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Africa: Exposed - Uganda's Secret GMO Research

Kampala — Barbara Ntambirweki, a research fellow with Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) is preparing for a bit fight - against introduction into the country of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

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Mustard set to be India's first 'GM food' after getting regulator nod

The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC), India's regulator for GM crops, on Thursday cleared the genetically modified (GM) mustard for commercial use in the country and recommended its approval to the environment ministry.

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Rare flowers destroyed in Australia after paperwork error

Australian biosecurity officers have destroyed historic plant specimens on loan from France after a paperwork mix-up. A box of rare daisies from the 1850s had been sent to Brisbane from the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.

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Controversial Italian study finding potential harm from GMO foods flagged by scientific journal

A journal has flagged a paper by a researcher who has questioned the safety of genetically modified organisms, after receiving concerns that there were issues with some images.

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Cuban officials embrace GMOs to feed hungry population, but groups push back

Cuban officials have announced the island is turning to genetically modified organisms (GMO) to help feed its increasingly hungry population.

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President of Senegal bucks anti-biotechnology pressure: ‘I am for the use of GMOs’

President Macky Sall of Senegal has thrown his weight behind the adoption of agricultural biotechnology in the country.

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Regional training targets living modified organisms

SEVEN Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) staff members attended a regional training to better deal with living modified organisms (LMOs) should they arrive at our borders.

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Regional meeting to discuss border control

THE Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) behaves as a gatekeeper, protector and a guardian of Fiji.This was highlighted by the Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment permanent secretary Joshua Wycliffe at the workshop on Developing Capacity for National Border Controls on Living Mo ...

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'GMO Only Causes Problems': Serbia Maintains Import Ban Despite WTO Demands

Genetically engineered food brings no benefit to Serbia, which shouldn't compromise on its GMO law to enter the WTO, Professor of Agriculture Miodrag Dimitrijevic told Sputnik.

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The Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) organised the 2nd Biosafety Forum 2017 at Protea Hotel, Kampala (February 01 – 02, 2017).

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Nigerian biotech expert says GMOs won’t replace conventional seeds, refutes common GMO myths

Genetic modification is an intervention tool, it is a complimentary tool to what is already on ground which is conventional agriculture, combination of the two is good, the technology cannot stand on its own but it depends on what is already on ground, we are not saying it should replace convent ...

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New 'super yield' GM wheat trial gets go-ahead

The planting of a new experimental crop of genetically modified (GM) wheat will take place this spring after the UK government gave the final go ahead.

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Can B.C.'s Arctic apple change the global conversation around GMOs?

The non-browning Arctic apple created in B.C.'s Okanagan Valley is set to begin a test run in select U.S. grocery stores next week and some believe it could mark a turning point in public acceptance of genetically modified foods.

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Fined for Planting GMO Seeds in a Country That's a Global Power

For years, Chile has had a curious double standard when it comes to genetically modified organisms.

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Addressing GMO concerns: Are foods “made in labs” the same as those “made by nature”

An article might make some nod to the fact that genetic engineering and traditional breeding both modify the genetics of plants and they lie on a continuum – and that humans have been modifying the genetics of crops for 12,000 years.

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India’s first GM food crop held up by lawsuit

India’s long-standing push to approve genetically modified (GM) food crops has been controversially delayed, after an environmental campaigner launched a lawsuit that accuses scientists of deceiving the public about the benefits of transgenic mustard.

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3 disease resistant GMOs could address climate change and save farmers billions

The comment refers to potatoes being thrown away by the millions.

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Nobel laureate campaigns for Genetically Modified Organisms

Gandhinagar, Jan 10 (PTI) Nobel Laureate Richard Roberts has urged India to adopt the Genetically Modified (GM) crop to usher in the revolution to feed the millions.

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Timing of approval of biotech crops in different countries has big impact on innovation

Because of significant differences in the institutional arrangements, regulatory procedures, administrative capacity, and attitudes toward biotech crops, the amount of time required to complete the review of new biotech events varies significantly from one country to another.

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Should genetically modified organisms be part of our conservation efforts?

Biotechnology is rapidly evolving through developments in genome editing and synthetic biology, giving birth to new forms of life.

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Should genetically modified organisms be part of our conservation efforts?

Biotechnology is rapidly evolving through developments in genome editing and synthetic biology, giving birth to new forms of life.

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Plant-genome hackers seek better ways to produce customized crops

As gene editing opens doors, plant researchers are hamstrung by the need for better ways to slip their molecular tools into cells.

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German cabinet approves draft law banning GMO crops

The German cabinet has approved a draft law banning cultivation of crops with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), government sources told Reuters on Wednesday.

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Improving half the world's diet

The humble rice grain is the staple food for billions of people throughout the developing world, but there is little nutritional value in the grain beyond providing carbohydrates for energy.

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British farmers could grow GM crops after Brexit, reveals minister

Genetically modified crops will be grown across England after Britain pulls out of the European Union, under plans being drawn up by ministers.

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Nigeria: Agency Issues Ultimatum Against GM Products

The National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) has warned Super-store operators in Nigeria to withdraw all Genetically Modified (GM) products from their shelves within 7 days or face sanctions

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GMO experts: ‘It’s an emotional debate, but not an irrational one’

The High Council of Biotechnology (HCB) held a conference on the implementation of the EU’s GMO rules. HCB President Christine Noiville and Frans Brom, a member of the Dutch government’s scientific council, answered EurActiv France’s questions on the subject.

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Brazil approves imports of GMO corn varieties from the U.S.

Brazil's biosafety commission CTNBio approved on Thursday imports of three genetically modified (GM) varieties of corn from the United States for animal feed production, said the government and the poultry and pork industry group ABPA.

News Headlines

German federal government, states to decide jointly on GMO crops-draft law

Germany's federal and state governments will in future decide together whether to ban the cultivation of crops with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are allowed in the European Union, a draft law showed, ending a long dispute.

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Beijing wants GMOs but the Chinese people don't

The latest food safety scandal in China might be its most damaging.

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Kenya gives conditional approval for genetically modified cotton field trials

The government has approved field trials for genetically modified cotton in Kenya under certain conditions

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How GMOs Cut The Use Of Pesticides — And Perhaps Boosted It Again

In the ferocious, sprawling brawl over genetically modified crops, one particular question seems like it should have a simple factual answer: Did those crops lead to more use of pesticides, or less?

News Headlines

GM mustard clears hurdle in India but more remain

A government panel has cleared commercial use of what would be India's first genetically modified (GM) food crop, but politicians still have to give final approvals amid wide-spread public opposition.

News Headlines

Uganda: Agriculture Can Adapt Biotechnology

Kampala — Uganda's Minister of State for Agriculture, Christopher Kibanzanga has warned that the attainment of the middle income status by 2020 will depend on the extent at which the country will be able to lift a majority of her population who depend on agriculture from the current dominant tra ...

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Nobel winners slam Greenpeace for anti GM campaign

About a third of living Nobel laureates sign an open letter saying Greenpeace has misrepresented the risks and benefits of genetically modified crops

News Headlines

How Brexit will impact the future of farming, GMOs and gene editing in Britain and Europe

Now that the unimaginable has happened, scientists in Britain and across Europe–as well as trade partners in the United States and elsewhere–are trying to assess the impact of Brexit on agricultural biotechnology.

News Headlines

EU position on GMOs a blow to SADC’s food security

SADC countries still show the least level of biotechnology development owing largely to the precautionary approach of governments in guiding the use of biotechnology in agriculture and the negative perceptions emanating from the European Union’s stand on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), re ...

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East Africa: Rwanda Wary of GMOs Use in East Africa

Rwanda has expressed concern that it could face an influx of genetically modified crops from Kenya and Uganda, which are in the process of legalising genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

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Big Food changes directions on GMOs

Several major food companies are now requiring their products to have labeling for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), ahead of the implementation of a Vermont law in July.

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Use biotech to beef up climate fight

Poor nations shouldn’t miss out on advances such as lab-cultured meat and low-methane GM rice, says Jayson Merkley.

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Genetically Engineered Crops Are Safe and Possibly Good for Climate Change

The National Academy of Sciences reaffirmed GMO safety and pointed to the potential for future improvements

News Headlines

GM food generally safe for humans and the environment, report says

Genetically manipulated food remains generally safe for humans and the environment, a high-powered science advisory board declared in a report on Tuesday.

News Headlines

East Africa: Biotechnology in Africa - Some Are Cautious, Others Take the Plunge

Scientists breeding crops using biotechnology are bound to safe use. This therefore calls for each country to make sure that there is a legal framework in place.

News Headlines

Ugandan Legislators Pressed On Passing GMO Law Quickly

Kampala — A cross section of farmers and national legislators want the outgoing Parliament to quickly pass the Biosafety and Biotechnology Bill 2012 before their term ends this month.

News Headlines

GM crop planting declines for the first time

The 1% decline — the first in the technology’s 20-year global commercial history — was primarily due to an overall decrease in both GM and non-GM crops caused by low commodity prices, says the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA), a non-profit biotech in ...

News Headlines

China to greatly expand GM crops

China intends to plant genetically modified crops on a very large scale in coming years. The new policy follows a recent announcement that GM crop developer Syngenta will be taken over by a Chinese state-owned firm.

News Headlines

U.S. environmental groups sue to overturn GMO salmon approval

U.S. health regulators are facing a lawsuit from a coalition of environmental organizations seeking to overturn the government's landmark approval of a type of genetically engineered salmon to be farmed for human consumption.

News Headlines

Groups reject planned introduction of genetically modified maize, cotton in Nigeria

No fewer than 100 rights groups and faith-based organisations have opposed attempts to introduce genetically modified (GM) cotton and maize into Nigeria’s food and farming systems.

News Headlines

Policy: Reboot the debate on genetic engineering

Genetic engineering (GE) has become increasingly contentious in recent years. Thousands of citizens and stakeholders in the United States are currently striving to pass mandatory food-labelling laws, ban certain GE products and create GE-free zones for growing food.

News Headlines

PH approves GMO guidelines

The Philippine government has officially approved a more stringent set of regulations to manage the propagation and sale of biotechnology seeds in the country, the Department of Agriculture (DA) said on Tuesday.

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