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News Headlines

Is the tide turning for ocean plastics?

The new call for evidence on tackling plastic packaging is both welcome and a stark warning for businesses about the pace at which green issues can climb the political agenda The first thing to say about the government's imminent proposals for a new levy on plastic packaging is it is much too ea ...

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Shame On All Of Us: Our Plastic Is Polluting Marine Life Found 36,000 Ft Below Ocean Surface

We’ve already reported that there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic scattered across our oceans. They’ve already reached the North Pole, something that can occur thanks to the nature of ocean water currents. However, scientists have also made another worrying discovery.

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Sea creatures in deepest parts of ocean found to have plastic fibres in their stomachs for first time

Scientists found traces of manmade fibres and plastics in the stomachs of sea creatures living at the bottom of the deepest ocean on Earth, in a concerning world first.

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The good news about plastic waste

Waste plastics contaminate our food, water and air. Many are calling for a global ban on single-use plastics because throwing them “away” often means into our river systems and then into the world’s oceans.

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Unilever, PepsiCo wash hands of 'biodegradable' plastic

More than 150 organizations, including some of the world's best-known brands, issued a call for governments around the world to ban oxo-degradable plastic packaging over fears it can have harmful effects on marine and land environments.

News Headlines

Can a Carbon 'Vacuum Cleaner' Save the Planet?

We humans are really, really good at making carbon dioxide. Last year our smokestacks and tailpipes puffed out more than 60 trillion pounds of the greenhouse gas, monkeying with the planet’s climate and acidifying the oceans.

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Strawless in Seattle: How One City Is Tackling Ocean Plastic Pollution

The Emerald City is eliminating millions of plastic straws thanks to an innovative collaboration between activists, business and the maker of a marine-safe alternative to a ubiquitous product.

News Headlines

The plastics problem: are natural alternatives doing more harm than good?

They sound more at home on a beach than in a laboratory – but shrimp shells and algae are just two of the natural materials scientists are working with to develop more sustainable types of plastic.

News Headlines

Corals eat plastic because we’ve made it tasty, study suggests

Ocean plastic is an indiscriminate hazard. It harms fish and kills seabirds, which wash up with bellies full of trash. Turtles swallow it because, the thinking goes, they mistake the floating waste for jellyfish. Less well known are the ways plastic damages the ocean's smaller inhabitants, plank ...

News Headlines

Shocking Caribbean photos reveal a “sea of plastic and Styrofoam”

We hear about the issue of ocean plastic a lot, but these new photographs demonstrate just how pervasive the pollution is. Roatán-based photographer Caroline Power shared pictures on Facebook taken near the Caribbean island belonging to Honduras, revealing what she calls a “sea of plastic and St ...

News Headlines

Global pollution linked to one in six premature death. It’s worse than wars, AIDS and road accidents combined

An extensive study carried out by environmental experts found an alarmingly high percentage of all global premature deaths are linked to pollution, specifically airborne pollution. In 2015, nine million premature deaths or roughly 16 percent of all deaths can be attributed to pollution, accordin ...

News Headlines

'Sooty birds' reveal hidden US air pollution

Soot trapped in the feathers of songbirds over the past 100 years is causing scientists to revise their records of air pollution. US researchers measured the black carbon found on 1,300 larks, woodpeckers and sparrows over the past century.

News Headlines

Over two tonnes of marine litter removed

Over two tonnes of marine litter has been collected by NGO Healthy Seas and its partners Ghost Fishing, Sharklab - Malta and Żibel, in the run up to the One Ocean conference being hosted in Malta yesterday and today.

News Headlines

Pesticides linked to bee deaths found in most honey samples

A new study has found traces of neonicotinoid chemicals in 75% of honey samples from across the world. The scientists say that the levels of the widely used pesticide are far below the maximum permitted levels in food for humans.

News Headlines

Mercury from the northern hemisphere is ending up in Australia

Mercury pollution has a long legacy in the environment. Once released into the air, it can cycle between the atmosphere and ecosystems for years or even decades before ending up deep in the oceans or land.

News Headlines

Rising Threat to Marine Life

Experts at the Science Journalism Workshop in South Africa expressed concern over the threat posed by litter in the world’s oceans, a clear and present danger they warned could alter the ecosystem, render important aquatic animal species extinct, and threatens human existence. Martins Ifijeh who ...

News Headlines

There's 5 Trillion Pieces Of Plastic In Our Oceans, & It's Now Started Polluting The North Pole

A few months ago, researchers discovered a patch of garbage floating in the Arctic Ocean just north of Norway.Now, another team has spotted a more problematic garbage heap; large chunks of polystyrene on ice floes in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

News Headlines

Brain damage in fish affected by plastic nanoparticles

Calculations have shown that 10 per cent of all plastic produced around the world ultimately ends up in the oceans. As a result, a large majority of global marine debris is in fact plastic waste. Human production of plastics is a well-known environmental concern, but few studies have studied the ...

News Headlines

Multinationals polluting oceans with plastic in Philippines

Plastic washed up on Manila's beaches can be traced back to Western brands in cashing on Asia's "sachet economies," activists say.

News Headlines

Ban ‘neonic’ pesticides. Our food supplies are at risk

The science of pesticide development and regulation is complex, so let's put things simply: Human beings rely on food to survive. Much of that food comes from insect-pollinated plants. Modern agriculture relies on pesticides to grow that food.

News Headlines

Can technology save us as we drown in plastic waste?

New technology may soon fill the gap by launching a wave of “upcycling” that takes plastics now considered hard to recycle economically and turns them into something much more valuable.

News Headlines

Commission readies further restrictions to neonicotinoids

The European Commission plans to propose further restrictions on the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, an EU official told EURACTIV on Wednesday (20 September), amid a continuing tug of war between environmental groups and pesticide producers.

News Headlines

Women of childbearing age around world suffering toxic levels of mercury

Women of childbearing age from around the world have been found to have high levels of mercury, a potent neurotoxin which can seriously harm unborn children.The new study, the largest to date, covered 25 of the countries with the highest risk and found excessive levels of the toxic metal in wome ...

News Headlines

The gross state of the world’s oceans, in one photo

It’s getting harder to tell stories about nature without noticing humanity’s role in disrupting it. The finalists of the London Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of Year competition were announced Sept. 12, and one of the images contains a stark sign of manmade pollution.

News Headlines

Scary news about sea salt

The plastic is a result of litter in the oceans, which gets broken down and ends up in our food.Scientists have discovered that sea salt harvested from the planet’s oceans is contaminated with plastic.

News Headlines

We are living on a plastic planet. What does it mean for our health?

Sometimes a single revelation opens our eyes to a whole new view of the world. The contamination of tap water around the world with microplastics, exposed on Wednesday in the Guardian, unmasks Earth as a planet pervasively polluted with plastic.

News Headlines

The Making of Biodegradable Plastic Could Take Off With This New Technique

Plastic waste continues to pose one of the largest threats to Earth’s oceans and wildlife, to the point where it’s even in the seafood on our plate. The US recycles less than 22 percent of its garbage, which includes petroleum-based plastics that are nearly impossible to break down.

News Headlines

The new Great Barrier Reef pollution plan is better, but still not good enough

he draft water quality improvement plan, released by the federal and Queensland governments this week, aims to reduce the pollution flowing from water catchments to the Great Barrier Reef over the next five years.

News Headlines

New York's waterways are swimming in plastic microbeads

It's morning. Brush your teeth. A quick shower, shampoo. Going to the beach? Get on the sunscreen. OK, ready to roll. You've just sent countless microscopic plastic bits swirling down the drain, through the sewer system and into the nearest water body.

News Headlines

New plastic dump in Pacific Ocean

Researchers who travel the globe documenting the presence and impact of plastics on the world’s oceans and all their marine life have discovered a new ocean “garbage patch” in the South Pacific which they say covers millions of square kilometres.

News Headlines

World Bank sanctions loan of USD 1 billion for cleaning river Ganga

World Bank has sanctioned a loan of USD 1 billion for funding Institutional Development and for the construction of priority infrastructure projects for municipal waste water treatment and solid waste treatment on the main stem of Ganga in five Ganga basin states.

News Headlines

Vast Amounts Of Toxic Mercury Accumulating In Arctic, Global Industrial Emissions To Blame

Enormous quantities of toxic mercury are now accumulating in the Arctic tundra as a result of industrial activity and emissions in the temperate parts of the globe, according to a new study from UMass Lowell.

News Headlines

First global study of plastic waste is 'horrifying'

The mass production of plastics, which began six decades ago, has accelerated so rapidly that it has created 8.3 billion metric tons – most of it in disposable products that end up as trash.

News Headlines

River of plastic trash is flooding our oceans

Plastic is useful - for packaging, tires, clothing, and much else. But 2 percent of plastics produced end up in the ocean. It enters the food chain - even reaching us. A new analysis highlights the scale of the problem.

News Headlines

Oh, great — another plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean

Capt. Charles Moore, the sailor who brought the giant vortex of plastic debris floating in the north Pacific ocean to our attention, now says there is another enormous plastic patch growing in the South Pacific.

News Headlines

Our Oceans Are Becoming More Acidic – What it Means for Marine Life and What YOU Can Do

Oceans cover 70 percent of the earth’s surface and account for 97 percent of its water. They play a vital role in the natural carbon cycle and provides a home for over one million species of plants and animals, with another estimated nine million living in the depths left unexplored by humans. B ...

News Headlines

Billions of tons of plastic trash accumulating on Earth

The world has a plastic problem. More than 9.1 billion tons (8.3 metric tons) of it have been produced on Earth, with most dumped into landfills or the oceans, US researchers said Wednesday.

News Headlines

Why I’m Saying ‘Pants’ To Pollution

As with most things in life, peek under the surface and you’ll see what lurks beneath. And never has this been more true than when it comes to the world’s oceans.

News Headlines

Oil Impairs Ability Of Coral Reef Fish To Find Homes And Evade Predators

Just as one too many cocktails can lead a person to make bad choices, a few drops of oil can cause coral reef fish to make poor decisions, according to a paper published today in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

News Headlines

A mission to the Pacific plastic patch

A mariner who has spent years travelling "hundreds of thousands of nautical miles" to measure the impact of plastic waste in the ocean has estimated that a "raft" of plastic debris spanning more than 965,000 square miles (2.5m sq km) is concentrated in a region of the South Pacific. Capt Charles ...

News Headlines

Deal with marine litter from dry land

Like many other coastal areas in South Africa, East London and Port Elizabeth are also important centres of industrial manufacturing and economic development.East London and Port Elizabeth, with three commercial ports in total, are intricately connected to, and dependent on, the surrounding ocea ...

News Headlines

If you care so much, Coke, why aren't your bottles 100% recycled?

Coca-Cola’s grand announcement on plastic packaging is a lot of PR fizz. But when you look at the detail, it’s all a bit flat.

News Headlines

Plastic to be phased out at 19 major American aquariums

Working to reduce the massive amount of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, 19 of the nation’s top aquariums on Monday will announce that they are phasing out most plastic products — from plastic bags to straws to plastic beverage bottles.

News Headlines

Dirty laundry: Are your clothes polluting the ocean?

In an indoor "Manchester-drizzle-simulating" rain room at the University of Leeds, and in a laundry lab in Plymouth, research is revealing the unexpected environmental cost of the very clothes on our backs.

News Headlines

A million plastic bottles a minute

A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20 per cent by 2021, creating an environmental crisis some campaigners predict will be as serious as climate change.

News Headlines

How your pile of laundry fills the sea with plastic pollution

Microplastic pollution is one of the newest environmental issues on the block. After decades of intense observation and campaigning by conservation groups, awareness has fortunately grown. There is now worldwide concern about the tiny pieces of plastic litter which are having such a number of ha ...

News Headlines

Tackle UK's plastic bottle problem with money-back scheme, ministers told

The UK government is under growing pressure to introduce a money-back return scheme for plastic bottles, in order to tackle huge volumes of waste in a country where 400 bottles are sold every second.

News Headlines

5.25 trillion pieces of plastic litter Earth's oceans

Close to eight million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the Earth's oceans each year, endangering marine and human life.An interactive map designed by New Zealand data firm Dumpark has revealed where in our ocen as the 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic end up.

News Headlines

Amazon coral reef at risk of damage if oil spills near Amazon river

Oil companies planning to drill near a vast coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon river have calculated that the unique ecosystem has a 30% chance of being affected in the event of an oil spill.

News Headlines

The debate rages on: Are neonicotinoid pesticides killing bees?

New studies appear to confirm that neonicotinoid pesticides are killing bees, even as chemical companies continue to tout their safety. An EU-wide ban is looking increasingly likely.

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