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News Headlines

The Unbearable Cost of Drought in Africa

ROME, Apr 12 2017 (IPS) - Nearly 50 per cent of all emergency multilateral food assistance to Africa is due to natural disasters, with advancing droughts significantly threatening both livelihoods and economic growth, warns the African Union through its ground-breaking extreme weather insurance ...

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Building a wall to keep the desert out

A plan for an ambitious 'green wall' of trees stretching across 11 countries aims to fight back the Sahara. But progress is slow on the decade old project.

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The Great Green Wall of the Sahel

Environmental degradation and climate change are threatening the livelihoods of local communities living near the Sahara. An ambitious greening plan aims to prevent the spread of desertification in the region.

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Sahel countries in race against time to regreen Africa's spreading desert

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The areas surrounding the Sahara desert which decades ago were covered with forests, crops and grasslands, can be restored - a significant chunk of them by 2030 - agriculture experts said after viewing the results of a detailed survey of the region.

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Battle of the Desert (and III): UNCCD ‘s Louise Baker on The Silk Road

Marking this year’s World Day to Combat Desertification last June, the United Nations announced the launch of a China-United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Belt and Road Joint Action initiative to curb Desertification along the Silk Road.

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Land Restoration and Climate-Smart Agriculture Initiatives Showcased in Marrakech

Diverse events on the sidelines of the Marrakech Climate Change Conference highlighted initiatives to advance research, knowledge sharing, policy coherence and funding for land-based adaptation and mitigation.

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Africa: Battle of the Desert (II) - A 'Great Green Wall for Africa'

Rome — Desertification, land degradation, drought, climate change, food insecurity, poverty, loss of biodiversity, forced migration and conflicts, are some of the key challenges facing Africa--a giant continent home to 1,2 billion people living in 54 countries.

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Want to reap cash from your land? Try protecting it

When the quality of land degrades, environmental, social and economic opportunities evaporate. The United Nations is working to prevent land degradation globally.

News Headlines

Funding Lags to Combat Land Degradation

NAIROBI, Oct 26 2016 (IPS) - Land degradation already affects millions of people, bringing biodiversity loss, reduced availability of clean water, food insecurity and greater vulnerability to the harsh impacts of climate change.

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Kenya Greens Drylands to Combat Land Degradation

NAIROBI, Oct 25 2016 (IPS) - Faced with growing degradation that is swallowing large swathes of land in arid and semiarid areas, Kenya is heavily investing in rehabilitation efforts to stave off the threat of desertification.

News Headlines

Saving Canada's only desert

Most people don't even know Canada has a desert - the Okanagan is an anomaly in a country known for snow. But the Okanagan Desert is threatened - scientists and indigenous people are now working to protect the ecosystem.

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Dry countries team up in El Niño resistance

The government of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have teamed up to provide farmers with better technologies to prepare for future El Niño cycles in dry areas.

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Soil Degradation Threatens Nutrition in Latin America

SANTIAGO, Jun 15 2016 (IPS) - Curbing soil degradation is essential for ecological sustainability and food security in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Sewage effluent fights desertification in Egypt

A forestry project in Egypt is using sewage effluent to nurture tree plantations in the desert, preventing desertification. The method has been so effective that it's attracted the interest of German forestry companies.

News Headlines

On Day to Combat Desertification, UN calls for action to restore land resources

Nearly 800 million people are chronically undernourished as a direct consequence of land degradation, declining soil, fertility, unsustainable water use, drought and biodiversity loss, requiring long-term solutions to help communities increase resilience to climate change, United Nations Secreta ...

News Headlines

African Leaders Tackle Desertification to Counter Poverty, Insecurity

DAKAR— The African Union is holding the first ever international conference on the Great Green Wall in Dakar this week.

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Ethiopia's farmers fight devastating drought with land restoration

Ethiopia has confirmed its commitment to restore its degraded lands to improve food security and biodiversity. Now, it’s looking to the private sector for support

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Africa's Great Green Wall is making progress on two fronts

When Africa’s Great Green Wall is finished, it will cross 11 countries, from Senegal and Mauritania in the west to Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti in the east.

News Headlines

Clinging on against drought in Ethiopia

Three goats are all that remain from Dahbo's herd that once numbered 10 camels, 200 goats and sheep, and 20 cows.

News Headlines

Land degradation threatens Namibian livelihoods

Land degradation occurs in almost all terrestrial biomes and agro-ecologies, in both low and high-income countries.

News Headlines

Extra CO2 the cause of dryland greening trends

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 16 (UPI) -- Earth's drylands are getting greener. The phenomenon has been documented in satellite images over the last several years, but scientists haven't been able to explain the trend.

News Headlines

Restoring rangelands: A Namibian dream to come true

Namibia’s intention to restore its valuable rangelands at a whopping cost of some N$30 billion over the next 20 years is regarded by many observers as a groundbreaking project, which has earned the respect of role players at international podiums.

News Headlines

Desertification: The people whose land is turning to dust

The UN predicts over 50 million people will be forced to leave their homes by 2020 because their land has turned to desert.

News Headlines

Ethiopia experiencing ‘worst drought in 30 years’ due to El Niño conditions – UN report

27 October 2015 – Ethiopia is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years according to the United Nations, with levels of acute need across all humanitarian sectors having already exceeded levels seen in the Horn of Africa drought of 2011, and which are projected to become far more severe in 2016.

News Headlines

Research: global warming to accelerate drylands expansion

LANZHOU, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- Researchers from Lanzhou University in northwest China's Gansu Province released research on climate change in the world's dryland regions recently.

News Headlines

UN warns human-induced activities turning Earth into wide ‘desert’

World leaders and delegates from 192 countries across the globe have gathered in Ankara, Turkey, to discuss the worrying land degradation and global desertification on the 12th session of the Conference of the Parties, or COP12.

News Headlines

UN to launch $2B fund against desertification

UN will set up a $2 billion fund for private investors to balance land degradation across the world, a senior official of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification has said.

News Headlines

Land degradation costs the world up to $10.6tn a year, report says

Study says effective land management will be critical in meeting sustainable development goals of alleviating poverty and ensuring long-term food security

News Headlines

Last chance for oasis in China's desert

Ten percent of the world's cotton is produced in the Xinjiang region in northwestern China. Irrigating the cotton fields, however, is causing ecological problems.

News Headlines

Looking to beat back encroaching desert, Chile preserves forests

As part of efforts to counteract desertification and erosion brought about by climate change, Chile will invest $250 million to plant vast tracks of native forest, the national forestry agency said on Friday.

News Headlines

On Day to Combat Desertification, UN urges action to protect ‘every hectare’ of arable land

17 June 2015 – Land is a renewable resource, but only if investments are made in land degradation neutrality, which has been proposed as an element of the post-2015 development agenda, today said United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his message on the World Day to Combat Desertificati ...

News Headlines

Land degradation and desertification undercut human rights: UN chief

On the occasion of World Day to Combat Desertification, 17th June, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the world community to invest in soil.

News Headlines

Land degradation is a growing threat to global security

17/06/2015 Milan, Italy ​Land degradation is a growing threat to global security, according to Ms Monique Barbut, Executive Secretary, UN Convention to Combat Desertification, who spoke today at the global observance of the World Day to Combat Desertification at the EXPO Milano, in Italy.

News Headlines

Burkina Faso: disappearing rains and new realities

KALEMBOULI, Burkina Faso—The people of Kalembouli, a village of about 1,000 people in southern Burkina Faso, have no doubt that weather patterns are changing and that this is taking its toll on their landscapes – and their lives.

News Headlines

China stresses efforts to fight desertification

China's State Forestry Administration (SFA) has pledged to fight desertification as the country faces a tough battle against encroaching sands.SFA deputy head Zhang Yongli told Xinhua that China has 1.73 million square kilometers (1.73 billion hectares) of land is classified as undergoing desert ...

News Headlines

Scientists map W’African areas vulnerable to land degradation

A group of international researchers led by the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom (UK), have used space satellite technology to identify regions of West Africa, which are vulnerable to the effects of land degradation through climate change.

News Headlines

Namibia: Desertification Destroys Kunene

OVERGRAZING is causing the Namibian desert to expand, according to well-known environmentalist Axel Rothauge.

News Headlines

Breeding for dry climates: Some plants like it hot

Member states to the United Nations convention on desertification are meeting in Cancun to discuss what can be done to stop soil degradation. One possibility is crops bred to withstand drought.

News Headlines

Lester Brown: 'Vast dust bowls threaten tens of millions with hunger'

Vast tracts of Africa and of China are turning into dust bowls on a scale that dwarfs the one that devastated the US in the 1930s, one of the world’s pre-eminent environmental thinkers has warned.

News Headlines

Fighting Desertification With Termites — Insects Crucial To Stopping Spread Of Deserts, Research Finds

Desertification is a growing problem in many parts of the world, mostly owing to common human activities such as agriculture, animal husbandry (grazing), and groundwater use. It’s a common topic of discussion in some fields of scientific research (and elsewhere) how best to address this issue.

News Headlines

How termites hold back the desert

Some termite species erect massive mounds that look like great temples springing up from the world's savannas and drylands.

News Headlines

Great wall of trees keeps China's deserts at bay

CHINA is holding back the desert, for now. The Great Green Wall – a massive belt of trees being planted across China's arid north in what might be the largest ecological engineering project on the planet – seems to work, according to a new study.

News Headlines

Conserving soil, water in world's driest wheat region

In the world's driest rainfed wheat region, researchers have identified summer fallow management practices that can make all the difference for farmers, water and soil conservation, and air quality.

News Headlines

Desert streams: Deceptively simple

Volatile rainstorms drive complex landscape changes in deserts, particularly in dryland channels, which are shaped by flash flooding.

News Headlines

Blistering Drought Leaves the Poorest High and Dry

COLOMBO, Sep 29 2014 (IPS) - The last time there was mud on his village roads was about a year ago, says Murugesu Mohanabavan, a farmer from the village of Karachchi, situated about 300 km north of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo.

News Headlines

Drought leaves up to 2.81 million hungry in Central America: U.N

(Reuters) - A severe drought has ravaged crops in Central America and as many as 2.81 million people are struggling to feed themselves, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday, though the region's coffee crop has been largely unscathed.

News Headlines

When Land Restoration Works Hand in Hand with Poverty Eradication

SANGAREDDY, India, Aug 25 2014 (IPS) - Tugging at the root of a thorny shrub known as ‘juliflora’, which now dots the village of Chirmiyala in the Medak District of southern India’s Telangana state, a 28-year-old farmer named Ailamma Arutta tells IPS, “This is a curse that destroyed my land.”

News Headlines

A sprinkler won’t solve a drought: thinking big on water supply

The head of Water for People says the trickle down approach to water isn’t working and it’s time to turn up the pressure

News Headlines

Lake materializes in Tunisian desert

A lake has miraculously appeared in a desert region in southern Tunisia. Scientists are at a loss to explain how the water got there, and, as journalist Naveena Kottoor explains, they're warning locals to keep away.

News Headlines

Farming reforms offer hope for Iran's water crisis

DUBAI, Aug 3 (Reuters) - As a child, Mohammad Rahmanpour spent his summers swimming in Lake Orumieh in northwestern Iran - then the largest in the Middle East. In less than two decades, the saltwater lake has almost disappeared, leaving behind a hole in the ground.

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