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News Headlines

Putting women at the heart of national biodiversity action plans

In developing countries, women make up nearly half of the labour force in agriculture and account for a large portion of the world’s food crops. They work as farmers, informal sector workers, entrepreneurs, in forestry and fisheries and are involved in all sectors of agriculture. Yet their role ...

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Women key to fight against climate change

Growing up in a South African township, Ndivile Mokoena realized early that women, children and society's poorest are hit hardest by environmental issues. Now she works for gender equality and climate justice globally.

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These women from the Western Ghats are championing the cause of environmental conservation

This is the story of a collective in the hinterlands of the Western Ghats where ecologically conscious women are taking it upon themselves to conserve nature, preserve biodiversity and also provide sustainable livelihoods to the people around.

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Malawi: Women Control Over Land Improves Food Security in Karonga

Karonga — Women in Karonga have hailed Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) for ensuring that women have access and control over land, a development they say has enhanced food security in their homes.

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Why gender is important for biodiversity conservation

A recent meeting in Bangkok hosted by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity developed training materials to advance gender inclusion in biodiversity planning in the Asia-Pacific region.

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These Women Breast-Feed Baby Deer And Protect The Forests, The Bishnoi Tribe Of Rajasthan Is Known For Its Passion.

The Marwar village in Rajasthan is the home of the ‘Bishnoi’ tribe which is known for their immense love for wildlife. They believe in the sacredness of animals to such an extent that women of this tribe breastfeed orphaned baby deer and not let them die.

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Mountain women bear the brunt of climate change

Women, who do the majority of drudge work, in the economically and environmentally fragile Hindu Kush Himalayas region are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change.

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Can the Gender Gap Be Measured in Dollars Only?

Until a decade or so ago, experts and world organisations measured the impact of natural and man-made disasters in terms of human losses. For instance, they would inform about the number –and suffering—of human beings falling victims of extraordinary floods, droughts, heat or cold waves, and arm ...

News Headlines

In Nigeria, UN deputy chief says 'messages of women' vital to sustainable peace, development

Urgent action is needed now towards the meaningful participation of women in peace processes, as well ensuring their voices are heard in all aspects of society, the United Nations deputy chief told reporters in Abuja today as part of a first-ever UN-African Union trip focused on women, peace and ...

News Headlines

When Women Have Land Rights, the Tide Begins to Turn

NEW DELHI, Jun 12 2017 (IPS) - In Meghalaya, India’s northeastern biodiversity hotspot, all three major tribes are matrilineal. Children take the mother’s family name, while daughters inherit the family lands.

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Female conservationists agree to bridge gender gap in conservation

A group of inspirational women conservationists from nine countries, involved in conservation projects funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) in the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot have shared their experiences, identified a gender gap in conservation activities and discussed ways ...

News Headlines

Clarifying misconceptions on gender and risk

Discussions on risk reduction will be centre stage over the coming months, and gender will undoubtedly enter the conversation.

News Headlines

Empowerment of women worldwide key to achieving competing goals

World hunger and biodiversity loss can both be addressed by ensuring that women worldwide have access to education and contraception, an interdisciplinary team of experts argues.

News Headlines

Zimbabwe: How Women Farmers Are Battling Climate Change – Analysis

Chengetai Zonke lost much of her maize crop to drought last year. When it came to planting again, she decided to reduce her stake in what has become a recurrent climate change gamble.

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Africa: Climate Change Is a Fact and Women Are Tackling It

Today, on International Women's day, we should celebrate the fact that women are concretely breaking through the glass ceiling at more and more local elections, and women mayors are increasingly common.

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Gender equality: A game changer for nature

Women can be strong advocates for nature-based sustainable development, ensuring ecosystems are protected and helping families become more resilient in the face of disasters

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Commentary: Gender Equality, a Game Changer for Improved Natural Resources Management

In Fiyoaree, Maldives, Leena wakes up at 4.45 a.m. every day for her morning prayer. She then rushes to prepare breakfast for her family before walking her two children to school.

News Headlines

Scientist inspires girls in Africa to embrace agriculture careers

HARARE, Zimbabwe (CIMMYT) - Little did 47-year-old Thokozile Ndhlela know that growing up in rural Zimbabwe would inspire her to become a well-respected agricultural scientist, helping transform agriculture by developing science-based solutions to some of the complex issues facing African farmers.

News Headlines

Back women’s movements for a real chance at equality

A new language of ‘transformation’ has emerged. The next step is to go beyond rhetoric, says Henrietta Miers.

News Headlines

Farmer Field Schools Help Women Lead on Climate Change

KAMPALA, Uganda, Jan 27 2017 (IPS) - Discussions around climate change have largely ignored how men and women are affected by climate change differently, instead choosing to highlight the extreme and unpredictable weather patterns or decreases in agricultural productivity.

News Headlines

Southern African Women Fight Climate Change Through Smart Farming

Facing incessant droughts due to climate change, many women in southern Africa are adopting alternate practices like goat herding to sustain their families.

News Headlines

In drought-hit Zimbabwe, women's "second shift" burden grows

Longer hours of unpaid work to gather scarce water, firewood and food are putting women – and their paid jobs – at riskMARWENDO, Zimbabwe, Jan 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rhoda Mhlanga looked tired. Even so, Mhlanga, who lives in a remote village in eastern Zimbabwe, managed to smile as she ...

News Headlines

Access to land for indigenous women: an essential condition for eradicating gender violence

I grew up near a mythical river: the Wanki, which runs along the border that today separates Honduras from Nicaragua. I hold on to fond childhood memories of swimming across that river with my sisters to water crops, learning to fish with the women and of working together shelling beans.

News Headlines

Nicaraguan Women Push for Access to Land, Not Just on Paper

MANAGUA, Dec 5 2016 (IPS) - A group of women farmers who organised to fight a centuries-old monopoly over land ownership by men are seeking plots of land to farm in order to contribute to the food security of their families and of the population at large.

News Headlines

A once forbidden tree

How Adaptive Collaborative Management is breaking cultural taboos in Uganda and empowering women

News Headlines

'This forest is like an old friend' - India's tribal women fight for land ownership

RANAPUR, India, Oct 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For the tribal women of Gunduribadi village, in India's eastern Odisha state, an early morning patrol is essential to conserve their forest, but what they are protecting goes far beyond food security or even their livelihoods.

News Headlines

Women and wetlands: the hidden side of conservation solutions

Melissa Wurramarrba, Karmelina Daniels and Daphne Daniels are three Aboriginal women rangers working as a part of the Yugal Mangi Rangers programme in the Northern Territory of Australia.

News Headlines

Rural women's empowerment critical to UN Sustainable Development Agenda – Ban

15 October 2016 – Marking the International Day of Rural Women, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed that rural women are critical to the success of almost all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as they all “have gender equality and women's empowerment at their core.”

News Headlines

To Effectively Combat Climate Change, Involve Women

ATLANTA, Georgia, Sep 30 2016 (IPS) - London’s Waterloo Bridge over the River Thames is famously known as the “Ladies Bridge,” for it was built largely by women during the height of World War II.

News Headlines

Sustainable Development in Africa Will Not Be Achieved Without Women’s Full Participation

In some parts of the world, the proverbial “glass ceiling” is shattering. As Theresa May and, most likely, Hillary Clinton join Angela Merkel at the leadership of three major world powers, women’s leadership in politics is on the ascent.

News Headlines

Rural women battered by climate change

THE effects of climate change have hit hard on rural women in developing countries. This transpired during a three-day conference on climate change effects, especially on rural women organised by UN Women Multi Country Office in Benoni, Johannesburg last week.

News Headlines

Diversity wins: Why involving women in decision-making matters

If you give women a voice in the management of forests and fisheries, you get better outcomes for both people and nature.

News Headlines

Who owns the Earth: Why the world needs women on Earth Day and beyond

Representing a scientific environmental organization focused on valuing and conserving nature, we are often asked why the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has had a Global Gender Office for more than 20 years and why women’s and gender equality concerns are important in the ...

News Headlines

Africa: Innovations Boost Income for Women Rice Farmers

Malanville, Benin — Salabanya Tabaitou no longer squints from the irritating wood smoke each time she has to parboil her rice paddy.

News Headlines

Marsh loss shatters lifestyle of Iraq’s Ma’dan women

Iraq is losing crucial knowledge about water management as marshland depletion is altering the lifestyle of local women, a paper has warned.

News Headlines

'Culture an ally for achieving gender equality', says Director-General of UNESCO in New York

A high-level breakfast in the margins of the 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations headquarters in New York, gave delegations from around the world the chance to debate the rich and complex relationship between culture, gender, and human rights.

News Headlines

The evidence is in—greater gender diversity in science benefits us all

The World Economic Forum estimated last year that at the current slow rate of progress, it will take until 2133 to close the global gender gap across health, education, economic opportunity and politics.

News Headlines

Seed firms accused of neglecting female farmers

Global seed companies are failing to meet the specific needs of female farmers and provide them with the plants they need, according to a study launched today.

News Headlines

Gender sensitivity could aid climate change projects

[NAIROBI] Men and women living in slums face different climate change impacts which, if overlooked, could further widen gender gaps in participatory development, says the preliminary findings of a continuing study.

News Headlines

Women’s views missing at COP 21

Spend any time in UN circles and the g-word is everywhere. Gender is paraded as a significant cross-cutting issue in the new Sustainable Development Goals and in ongoing climate negotiations, touching everything from health and agriculture to sanitation and education.

News Headlines

Uganda, Tanzania Need Gender Sensitive Climate Change Policies

KAMPALA, Uganda, Nov 26 2015 (IPS) - Climate Change needs to be at the top of the country’s agenda, according to a project examining Uganda’s policies. It says the country hasn’t paid enough attention to climate change in national development and agriculture plans and this needs to be turned aro ...

News Headlines

Female farmers suffer twin productivity blows

Female farmers suffer from a double disadvantage of a lack of access to funds and labour, which leads to their farms being much less productive than those headed by men.

News Headlines

Opinion: Women in the Face of Climate Change

BONN, Sep 2 2015 (IPS) - After surviving the storm surge wreaked by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in November 2013, women in evacuation centres found themselves again fighting for survival … at times from rape. Many became victims of human trafficking while many more did anything they could ...

News Headlines

The Future Tastes Like Chocolate for Rural Salvadoran Women

CALUCO/MERCEDES UMAÑA, El Salvador, Aug 20 2015 (IPS) - Idalia Ramón and 10 other rural Salvadoran women take portions of the freshly ground chocolate paste, weigh it, and make chocolates in the shapes of stars, rectangles or bells before packaging them for sale.

News Headlines

How women farmers in the Andes use their knowledge to conserve biodiversity

Women farmers across the world play an important role in the conservation and care of crop diversity.

News Headlines

Zimbabwe - Women Must Be Part of the Climate Change Debate

Harare, 26 June: Climate change has seen Zimbabwe experiencing prolonged droughts, extended dry season's extreme hot summers and cold winters.

News Headlines

Focus on Gender: Sex, power and scientific influence

On 4 June, chemist Ameenah Gurib-Fakim was selected as president of Mauritius, the first woman to preside over this small island in the Indian Ocean.

News Headlines

Women to power Sri Lanka's mangrove conservation plan

COLOMBO, June 8 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sri Lanka's new mangrove protection scheme, the world's first country-wide initiative, is relying on women like Michel Priyadarshani, head of a fisherwomen's group in eastern Ambantotam village.

News Headlines

Zimbabwean Women Weave Their Own Beautiful Future

LUPANE, Zimbabwe, Jun 3 2015 (IPS) - Seventy-seven-year-old Grace Ngwenya has an eye for detail. You will never catch her squinting as she effortlessly weaves ilala palm fronds into beautiful baskets.

News Headlines

In the forest, women’s voices not heard: report

LIMA, Peru: REDD+ – with its emphasis on the sustainable management of forests, is so often pitched to communities and what they can do to help ensure their futures.

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