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News Headlines

Saffron, biodiversity and glaciers: Kashmir’s women scientists lead climate action

Several women scientists from Kashmir are at the forefront of research to tackle changing climatic patterns that threaten local ecologies, livelihoods and networks that sustain them. Scientists Nasheeman Ashraf, Ulfat Majeed and Mehreen Khaleel come from different backgrounds and work in differe ...

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We Can’t Fight Climate Change Without Fighting for Gender Equity

As the climate crisis becomes increasingly urgent, organizations around the world have begun investing in a wide array of environmental sustainability initiatives. Some of these efforts target technological solutions, while others prioritize behavioral or economic changes, but what the vast majo ...

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The role of women in biodiversity conservation

Environmental experts have underscored the need to fully explore and utilise women’s potential in contributing to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

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Natural regeneration and women-led initiatives help drive Atlantic Forest Pact

When she was 6 years old, Ludmila Pugliese de Siqueira moved with her family to the state of Amazonas in northeastern Brazil. Her father was a geologist and worked on the construction of the Balbina Dam in the 1980s.

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For more equitable and sustainable fisheries, women must be empowered to lead

An estimated 45 million women make up 40 per cent of the workforce in small-scale fisheries worldwide. But they are left out of decision-making processes when it comes to the access and use of fisheries and coastal resources.

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How are young women protecting the ocean in the Asia-Pacific region?

The magnificent seascapes are one of the first things that come to mind when someone thinks about the Asia-Pacific region, along with the colorful cultures that have been thriving in the area for centuries. The Pacific Ocean has been supporting the livelihoods, well-being, and sense of identity ...

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Stewards of the forest: the pioneering women’s collective harvesting the Gambia’s oysters

The all-female workforce is part of a visionary project committed to protecting the wetland forests. Now their challenge is to earn a sustainable living year-round

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Ecofeminism Explores the Relationship Between Women and Nature

When I began writing my book, The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of Oppression to Protect People + Planet, I kept thinking about an introductory guidebook to the world of environmentalism that young environmentalists of color like myself could see themselves reflected in.

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‘Women for Bees’ project launched

A beekeeping programme aimed at empowering women and conserving biodiversity was officially launched in the presence of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie earlier this week, according to the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

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Women form team to guard forest in Jharkhand village

Save the forest. That’s the motto of 100-odd women in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. Worried by rapid deforestation, they have taken it up themselves to protect around nine acres of forest land in their area. They are also running an awareness campaign so that more join them in this noble ...

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Why women’s leadership is key to climate action

At the COP26 climate summit, the leaders of Estonia, Tanzania and Bangladesh were the first to sign the Glasgow Women’s Leadership statement, calling for countries to support the leadership of women and girls on climate action at all levels of society and politics. Yet these three women comprise ...

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Indian climate action entrepreneur wins United Nations Women’s Award for Leadership Commitment to Gender Equality

Divya Hegde from Udupi, coastal Karnataka, has won the UN Women’s Award for Leadership Commitment at the 2021 Regional Asia-Pacific Women’s Empowerment Principles Awards ceremony on November 18th, 2021. She has been recognised for her sustained efforts in advancing gender equality through climat ...

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Amidst The Conflict, Mehreen Khaleel, A Conservationist From Srinagar, Bats For Biodiversity

Mehreen Khaleel (30) is often asked questions like, “People are already dying due to the conflict [in Kashmir]. What will you gain by protecting the wildlife?“

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Indian woman researcher discovers over 50 species of frogs

Not only is Dr. Garg India’s first woman researcher to discover 50 new frog species, earlier this week, she was awarded the prestigious Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at Harvard University

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India's all-female rainforest team take on cobras to protect biodiversity

As deforestation and climate change ravage India's Western Ghats mountain range, an all-female rainforest force is battling to protect one of the area's last enclaves of biodiversity.

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Stand against climate crisis is stand against gender violence

The climate crisis and environmental degradation are fuelling gender-based violence. Women and gender minorities at the forefront of environmental resistance movements are a prime target of violence. They are threatened, intimidated, attacked, or killed while defending their homes, communities, ...

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The smart climate money is on women

Women account for 43 percent of the agricultural labor force in developing countries, but account for only about 7 percent of investment in the sector. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, investing more in female farmers could increase agricultural yields by ...

News Headlines

‘Ecofeminism is about respect’: the activist working to revolutionise west African farming

Outside Mariama Sonko’s home in the Casamance region of southern Senegal pink shells hang on improvised nets that will be placed in mangroves to provide a breeding spot for oysters.

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Saving seeds and lives: Tunisian women on the frontline of climate change

With Tunisia facing both climate and economic crises, a group of women have started cooperatives and small businesses to protect the environment and create a sustainable livelihood.

News Headlines

Women in rural agriculture stricken by climate change effects

Climate change is not gender neutral. As developing countries bear the brunt of climate change in the form of extreme weather conditions such as droughts and floods – increasing the vulnerability of pinched natural resources – it is women and girls in agriculture and rural and remote areas who a ...

News Headlines

2021 Risk Award recognizes Vietnamese women fighting climate change

A mangrove restoration project in Vietnam which combines building the resilience of a disaster-prone coastal community with risk-themed theatre was announced today as the winner of the 2021 Risk Award.

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How Women Can Save the Planet by Anne Karpf review – clear and invigorating

The language around the climate crisis, the journalist Anne Karpf writes in How Women Can Save the Planet, can conceal as much as it reveals. Take “natural disaster”. There is nothing “natural” about the disasters that have struck our planet owing to global heating.

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The women who keep the gold in Ireland's ground

The Island of Ireland is one ecological unit and two jurisdictions. Divided by a border that water systems, pollutants and the air do not recognise. It is an Island united by the fact that both governments’ neoliberal policies actively invite the interest of the mining industry.

News Headlines

Women from Kerala weave a solution to the region’s climate woes

Idukki district gets its name from the Malayalam word idukku, which means gorge. Beautiful narrow gorges run across this hilly tourist destination in Kerala in south India. But the district is equally in news for its disasters. One of the four most landslide-prone districts in Kerala, its margin ...

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Green growth: the save-the-mangrove scheme reaping rewards for women in Kenya

Kenya’s mangroves have been harvested for centuries, the timber used in shipbuilding and for ornate doors and furniture as well as shipped across the Indian Ocean and around the world.

News Headlines

Women in rural Namibia profit from biodiversity-friendly trade

The Eudafano Women’s Cooperative in Namibia extracts ingredients from seeds of indigenous plants such as marula, a medium-sized deciduous tree, for the domestic and international cosmetics industry. Oil extracted from marula seeds is rich in elements that are essential for the preservation of hu ...

News Headlines

Conservation Conversation With Razan Al Mubarak: Why We Need More Women To Protect Our Only Home - Planet Earth

The job of a wildlife conservationist is perhaps one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in the world. It demands toiling hard for a cause meant for a brighter future of all species on Earth including humans. However, convincing the masses that protecting the world's failing ecosystems is t ...

News Headlines

Girls’ education is key to climate change solutions

Three people involved in addressing climate change through girls’ and gender-equal education share their insights and policy ideas about how a green learning agenda can help address the climate crisis through education. Christina Kwauk is a nonresident fellow in the Center for Universal Educatio ...

News Headlines

Why women have an essential role in biodiversity conservation

The world is suffering a biodiversity crisis – approximately 10,000 species are lost to extinction every year.Women in indigenous communities are uniquely positioned to take action on conservation issues.

News Headlines

How women in Cambodia’s floating villages are adapting to climate change

It might sound idyllic to some, living by the gentle rhythm of the current. But for inhabitants of the floating villages of Pursat, Cambodia, life on the Tonlé Sap river can be tough. Employment opportunities that exist on dry land are often unavailable to water-dwelling locals, and one that is ...

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What Climate Change Adaptation Programs in Peru Are Missing: Indigenous Women’s Knowledge

As climate change in the high Andes threatens alpaca herding, the primary source of livelihood for many of Peru’s Indigenous communities, development programs are teaching men how to use technical herd management strategies such as herd immunization, selective breeding, and modern pasture manage ...

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How millet production can empower women farmers, strengthen agriculture

Recently, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution initiated by India with Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Russia and Senegal to mark 2023 as the 'International Year of Millets'. This move will help bring global attention on millets, which are nutritionally and eco ...

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Participants at “Gender, Climate Change, and Migration” event were briefed on the VC platform

Gender equality, women’s protection, and empowerment are keys to the disaster risk reduction and climate change agendas, and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. To enable this, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the global roadmap to reduce disaster losses by 2030, cal ...

News Headlines

International Women’s Day 2021: A Demand for Justice

It has been nearly one year since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. One year since the virus locked down the world -- and revealed countless truths about the status of women and girls today.

News Headlines

Mongabay-India editor recognized among ‘16 Women Restoring the Earth’

Across the globe, women are leading the charge to protect and restore the environment. Today, on International Women’s Day, the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) honors 16 Women Restoring the Earth through music, science, policy, journalism, land rights, finance, and many other creative and effectiv ...

News Headlines

International Women’s Day: Female photographers reflect on gender, environment and the pandemic

While the world has made a great many strides in the upliftment of women, on gender equality and equity, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, and March 8 is a reminder of just that. One of the key aspects of understanding what affects women globally, is looking at life through the ...

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It's time to bolster women in conservation

Women are largely being excluded from decisions about conservation and natural resources, with potentially detrimental effects on conservation efforts globally, according to research.

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All-women team of divers works to monitor health of Seychelles' coral

As Seychelles joins the rest of the world to celebrate International Women's Day, SNA spoke with a member of an all-women diver team from the Seychelles Island Foundation currently conducting this year's monitoring in the Aldabra surrounding waters.

News Headlines

Women’s Day 2021: Time to Recognize & Appreciate Women’s Role in Biodiversity Preservation

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March to recognize women’s success and her role in economic, social, political, and cultural development. The day is also celebrated to make people aware of women’s rights and gender equality. There is one more area i.e. Biodiversity preser ...

News Headlines

Angelina Jolie's Buzziest Role Yet? Empowering Women Beekeepers

Angelina Jolie is saving the bees and supporting women at the same time. The actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian was named the "Godmother" of the 2021 Women for Bees program, made in partnership with Guerlain and UNESCO, which will train women beekeepers from all over the world and empower them ...

News Headlines

ASEAN women: leading the region towards a better normal

Today, the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity joins the world in celebrating International Women’s Day. The theme “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world” underlines the central role of women in surmounting one of the worst pandemics of this generation.

News Headlines

As International Women’s Day approaches, visions for a new era for nature and women

International Women’s Day is approaching this year, on 8 March, at a time when the world is beginning to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic with optimism for a different future yet clairvoyance on the challenges we still face – one of the most pressing ones being the rapid rate of loss of Earth’s ...

News Headlines

Africa: International Women's Day, 2021 - Gender Equality Is Our Captain for Sailing to a Green & Just Recovery

The climate crisis doesn't stop for anyone or anything, not even the pandemic that has forced billions of us to radically overhaul our lives. And like the pandemic, climate change has no nationality, agenda or political affiliation.

News Headlines

Can We Achieve Gender Equality With Renewable Energy? (Video)

The ongoing energy transformation, driven by renewables, is bringing far-reaching, systemic change to society. Renewable energy employs about 32% women, compared to 22% in the energy sector overall, according to a 2019 report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

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New guide aims to accelerate forest tenure pathways to gender equality

Forest tenure reform in the global south has often failed to be gender-responsive, but there is increasing interest in taking up this challenge to activate effective change.

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‘Celebrating resilience of bio diverse community’

The North East Network (NEN) in collaboration with Thetsumi Women Society and SEWA Thetsumi Unit organised a biodiversity festival at Thetsumi in Phek District, Nagaland on December 15 under the theme “Celebrating resilience of bio diverse community.”

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In Kenya’s changing climate, women are claiming land rights to feed their families

14 years ago, Alice Lasoi’s marriage ended after eight years. With four children in tow and seven months pregnant, she returned to her father’s home, Namelok village in Kajiado, southern Kenya.

News Headlines

Women Are Still Not Heard in the Climate Policy Conversation

Climate change effects don’t have the same impact on everyone: Vulnerable groups always have it worse. This discrepancy is apparent even when these groups are not minorities, which is the case for women—half of the world’s population.

News Headlines

How women from Hazaribagh are sparking a green revolution in the heart of India's coal state

Women farmers like Rina Yadav — a mother of three — are part of PRADAN and Corteva Agriscience's initiative to promote sustainable agriculture and financial literacy in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.

News Headlines

The Bengaluru women creating a visual record of nature

Sugandhi Gadadhar once waited 18 days to catch sight of the majestic but publicity-averse denizens Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary in Karnataka.

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