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News Headlines

Here’s how long it takes to travel to the next city, from wherever you are in the world

About four out of five people worldwide live less than an hour away from the next city on average but there remain vast differences between countries and continents, a new study by the University of Oxford has found.

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Why thousands of snakes are invading Bangkok homes

A plunger won’t help you here—unless you have one hell of a swing. As the Times reports, Bangkok officials received 31,801 calls this year alone from frightened residents seeking help in removing snakes from their homes. The jump in calls is said to be in part due to an extra wet rainy season, b ...

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With the right tools, we can mine cities

From 1900 to 2010, the amount of materials accumulated in buildings and infrastructure across the world increased 23-fold. We are depleting our resources at unprecedented rates. Instead of extracting dwindling raw materials from nature at ever-increasing cost, the time has come to start re-using ...

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Tracking Cape Town's food-raiding baboons

It’s more than monkey business: in South Africa's Cape Town, baboons sneak into homes to steal food. We talked to biologist Gaelle Fehlmann to find out more about this human-baboon conflict in the city.

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Teaching Activities for: ‘Lurking in Toilets, Swimming the Streets: Snakes of Bangkok Move In’

Have you ever experienced the presence of unwanted household pests like spiders, mice, rats, cockroaches, termites, bats, bees, crickets, ants or any other creatures not welcome indoors? If so, what were they? Was it possible to get rid of them, and if so, how?

News Headlines

The future of floating cities – and the realities

Every week, a whopping three million new people are moving to live in a city. That’s equivalent to the current population of San Diego or Kiev transplanting themselves into urban areas every seven days; it’s almost a new Moscow or Rio de Janeiro every month.

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Nature-Based Solutions: The New (Green) Kid On The Block

Over the coming months, Greener Ideal’s “Urban Jungle: Nature’s Solutions for Resilient Cities” blog series will explore the intersection between nature and cities - and explore the disruptive innovation underway to make urban life more regenerative and sustainable.

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Greener Places Growing Sydney’s Tree Canopy To 40%

The NSW government has committed to the delivery of nearly five million trees in “green” infrastructure, increasing Sydney’s tree canopy by 384,615 trees per year until 2030. Launching the government’s draft policy, Greener Places, Minister for Planning and Housing Anthony Roberts said that gree ...

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Productive cities: toward a new biopolitics of cities

The idea of the productive city emerged with the development of industrial capitalism. In this way, the productive model imposed its own logic on cities, which came to be regarded as passive receptacles harbouring economic activities. Cities were supposed to furnish enterprises with basic resour ...

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Milan’s Lush Vertical Forests Scale Up Like Skyscrapers

We’ve heard it time and time again: Trees are the environment’s best friend. They help cleanse the atmosphere of excess carbon dioxide and other more harmful gases. In the process, they help restore the oxygen we need to breathe. They provide shade — a valuable quality in today’s warming climate ...

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Natural Capital, the Secret for Sustainable Cities

In our search for better management of natural capital, cities are where the difference can be made. City authorities often show genuine leadership in protecting the natural environment, and pursue ambitious targets beyond those set at national and international levels.

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Under threat: Hyderabad huffs and puffs as open spaces keep on shrinking

Multiple international studies, in recent times, have established that the India-China belt will undergo massive urban growth -over 30 per cent - during the next two decades.

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On a mission to construct biodiversity hotspots that would be the city's lungs

The lush green hills looking barren brown after every monsoon used to bother Abh ishek Kawit kar a lot. The inspiration to change this encouraged Kawitkar to form Tree Public, an NGO that focuses on afforestation in the city."

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Bees in the city: Designing green roofs for pollinators

A key factor that affects bees is increasing urban development as people flock to cities. As cities develop, they sprawl into their surroundings, fragmenting animal habitats and replacing vegetation with hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. Insects, including a multitude of native bees, r ...

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Microbial life in gutters could help clean cities: study

Street gutters are oases of microscopic life - such as microalgae and fungi - that may help clean rainwater and urban waste by decomposing solid debris and pollutants, according to a study in France.

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Montreal Is Ready for Supermarket, Version 2.0

This summer, a Montreal supermarket announced that it was the first in Canada to have a green rooftop farm producing vegetables that are then sold in the store. The great news signals a positive shift in thinking about urban ecology, sustainable urban design, health, local economic development a ...

News Headlines

Sponges, urban forests and air corridors: How nature can cool cities

As China battles the twin challenges of rapid city growth and extreme weather, it is adopting a new tactic: Turning its cities into giant sponges. Thirty pilot cities in the country are trying to trap and hold more water to deal with problems from flooding and drought to extreme heat and pollution.

News Headlines

Sponges, urban forests and air corridors: how nature can cool cities

As China battles the twin challenges of rapid city growth and extreme weather, it is adopting a new tactic: Turning its cities into giant sponges.

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Want Resilient Cities? Try A National Policy On Green Infrastructure

Outside the world of environmental and/or municipal infrastructure and urban design policy, you could be forgiven for not knowing what green infrastructure is. You may not have given more than a passing thought to the form and function of your urban green spaces, how urban water flows, or how bi ...

News Headlines

For more livable cities, take a leaf out of nature’s book

The Eden Project conservatory in Cornwall, England is known for its diverse collection of plant species from various climates as well as its distinctive architecture. Less known is the fact that inspiration for the white, hexagon-tiled domes was drawn from pollen grains.

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Narrowing floodplains threaten Delhi

As in so many major cities around the world, land in Delhi is scarce. To cope with its population of 16 million, the metropolis has begun to spill out onto the floodplains of its Yamuna River.

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Nature’s bounty: Trees provide services worth $500 million to the world’s megacities

Most people probably don’t think of megacities – urban areas with 10 million or more residents – as being part of nature and hence in need of conservation efforts. New research shows that this perception is not just erroneous but counter-productive, however, as trees actually provide ecosystem s ...

News Headlines

Structuring our cities: 5 global leaders of Built Environment education.

Where are you sat, right now, as you’re reading this? Perhaps on a train, a bus, or if you’re really lucky, amidst the electric buzz of the airport waiting room, about to take flight into the exotic unknown. Maybe you’re at work, surfing the Web from the comfort of your desk, dreaming of an educ ...

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Sydney’s Getting Fish Apartments in Harbour

Fish in Sydney, Australia, will soon have a housing upgrade thanks to a partnership between the famous Opera House and several universities.

News Headlines

Urban trees save cities millions of dollars, new research says

Trees in cities reduce air pollution, absorb carbon, and protect people during heatwaves, saving megacities more than $500 million a year in healthcare, energy costs and environmental protection, according to new research.

News Headlines

Urban trees save megacities millions through cleaner air, cooler buildings: study

Trees in cities reduce air pollution, absorb carbon and protect people during heat waves, saving megacities more than $500 million a year in health care, energy costs and environmental protection, according to new research.

News Headlines

How green roofs can help cities sponge away excess stormwater

Spring and summer 2017 have been among the wettest on record in eastern North America, including southern Ontario.Rainfall amounts in the spring broke records in places like Toronto, where 44.6 millimetres of rain fell in 24 hours.

News Headlines

The benefits -- and potential pitfalls -- of urban green spaces

With the rapid expansion of the urban landscape, successfully managing ecosystems in built areas has never been more important. However, our understanding of urban ecology is far from complete, and the data at hand are often patchy, leaving stakeholders without the tools they need to successfull ...

News Headlines

Pakistan’s first urban forest reaches greater heights

The satisfaction of having achieved his goal reflected in Shahzad Qureshi’s face as he gazed at the trees he planted some 20 months ago. Inspired by Indian eco-entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma, whose company develops native and urban forest in cities, Qureshi immediately decided to implement the i ...

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Climate Change minister directs to increase urban forest cover

Climate Change Minister Senator Mushahidullah Khan on Sunday directed the federal and provincial forest officials to boost urban forestry at national scale to protect urban areas from heat waves and from becoming heat islands.

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Appetite of Amazonian cities impact wildlife up to 1,000 km away

New research suggests that the impact is so severe it can be felt over incredibly large distances.

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Green roof market growing 17 per cent each year, first market study finds

A report into the size, value and growth of the UK green roof market has found it is expanding at a rate of 17 per cent each year. Its findings demonstrate there is a green roof market focus in London, partly due to its specific planning policy.

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A jungle comes to the city

It’s July now and the temperature is slowly dipping in Delhi. Only a few migratory birds wintered at the Yamuna biodiversity park remain. Others have left for Central Asia and Siberia. Some species of summer terrestrial migrants are expected to arrive while some others can be seen enjoying the p ...

News Headlines

Food for thought: how cities shape more than what is on your plate

Food production has long been considered a rural concern, of little interest to cities. Yet, several cities are waking up to the role that local authorities can play in the development of sustainable food systems.

News Headlines

Why our cities need butterflies

hreatened by loss of habitat, industrial agriculture and climate change, butterfly populations have been dwindling in recent years in the UK. Butterfly Conservation, a British charity devoted to saving butterflies and moths, says that 76 percent of species have declined over the past four decades.

News Headlines

As threats grow, expanding cities push for stronger, safer societies

Urban resilience, no longer just a buzzword, is fast becoming part of the fabric of cities around the world, which need to ramp up strategies to ensure the wellbeing of their booming populations in the face of growing threats, experts say.

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Q&A: Aspiring to an ecocity future

The EcoCity World Summit is designed to focus on the way humanity builds its home — its cities, towns and villages. Although the summit brings together a diverse mix of researchers, policy makers and citizens with a common focus on identifying and creating pathways to more sustainable, resilient ...

News Headlines

Nature-based solutions for our cities

The growth of Dublin at the expense of rural Ireland is a familiar refrain, amplified in post-crash Ireland. While it is true that Ireland has a particularly unbalanced economic and population growth pattern focused on its capital city, increased urbanisation is a global trend. Along with pressu ...

News Headlines

The City Is Ours review – will vertical forests and smart street lights really save the planet?

Can something as messy and complex as the issues surrounding mass global urbanisation be squeezed into a popular exhibition? It is a challenge Ricky Burdett attempted in his 2006 Venice architecture biennale, and ended up bamboozling many visitors with a dense slew of diagrams and statistics, wh ...

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Does nature stand a chance in this urbanisation frenzy?

In 2012, Hyderabad became the first Indian city to have a City Biodiversity Index (CBI), at least on paper. As an assessment tool, the Index is an invaluable tool for city authorities to monitor and evaluate biodiversity with a view to aid conservation efforts. Launched amid much fanfare to coin ...

News Headlines

Sponge cities: can China’s model go global?

As Xi Jinping ascended to power, he watched, all around him, the equally swift rise of cities. At his birth in 1953, cities housed just one in nine Chinese; by his marriage in 1987, one in four. By the time he became president, half his country was urbanised across 662 major cities, 100 of them ...

News Headlines

Special Report: The growing importance of Urban Biodiversity

Biodiversity refers to the variety of all living things on Earth, but people often have very specific ideas of what it means. If you run an online search for images of biodiversity, you are likely to find lots of photos of tropical rainforests and coral reefs.

News Headlines

Green infrastructure is good for society. So why do we struggle to fund it?

This month we’ve learned that hedges can be better at trapping air pollution than trees. And that the World Health Organisation has confirmed that “interventions to improve urban green space can deliver positive health, social and environmental outcomes for all population groups, particularly am ...

News Headlines

Biodiversity boosted by new railway junction in Bermondsey but passengers should expect more closures

A new railway junction to the east of London Bridge station has more than doubled biodiversity in the urban area of Bermondsey.

News Headlines

Holland’s first Vertical Forest to rise with 10,000 air-purifying plants

Hot on the heels of the world’s first Forest City in China, Stefano Boeri Architetti has announced their winning bid for the first Vertical Forest in the Netherlands. Set to rise in Utrecht, the Hawthorn Tower will, like its Milanese predecessor, be blanketed in greenery and is expected to absor ...

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Which is the world's most biodiverse city?

Never before have we lived in such an urban world. Asphalt and concrete extend themselves over the earth, water disappears undergroundand steel and glass sparkle under the sun. Urban expansion is one of the chief characteristics of the freshly minted Anthropocene era.

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Cape Town wears the biodiversity crown

Cape Town is the most biodiverse urban area in the world. The honour was bestowed by the leader of the UN's City and Biodiversity Outlook Project, Thomas Elmqvist, a Swedish expert in natural resource management and urban landscapes.

News Headlines

High-Rise Wooden Buildings May Be a Way to Make Cities More Sustainable

‘Tall wood’ construction is less carbon-intensive than concrete or steel, but it will likely take a major cultural shift for urban planners, builders, architects, and city dwellers to embrace wood construction on a large scale.

News Headlines

How To Fill London With Nature

The rows of London terrace houses look familiar enough. But the space once filled with cars and tarmac is now home to long grass, miniature allotments and a winding footpath.

News Headlines

How communities around the world incorporate nature in unexpected ways

Bringing natural elements and green spaces into the design of communities is not new but the Japanese concept of satoyama goes one step further, highlighting the mutual benefits of integrating existing natural habitat with built environments.

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