNG people should learn more about conserving and managing their natural resources and therefore adopt a culture of preparedness.

News Headlines

Your tropical food trolley

Tropical climates in the depths of Asia, Africa or South America might seem a world away from the checkout queue in your average Scottish supermarket or corner shop. But if your basket contains chocolate, coffee, bananas or rice, you can almost guarantee that what you eat comes from far warmer p ...

News Headlines

Young artists bring mighty mountains to life on canvas

An exhibition titled ‘Mountain Marvels’ kicked off on Wednesday at the Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) to highlight the beauty of the hills and mountains of the country.

News Headlines

Young Yemeni wins top UN Environmental prize

UN Environment today made Yemeni engineer Omer Badokhon a Young Champion of the Earth for his work on biogas plants which could improve thousands of rural livelihoods in his war-stricken homeland.

News Headlines

Yearender: Fiji plays leading role in fighting climate change

Fiji, a small developing island state in the South Pacific region, is now playing a leading role in fighting climate change widely considered to be one of the biggest threats facing mankind.

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Yamuna floodplain: Phase-I of biodiversity park to be ready by

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) today told the National Green Tribunal that development of Phase-I of the biodiversity park on the floodplains of river Yamuna will be completed by April next year.

News Headlines

Xi Jinping to China: “Any harm we inflict on nature will eventually return to haunt us”

In 2012, in a key party leadership speech, China vowed to work with international society to “actively respond” to climate change. Five years on, president Xi Jinping just told China that it is in the “driving seat” when it comes to preserving the planet for future generations.

News Headlines

Wound healing or regeneration—the environment decides?

An earthworm cut in two parts can survive and regenerate. For humans, the loss of limbs is a severe problem that can only be treated by complex surgery. However, among animals, there are numerous examples of self-healing mechanisms, especially among invertebrates. How these regeneration mechanis ...

News Headlines

World’s most invasive alien flat worm surfaces near Bangkok’s eastern outskirt

One of the world’s list of 100 worst invasive alien species known as the New Guinea flatworm, or scientifically called Platydemus manokwari, has been found on the soil of Lamlukka district of Pathumthani, in Bangkok’s eastern outskirt.

News Headlines

World’s biggest butterfly given lifeline by new captive breeding initiative

The world’s largest, most spectacular but severely endangered butterfly, Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing (Ornithoptera alexandrae), has been given a lifeline with a pioneering project led by the Sime Darby Foundation (SDF) and the recently created Swallowtail and Birdwing Butterfly Trust (SBBT).

News Headlines

Worldwide increase in methane bubbles due to climate change

Never before have such unequivocal, strong relationships between temperature and emissions of methane bubbles been shown on such a wide, continent-spanning scale.", says biologist Sarian Kosten of Radboud University.

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Worldwide Land Degradation and Restoration Assessment Report: A Primer

Land, air and water are the cornerstones of life on Earth. To sustain the vitality of our global ecosystem, we must understand the health of our natural assets and how to halt and repair damage done to them.

News Headlines

World's tallest timber tower proposed for Tokyo

Japanese timber company Sumitomo Forestry has revealed plans for the world's tallest wooden building in Tokyo, a 350-metre skyscraper that would also be the country's highest.

News Headlines

World's smallest squirrel discovered in Indonesia

Indonesian scientists have found the world's smallest squirrel in the country's Borneo rain forest, authorities revealed on Monday.

News Headlines

World's largest marine reserve created in Antarctica

The largest marine reserve in the world has come into effect in Antarctica, marking a "watershed" moment in conservation of the high seas. The newly protected area in the Ross Sea covers 1.55 million square kilometres (600,000 square miles) of what is among the last remaining stretches of ocean ...

News Headlines

World's first plastic-free supermarket aisle unveiled

he world's first plastic-free supermarket aisle has been unveiled in Amsterdam, prompting calls for retailers to roll them out in the UK. More than 700 products will be available without plastic packaging at Dutch chain Ekoplaza, including meat, rice, sauces, dairy, chocolate, cereals, fruit and ...

News Headlines

World's deepest lake is in peril: Natural wonder that holds one-fifth of earth's unfrozen fresh water is mysteriously dying

Lake Baikal, a major international tourist attraction, is undergoing a grave crisis, experts says. The lake, in Russia's Siberia, is a natural wonder of 'exceptional value to evolutionary science' meriting a listing as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It holds one-fifth of the world's unfrozen f ...

News Headlines

World's botanic gardens contain a third of all known plant species, and help protect the most threatened

The world's botanic gardens contain at least 30% of all known plant species, including 41% of all those classed as 'threatened', according to the most comprehensive analysis to date of diversity in 'ex-situ' collections: those plants conserved outside natural habitats.

News Headlines

World set to bust global warming goal, but U.N. cool on threat from Trump

Greenhouse gas emissions are on course to be about 30 percent above the 2030 global target, but there are signs of a move away from fossil fuels that not even U.S. President Donald Trump can stop, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

News Headlines

World oceans temperature hits record high

The world oceans temperature rose in 2017 to the highest point ever recorded, surpassing the previous record in 2015, according to a recent research published on Sunday by The Independent newspaper.

News Headlines

World needs to adapt and build for climate change, says Figueres

The key to dealing with climate change is to decarbonize the world economy by 2050 and that requires building differently, said a leading expert on climate change.

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World marks UN 72nd anniversary

October 24 has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948. The UN promotes and protects human rights, delivers humanitarian aid, promotes sustainable development and upholds international law.

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World hunger is increasing thanks to wars and climate change

Around the globe, about 815 million people – 11 percent of the world's population – went hungry in 2016, according to the latest data from the United Nations. This was the first increase in more than 15 years.

News Headlines

World Tourism Day: the top 10 destinations for sustainable tourism you need to know about

As the threat of climate change and global warming is ever on our minds, what sustainable tourism destination should you consider visiting to keep your conscience green?

News Headlines

World Tourism Day: learn how these destinations are promoting sustainable travel

There’s no doubt travel is booming – World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) figures show that tourist numbers increased around the globe in the beginning of the year. This year also marks the UNWTO’s Year of Sustainable Tourism – well-timed as more and more destinations around the world ponder how t ...

News Headlines

World Tourism Day: Tourism Can’t Achieve Its Potential Without Sustainability – Minister

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has said that sustainability is absolutely necessary if tourism is to achieve its full potentials, which include being a catalyst for economic growth and poverty eradication.

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World Tourism Day: Be a responsible traveller

On World Tourism Day, globetrotters are being challenged to be responsible, mindful travelers at a time when the news cycle seems be peppered with stories of tourists behaving badly.

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World Soil Day: tips on how to improve soil quality and fertility

The Soil Association is calling on smallholders, allotmenteers and gardeners to come to the aid of soil this World Soil Day. One third of the world’s arable soils are degraded and 75% of that is severely degraded.

News Headlines

World Soil Day: Reflecting on Soil Health’s Growing Recognition

Today, on World Soil Day, I reflect on my years growing up in agriculture. My family’s dairy farm relied on our precious soil to grow the feed for the cows and keep us in business year after year. This was not easy in South Eastern Wisconsin, due to our heavy, clay soils, highly erodible hills a ...

News Headlines

World Food Day: Migration crisis requires investments in food security

Although the factors driving migration are diverse, we should not ignore food insecurity. On World Food Day we argue that one solution to the migration crisis is a sustained effort to strengthen the resilience of agriculture against a back-drop of rising temperatures and increasing water scarcity.

News Headlines

Working Toward A World Without Plastic Waste

It’s estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This is one of many haunting statistics that makes clear the fact that plastic and packaging waste is a pressing global challenge that won’t be solved without unprecedented innovation and collaboration across industries.

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