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News Headlines

Metals from cigarette butts may pose potential threat to marine environment

Almost 5 trillion butts littered annually; contaminants may enter food chain

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Air pollution impedes bees' ability to find food

"The more we can understand about what factors are affecting their decline in numbers, the more equipped we will be to intervene if needed," said researcher Jose D. Fuentes.

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Man-made pollutants found in Earth's deepest ocean trenches

Toxic chemicals are accumulating in marine creatures in Earth’s deepest oceanic trenches, the first measurements of organic pollutants in these regions have revealed.

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EU Fails to Get Sufficient Majority in Vote to Extend Glyphosate Use

Reauthorizing weed killer ingredient faces opposition amid conflicting data on whether it causes cancer

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Fish eat plastic like teens eat fast food, researchers say

Young fish become hooked on eating plastic in the seas in the same way that teenagers prefer unhealthy fast food, Swedish researchers have said.

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Biodegradable plastic 'false solution' for ocean waste problem

UN’s top environmental scientist warns bottles and bags do not break down easily and sink, as report highlights the ubiquity of plastic debris in oceans

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Glyphosate: Will Europe ban controversial weed killer?

The EU is about to vote on whether to relicense the world's most used pesticide, as debate continues to rage over whether it poses a risk of cancer.

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Cattle drug threatens thousands of vultures

A veterinary drug blamed for driving vultures to the brink of extinction on the Indian subcontinent could cause thousands of bird deaths now that it is being used in Spain.

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Banned pesticides 'not equally harmful' to bees

The largest field study so far in to the group of pesticides called "neonicotinoids" has concluded that each acts differently on the brains of the bees.

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Hundreds of baby dolphin deaths linked to BP oil spill

Between 2010 and 2014, more than a thousand common bottle-nosed dolphins washed ashore on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Pollutants in fish diminish human defenses against toxins, study says

SAN DIEGO, April 15 (UPI) -- The risks of eating polluted fish include a negative feedback loop. According to researchers at the University of California, San Diego, pollutants in fish undermine the human body's ability to naturally rid itself of toxins. In other words, pollutants in fish render ...

News Headlines

Two-thirds of Europeans support ban on glyphosate, says Yougov poll

Concerns remain chemical widely used in agriculture as a herbicide can kill all plants, algae, bacteria and fungi in a crop’s vicinity, affecting biodiversity

News Headlines

Benign by design: how chemists aim to end pharmaceutical pollution of the environment

From antibiotics to hormones and pain killers - residue from drugs is found in wastewater, rivers, fish, and even in polar bear fat. But chemists say they may know how to end this environmental pollution.

News Headlines

Two widely used pesticides likely to harm 97% of endangered species in US

Malathion and chlorpyrifos are each likely to harm most of the 1,782 mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and plants listed under the Endangered Species Act

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Pesky plastic: The true harm of microplastics in the oceans

Pollution is evidently a major concern when talking about environmental protection in light of human development, but waste that ends up in the oceans is oftentimes overlooked.

News Headlines

Pesticides affect bees' ability to locate flowers, drink nectar

GUELPH, Ontario, March 14 (UPI) -- Bumblebees exposed to even low levels of pesticides have trouble acquiring the pollination skills necessary to retrieve nectar from some wildflowers -- especially those with complex shapes.

News Headlines

Researchers discover plastic-loving bacteria in recycling plant

Scientists found a bacterium that will consume one of the most common forms of plastic. Is it the first step toward a solution for plastic pollution?

News Headlines

Damaged Peru pipeline leaks 3,000 barrels of oil into Amazon region

Jungle covered in black sludge after a landslide caused the country’s main oil pipeline to rupture, polluting rivers relied on by eight native communities

News Headlines

From asthma to Zika, UN tackles links between environment and health

19 February 2016 – The list of health conditions that can be linked to environmental pollution and degradation is long and growing, including skin cancer, lung cancer, asthma, lead poisoning, mercury poisoning, malaria, Ebola and Zika, according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

News Headlines

Plastic debris crossing the Pacific can transport more species with the help of barnacles

The smooth surfaces of much of the plastic waste rapidly increasing in the ocean appear to provide poor habitat for animals -- that is, until barnacles step in.

News Headlines

Failure to ban toxic ammunition putting bird lives at risk

Birds in Europe will continue to be put at risk from lead poisoning, as the European Commission today announces it will continue allowing the chemical's use in ammunition.

News Headlines

Toxic pollutants found in fish across the world's oceans

A new global analysis of seafood found that fish populations throughout the world's oceans are contaminated with industrial and agricultural pollutants, collectively known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

News Headlines

Plastic to outweigh fish in oceans, says report

The world's oceans will contain more plastics than fish by 2050 as plastic – mostly packaging – enters the seas at the rate of one garbage truck-load a minute, a new report has warned.

News Headlines

More plastic than fish in oceans by 2050

There will be more plastic than fish in terms of weight in the world's oceans by 2050, the World Economic Forum warned Tuesday.

News Headlines

UK’s last resident killer whales 'doomed to extinction'

The UK’s last pod of killer whales is doomed to extinction, with new research revealing western European waters as a global hotspot for the lingering legacy of toxic PCB pollution.

News Headlines

Bayer revises position to propose extra protections for bees from pesticides

The pharmaceutical giant had initially accused the EPA of overstimating the impact of pesticide on pollinators but now admits report is ‘scientifically sound’

News Headlines

EU scientists begin review of ban on pesticides linked to bee declines

The European Food Safety Authority (Efsa) has begun a review that could pave the way for rolling back a pioneering EU-wide ban on three neonicotinoid pesticides, that are thought to have ravaged European bee populations.

News Headlines

Herbicide drift affects adjacent fields, delays flowering

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., Dec. 3 (UPI) -- In field tests, researchers at Pennsylvania State University found a class of herbicides called dicamba regularly drift onto plants in neighboring fields, affecting both the plants and pollinators.

News Headlines

Independent scientists warn over Monsanto pesticide

Two major agencies disagree over whether the world's most-used pesticide, glyphosate, is safe. As the European Union debates the topic, nearly 100 scientists from around the world have urged it to heed safety warnings.

News Headlines

EU drops food waste and marine litter reduction targets, leak reveals

Weakened draft regulations omit a new law that would have obliged countries to reduce waste by 30% by 2025

News Headlines

Biodegradable plastics are not the answer to reducing marine litter, says UN

17 November 2015 – Widespread adoption of products labelled “biodegradable” will not significantly decrease the volume of plastic entering the ocean or the physical and chemical risks that plastics pose to marine environment, accord to a United Nations report released today.

News Headlines

Debate rages over herbicide's cancer risk

European and UN bodies reach very different conclusions about safety of ubiquitous herbicide glyphosate.

News Headlines

World’s largest ocean cleanup operation one step closer to launch

Real life trials of a groundbreaking array designed to clean up the vast plastic island in the Pacific are due to begin next year after successful tests of a prototype in the Netherlands

News Headlines

The great tit bird is less attractive due to exposure to heavy metals

Heavy metals, the result of contamination, may be toxic for animals to the extent of affecting their reproduction and physiology.

News Headlines

Neonicotinoids: new warning on pesticide harm to bees

Consensus builds among scientists though review of evidence also finds there is not enough data on whether pesticide causes population decline

News Headlines

Could contaminated land actually be good for trees?

New research shows trees grown to decontaminate land can be better at fending off natural predators

News Headlines

Plastic in fish highlights need for cleaner Thames

Up to three-quarters of fish sampled from the River Thames have been found to have plastic fibres in their gut.

News Headlines

Even the Bottom of the Grand Canyon is Now Contaminated

Fish and other creatures in remote stretches of the Colorado River are contaminated with levels of mercury and selenium known to harm wildlife.

News Headlines

Plastic: the wonder material filling our oceans and beaches

Since the 1950s, when mass production of plastics began in earnest, the world has embraced their ease of use and robustness. But with millions of tonnes of of plastic debris entering the world's oceans every year, their durability is also a curse, as Ann Jones reports.

News Headlines

World Pollutionwatch: Wildfires can kill – far from the flames

Vancouver is normally one of the world’s cleanest cities but this July its air resembled that in Beijing due to smoke and ash from forest fires over 200 kilometres away. Further fires along the western side of the US and Canada have caused numerous health warnings especially at night when smoke ...

News Headlines

By 2050, 99 percent of seabirds will have eaten plastic

CANBERRA, Australia, Aug. 31 (UPI) -- Plastic can already be found in the guts of the vast majority of seabirds.

News Headlines

In Costa Rica, a turtle’s suffering puts spotlight on need to reduce use of plastics

August 20th, 2015 (EFE) The plight of a Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle that biologists in Costa Rica rid of a plastic straw stuck in its nose highlights the need to reduce the use of the synthetic material, since 8 million tons of plastics are dumped in the oceans each year, biologist Nathan Robinson ...

News Headlines

Is human noise pollution affecting our sharks?

Human made noise, also called anthropogenic noise, is rising in many environments due to the increase in transportation and the exploration for and exploitation of energy sources.

News Headlines

Ban lifted on controversial 'neonic' pesticide

The government has temporarily lifted a ban on neonicotinoid pesticides in certain parts of the country.

News Headlines

Sardinian plant gets second life in biodegradable plastics

According to a recent study carried out by the University of Georgia, 275 million tons of plastic waste are produced each year around the world. Around 32 million tons of that plastic waste land on coasts and 8 million tons in the ocean — a major pollution and threat to biodiversity.

News Headlines

Plankton has a plastic lunch

For the first time ever, scientists recorded a video of plankton feeding on tiny plastic pieces. And once its in the food chain, it's bad news all round.

News Headlines

Ontario first in North America to curb bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides

Farmers and the province have agreed to rules for reduction that begins July 1, while the manufacturer maintains the controversial insecticide is safe.

News Headlines

Bee populations face another threat: aluminum

KEELE, England, June 5 (UPI) -- Researchers have found high concentrations of aluminum in bee populations, suggesting contamination by the silver-gray metal could be partially responsible for the insect's decline.

News Headlines

New study blames oil spill for dolphin deaths in Gulf

BARATARIA BAY, La., May 20 (UPI) -- A new study by the NOAA concludes that the 2011 BP oil spill, the largest marine-based oil spill in U.S history, is to blame for the ongoing die-off of bottlenose dolphins in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

News Headlines

Spain issues alert over oil slick threatening islands

Spain's government has activated an environmental emergency alert over an oil spill that threatens pristine beaches on the southwestern Canary Islands.

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