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News Headlines

Bridge threatens Mumbai's flamingos

Mumbai is one of only a few major conurbations in the world to boast urban flamingos. But a new bridge will cut through their habitat and most likely drive them away.

News Headlines

Flightless survivors: Incredible invertebrate diversity in Los Angeles metropolitan area

Urban wildlife is surprisingly understudied. We tend to know more about animals in exotic places than about those that live in our cities.

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More action required to protect soil in the city 

Industrial activity, pollution and exploitation are degrading the quality of soils located in and around our cities, according to a report released today by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

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Natural History Museum in L.A. enlists residents to collect data on urban wildlife

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is embarking on a pioneering plan to collect and inventory all of the urban wildlife in the region.

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Hong Kong advisers ‘disappointed’ with government’s biodiversity plan for city

A dedicated fund, hard targets and child-friendly mascots were among an array of recommendations floated by government ­advisers on Monday, many whom felt a consultation paper on the city’s first biodiversity plan lacked new ideas and ambition.

News Headlines

Arboreal Austin: Forest Service publishes first urban forest assessment

AUSTIN, Texas, March 9 (UPI) -- For the first time, the U.S. Forest Service has published an urban forest assessment. The report details tree life in Austin, the capital of Texas.

News Headlines

The miracle of Kolkata's wetlands – and one man's struggle to save them

The wetlands are this Indian city’s free sewage works, a fertile aquatic garden and, most importantly, a flood defence – but they’re under threat from developers. One environmentalist is leading the resistance

News Headlines

Running with the hyenas of Addis Ababa

There can't be many early morning urban running routes that result in a hyena or two lumbering past you. But that's what I get after lacing up my trainers and heading out before dawn in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

News Headlines

Vancouver wildlife biodiversity strategy approved by park board

The Vancouver Park Board has voted unanimously in favour of a biodiversity strategy that will see 25 hectares of "natural area" in the city restored or enhanced by 2020.

News Headlines

Biodiversity database for smart city initiative to be launched soon

A biodiversity database for urban India will be prepared for better species diversity management, dovetailed to the smart city initiative.

News Headlines

5 Ways Animals Are Working for Cities

oyotes in New York City. Flying squirrels in Philadelphia. Bobcats in Los Angeles. We share our cities with a veritable menagerie. In an increasingly urbanized world, as animals lose habitat elsewhere, they’re likely to move in with us more and more. Some are pesky: termites in the walls, rats i ...

News Headlines

The Next Hollywood Blockbuster on Cities, Technology & the Unexpected Role of Nature

Imagine a Hollywood movie focused on technologies of the future and how they are going to change society. Three parallel stories, set in densely populated urban areas--New York, Sao Paulo, and Bangkok--would flick through a series of ever-smarter, ever-more-efficient technologies that shape how ...

News Headlines

Cities support a greater number of threatened species than non-urban areas

Earth is facing a catastrophic species extinction crisis. The dominant approach to conservation has been to focus on protecting pristine environments, but new research from Australia demonstrates that on average, urban environments contain disproportionately more threatened protected species in ...

News Headlines

New protocol could help build biodiverse cities

A new protocol has been released by RMIT University to help developers create urban environments that are beneficial to biodiversity.

News Headlines

David Suzuki: Natural infrastructure is good for the climate and communities

Across Canada, towns and cities face a one-two punch: aging infrastructure and the extreme weather climate change brings. Unless we do something, many of our roads, railways, transit lines, bridges, stormwater pipes, and other built structures could become obsolete.

News Headlines

Cities must take lead role in tackling climate change, says Mexico City mayor

Once notorious for air pollution, Mexico City’s ability to clean its skies has shown it can also be a leader in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, according to the city’s mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera.

News Headlines

Urban environments boost pathogen pressure on honey bees

Researchers from North Carolina State University have found that urban environments increase pathogen abundance in honey bees (Apis mellifera) and reduce honey bee survival. The finding raises significant questions as urban areas continue to grow at the expense of rural environments, and urban b ...

News Headlines

Let it bee: Rise of urban apiaries has New York City buzzing

NEW YORK — Molly Conley climbed to the roof of the Historic Manhattan Seventh-day Adventist Church on a Wednesday morning in the West Village. She put on a white veil, lit a smoker and, as the sun rose, she took out a wooden palette covered in tightly packed hexagons. Holding it up to the light, ...

News Headlines

Canadian cities: Step up and act on climate change

As the largest country in the Western Hemisphere, Canada has a special role to play in tackling the threat of global climate change. Canadian cities, which are on the front lines of this battle, must help lead the way.

News Headlines

Paris greens itself ahead of climate summit

As part of a new climate action plan, Paris went car-free this past Sunday. Among other things, the French capital intends to build out bicycling and renewable energy to cut emissions. Can it become a model green city?

News Headlines

Hong Kong’s conservation policy still has a long way to go

Hong Kong is a crowded city but it has rich natural resources: 730 kilometres of coastline, and a variety of habitats such as corals, wetlands, and secondary forest.

News Headlines

Rural owl species doesn't mind the stress of city life

BAHIA BLANCA, Argentina, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- The majority of species prefer to avoid the encroachment of urban development. In fact, most endangered species are in the predicament they're in due to habitat loss at the hands of growing populations and expanding development.

News Headlines

"The urban ecosystem": How should we design cities to make the most of green space?

Back in 1839, public health expert J F Murray published his article The Lungs of London, in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine.

News Headlines

Got milkweed? Project aims to restore plants and Monarch butterflies

Monarch butterflies have no choice in the matter: their existence is completely dependent on milkweed. And in recent years, the decline of milkweed in fields and gardens has brought a correlated decline in the monarch population.

News Headlines

Keeping cool on Europe's urban heat islands

Due to the drought in Europe, Austria experienced a particularly hot summer this year. Urban areas run warmer due to the heat island effect - and as the climate heats up, cities like Vienna are tackling this problem.

News Headlines

Forests in the city

Delhi can justifiably be proud of being among the greenest cities in India. According to the latest (2013) estimates of the Forest Survey of India, about 12.12 per cent of Delhi is under tree cover. This is still less than half of the national average of 21.23 per cent but significant nonetheles ...

News Headlines

Vegetation essential for limiting city warming effects

According to a new study that makes the first assessment of urbanization impacts for the entire continental United States, the presence of vegetation is an essential factor in limiting urban heating.

News Headlines

White sky at night not a city bird's delight

Free-living songbirds show increased stress hormone levels when nesting under white street lights.

News Headlines

Ecologists embrace their urban side

Climate change and the rise of cities have broadened what it means to study ecosystems.

News Headlines

Ecology initiative to encourage more birds, bats and insects to central London

London’s West End may not seem the ideal habitat for wildlife, but wrens, thrushes and bats are making it their home.

News Headlines

Korea Forest Service creates more green areas in cities

The Korea Forest Service (KFS) will create more green areas in Seoul and other large cities to improve the living conditions for urban dwellers, the head of the state-run agency said Wednesday.

News Headlines

Why concrete jungles need green spaces

CAN cities really become home to a large variety of fauna and flora? Doesn’t the wild world hate cement? The concept of biodiversity may seem to contradict the nature of cities, but scientists, designers and architects are working on urban development models that harmonise with the natural envir ...

News Headlines

Secret weapon in fight against climate change: mayors

Sixty big-city mayors from around the world gathered at the Vatican this week to discuss their role in addressing climate change. Mayors often play an unheralded role in reducing carbon emissions.

News Headlines

World mayors warn of threats to mankind, commit to U.N. development goals

VATICAN CITY, July 22 (Reuters) - More than 65 mayors from around the world pledged on Wednesday to implement the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their cities and to combat global warming, saying society was facing numerous threats.

News Headlines

Manhattan's Last Forest and the Nature of Cities Everywhere

In the 1950s my grandparents moved my father and uncle out of the Bronx, New York, and into the New Jersey countryside on the other bank of the Hudson River. Growing up hearing stories from my dad about how felicitous it was to be plunked down into the open spaces and woodlands of the mid-centur ...

News Headlines

Chernobyl: A Vacation Hotspot Unlike Any Other

In the early hours of April 26, 1986, the reactor at Chernobyl exploded during a routine maintenance test, setting off a shining plume of smoke that made the sky glow for miles. Residents in the area would later describe the rainbow light from the deadly explosion as the most sublime vision they ...

News Headlines

Smarter city needs better ecosystem

Urban planners and researchers have raised the pitch for an ecosystem restoration policy to compliment the Centre's ambitious Smart City Mission.

News Headlines

Wildlife in built-up areas an undervalued part of our urban ecosystems

Urban wildlife such as deer, foxes and badgers should be cherished for the ecological benefits they bring to towns and cities, rather than feared as potentially harmful pests, scientists argue in a new report.

News Headlines

We can make a greener, more liveable London and expand Heathrow

The next mayor of London needs to be committed to making our city a better place to live; both more affordable and greener. The high cost of renting, public transport and low wages are one side of the challenge’ while the need to reduce CO2 emissions, tackle air pollution and offer new sources o ...

News Headlines

Montreal certified as an eco-friendly host for major events

Businesses looking for an eco-friendly host for their large events can now look to Montreal after the city was certified by iCompli Sustainability according to ASTM-APEX (Accepted Practices Exchange) standards.

News Headlines

Saint-Laurent and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity to Cooperate on Promoting Urban Biodiversity

SAINT-LAURENT, QC, June 18, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ - Saint-Laurent Mayor Alan DeSousa and Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, signed a letter of agreement today to promote their common vision on urban biodiversity.

News Headlines

Biodiversity under threat as Melbourne's grasslands become suburbs

Ecologists have warned that Melbourne is at risk of losing more than half its native plant species over the next century, with grasslands in Melbourne's west most vulnerable to the city's urban sprawl.

News Headlines

Sustainable cities depend on empowered citizens

Using technology to make a city more sustainable works best if its inhabitants participate in planning and implementation, according to a UN report.

News Headlines

How Berlin's urban goshawks helped me learn to love the city

Berlin has the highest density of goshawk territories anywhere in the world. Since moving to the city, Amy Liptrot has delighted in the joys of watching these spectacular birds up close – in a way that would be impossible in rural areas

News Headlines

Cities central to climate and sustainable development – World Urban Campaign

Over half of the world’s population live in cities. They generate nearly 80% of global GDP, and use 70% of energy, according to the New Climate Economy report.

News Headlines

Sustainable Cities Work for Climate Change

To survive on this planet at the numbers we have amassed, cities must more efficiently support their human habitants, especially with persistent constraints on water, land, and food.

News Headlines

Coyotes Are New York’s Newest Immigrants

My attire this morning: long johns under jeans, two layers of wool socks, heavy hiking boots, a turtleneck, two scarves, gloves, a fleece, a down parka and a knitted hat. I’m in the most populous city in the country, it’s the coldest day of the year, and we’re off to track coyotes.

News Headlines

30 new species discovered in Los Angeles in first-ever intensive urban biodiversity survey

Thirty new insect species of the fly family Phoridae have been discovered in the LA region of California.

News Headlines

Urban wildlife: when animals go wild in the city

Perching on the side of an old power station chimney with St Paul’s Cathedral to the north and the Shard, Europe’s tallest building, to the east is not where you might expect to glimpse the world’s fastest bird. Yet Tate Modern, and London landmarks including Battersea Power Station and the Hous ...

News Headlines

A bird's eye view of Montreal

It is Montreal and the year is 1896. The city, with its half a million citizens, is alive and vibrant and enjoying one of its greatest periods of growth.

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