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News Headlines

Cabinet approves law to protect Bangladesh's biodiversity

The Bangladesh government has endorsed a biodiversity-protection law stipulating five years’ imprisonment and a fine of Tk 10,000 for those guilty of its infringement.

News Headlines

Migrating Monarch Butterflies Might Actually Take to the Highway

The Monarch butterfly population has been in decline, but the North American insects are getting some unlikely help with their migration. This month, a Pollinator Health Task Force, formed at President Obama's request and including government agencies from the Federal Highway Association to Fish ...

News Headlines

From Indonesia's elephant to Philippine eagle, wildlife matters

This month marks the two-year anniversary of the Philippines’ destroying its five-ton stockpile of seized elephant tusks. The June 21, 2013 incident “marked not only the first time an ivory-consuming nation took such a public action but also the first time a country took steps to guarantee that ...

News Headlines

Animal Attraction: New York Ends Shark Fin Trade

Fourteen major animal welfare, environmental and conservation organizations are applauding Gov. Andrew Cuomo for signing into law A.1769b/S.1711b to end New York’s contribution to the dire collapse of shark populations worldwide. Taking effect on July 1, 2014, the law passed the state legislatur ...

News Headlines

Fisheries Commission Ignores Advice for Ending Overfishing

A five-day meeting on fisheries ended last week (6 December) amid complaints that big fishing nations have blocked efforts to curb tuna overfishing and ignored scientific advice.

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Nine priorities for a ‘greener’ Europe by 2020

“Finally!” - member states and the European Parliament will say when the Commission adopts, on 28 November, a proposal to guide EU environmental policy up to 2020.

News Headlines

Australia outlaws illegally-logged wood from abroad

In another blow to illegal loggers, Australia has passed the Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill, joining the U.S. in outlawing the importation of illegal logged timber from abroad. The new legislation makes it a criminal offense for Australian businesses to import timber from illegal operations.

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