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News Headlines

The alien plants sucking South Africa dry – can companies help?

A project to clear invasive plants is creating tens of thousands of jobs in a drought-struck country with mass unemployment

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Lionfish invasion an ‘unprecedented threat’

The population of Cuji fish (Haemulon aurolineatum), native to the southeastern coast of the United States, has dropped almost by a half (45 per cent) since 1990 — a time that coincides with the start of an invasion by lionfish (Pterois antennata), which originate from the Indian Ocean and weste ...

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Lionfish invasion an ‘unprecedented threat’

The population of Cuji fish (Haemulon aurolineatum), native to the southeastern coast of the United States, has dropped almost by a half (45 per cent) since 1990 — a time that coincides with the start of an invasion by lionfish (Pterois antennata), which originate from the Indian Ocean and weste ...

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Invasive insects—an underestimated cost to the world economy

Invasive insects cause at least 69 billion euros of damage per annum worldwide.

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Invasive species may reduce the spread of disease

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 22 (UPI) -- Invasive species may not be all bad. New research suggests the introduction of non-native species can reduce the spread of disease.

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Threat to honeybees as Asian hornet's arrival on UK mainland confirmed

Invasive species has been spotted in the Tetbury area of Gloucestershire, with attempts under way to locate nests

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We are not alone – alien plants & animals invade Europe

As of today, leading European experts will gather for three days of intensive discussion in Luxembourg to assess the spread of alien lifeforms among us.

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Hemlock trees under threat by invasive pest, the woolly adelgid

The woolly adelgid, an invasive pest that infests and eventually destroys hemlock trees, has made one incursion into Eastern Canada and biologists say it's likely to turn up again.

News Headlines

Islanders unaware of alien plant invasion risk

Low public concern about alien plants and animals is hampering conservation efforts on island nations as scientists battle the rapid decline of pristine habitats, a conference has heard.

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Ballast Water Convention to Enter into Force in 2017

Accession by Finland has triggered the entry into force of the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention.

News Headlines

LeBlanc vows fight as EU reviews impact of Canadian, American lobster

FREDERICTON -- Federal Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc says the Canadian and American governments will "vigorously" try to convince the European Union that the American lobster does not pose a threat.

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Biological invasions threaten biodiversity, economy and human livelihood in developing countries

Invasions from alien species such as Japanese Knotweed and grey squirrels threaten the economies and livelihoods of residents of some of the world's poorest nations, new University of Exeter research shows.

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Most nations lack ability to deal with invasive species

Most countries in the world have little capacity to deal effectively with invasive species, a study suggests.

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How California eradicated an invasive grapevine moth

The European grapevine moth, first spotted in California in 2009, has been declared eradicated on US soil. It took seven years' worth of effort and over 65 million dollars of federal funding to defeat the insect.

News Headlines

Aliens are coming – not all of them in peace

Unlike Florida, we don’t have to worry about a huge Nile crocodile turning up in our waters, but we are facing a threat from a range of non-native species

News Headlines

Parakeets are the new pigeons – and they’re on course for global domination

Love them or hate them, ring-necked parakeets have invaded Europe and they’re here to stay. Already a staple of many urban parks and gardens around the UK, some of these charismatic bright green birds are now so comfortable in their new surroundings that they will happily sit and feed from your ...

News Headlines

Province warns of dangers of invasive species

Manitoba Sustainable Development is advising people of the risks that the emerald ash borer poses if introduced to the province’s trees.

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Invasive lionfish have reached the Mediterranean. Luckily they're tasty …

Lionfish are venomous, highly opportunistic predators which spread rapidly and uncontrollably. The only solution found so far is the frying pan

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EU takes important step in fight against Invasive Alien Species

The European Commission has today published its first list of invasive alien species (IAS) which identifies 37 non-native plants and animals which pose a significant threat to the EU’s environment.

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Invasive success of the mosquitofish is due to its genetic variability

The Eastern gambusia (Gambusia holbrooki), also known as the mosquitofish, is one of the world's 100 most invasive species.

News Headlines

Killer kiwi plant could ‘invade’ Swiss forests

It may be tasty to eat, but the kiwi fruit grows on a plant that can strangle others. Now the plant, non-native to Switzerland, has been found growing in the wild in some parts of the country, causing concern it could take over forests and damage native plants.

News Headlines

Tigur species under threat from African catfish

Panaji : The local aquatic ecosystem is increasingly facing threat due to the uncharted growth of invasive fish species, especially African sharptooth catfish. The situation is further precipitated due to general ignorance about the menace posed by the fish species and its resemblance to Goa's ...

News Headlines

The Global Price of Invasive Species

The U.S. and China pose the greatest threat as exporters of invasive species, but other countries have more to lose

News Headlines

Poisonous tropical lionfish could be spreading through Mediterranean

The lionfish – a tropical creature with poisonous barbs and a painful sting that can kill humans in rare cases – may be spreading through the Mediterranean, a conservation group has warned.

News Headlines

Sub-Saharan African countries most vulnerable to invasive crop pests

Exotic species can wreak havoc on a country’s ecosystem and economy. The extensive damage that invasive species cause to crops and forests in the United States alone, for example, is estimated to be around $40 billion each year.

News Headlines

'Biblical' moth influx threatens to devastate crops

Scientists have learned that cabbage and cauliflower crops could potentially be "devastated" by a species of moth arriving from continental Europe.

News Headlines

To fight lionfish invasion, Cuba learns to cook them

If you can't beat your enemies, eat them. That's the strategy Cuba has adopted to respond to an invasion of lionfish, a poisonous predator that has strayed far from its home waters in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans.

News Headlines

Holy Carp! Invasive fish species found in St. Lawrence

Wildlife officials are activating an emergency plan after two fishermen hauled a massive Asian grass carp out of the St. Lawrence River.

News Headlines

Why the discovery of a grass carp in the St. Lawrence River concerns experts

Biologists are concerned about the discovery of an invasive grass carp in the St. Lawrence River, and are now struggling to determine its origins.

News Headlines

Rats evicted from two more Tongan islands

An eradication project in Tonga has proved successful with two islands off Tongatapu declared rat-free.

News Headlines

Invasive Species: Tropical Mosquitoes Gain Foothold in Northern Europe

Invasive species of mosquitoes from the tropics have long since become established in Europe. Now they are moving north. Scientists are particularly worried about the Asian tiger mosquito due to its ability to carry pathogens.

News Headlines

The Galapagos’ fight against alien invaders

The introduction of alien species is a major problem for the Galapagos Islands, to which the British naturalist Charles Darwin brought immortal fame with his book on evolution, On the origin of species.

News Headlines

Invasive insects are ravaging U.S. forests, and it’s costing us billions

Last week, a group of researchers published saddening news about “sudden oak death,” spread by an invasive water mold, that has killed over a million trees in coastal California.

News Headlines

Amazon and eBay hosted ads for banned invasive species

Unregulated traders are using the sites to sell some of the world’s most invasive plants, with potentially devastating impacts on ecosystems

News Headlines

Amazon and eBay hosted ads for banned invasive species

Unregulated traders are using the sites to sell some of the world’s most invasive plants, with potentially devastating impacts on ecosystems

News Headlines

Fighting inhuman invaders: May is invasive species action month

With spring in full bloom, and both humans and B.C.'s animal populations enjoying warmer weather, the Invasive Species Council of B.C. (ISCBC) has declared May Invasive Species Action Month.

News Headlines

Goldfish or Asian carp? Why it matters in the Great Lakes.

The US House approved a $300 million budget to help restore the Great Lakes, which are still being impacted by the unpredictable presence of invasive species.

News Headlines

Asian wasp listed as threat to UK's sweet chestnut trees

Forestry commission elevates oriental chestnut gall wasp to high-priority tree pest after 2015 outbreaks

News Headlines

Vampire vine helps to destroy alien European weeds in Australia

Let the plant wars begin. A parasitic vine that sucks the life out of feral weeds is being billed as a promising new agent for biocontrol.

News Headlines

Florida’s Dragon Problem

The speckled body of the Nile monitor lizard can reach up to 2 meters in length. At one end is a powerful tail that propels the animal through water and whips attackers with surprising force.

News Headlines

Invasive species not best conservation tool, study shows

Harnessing an invasive fish species sounded like a promising conservation tool to help reverse the destruction wreaked by zebra mussels on endangered native mollusks in the Great Lakes -- except that it won't work, says an ecologist.

News Headlines

Ballast water bringing invasive species to coasts

The expansion of seaports and minor ports could pave the way for the arrival of invasive species in coastal areas.

News Headlines

New tumbleweed species rapidly expanding range

Two invasive species of tumbleweed have hybridized to create a new species of tumbleweed that University of California, Riverside researchers found has dramatically expanded its geographic range in California in just a decade.

News Headlines

Harlequin ladybirds are taking over the world

LONDON, March 31 (UPI) -- Most farmers and gardeners welcome the arrival of ladybirds -- or ladybugs, as they're known in the United States. But the beetles are actually invasive, and one species, the harlequin ladybird, is taking over fast.

News Headlines

Eradicating Invasive Mammals Helps Native Island Species Thrive

The New Zealand storm petrel was considered extinct for 150 years. After cats and rats were eradicated from the island, the seabirds were rediscovered breeding on New Zealand's Little Barrier Island.

News Headlines

Invasive Soviet water flea cuts US lake’s visibility by a metre

It’s an expensive invasion. The spiny water flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) has cut visibility in Lake Mendota in Wisconsin by 1 metre since it was first spotted there in 2009.

News Headlines

Five invasive species threaten marshlands

Mexican, Canadian agencies work to preserve Cuatrociénegas wetlands

News Headlines

Invasive Species Doubts Five Years After Japan's Tsunami

Five years after a massive earthquake struck Japan and triggered a tsunami that is still washing debris onto the West Coast of the United States, scientists are unsure whether any of the 200-plus non-native species that hitchhiked over on that debris have gained a foothold in Northwest waters.

News Headlines

We've got your number: Tracing the source of invasive Japanese beetles

A technique developed by Northern Arizona University researchers can help invasive pest managers make more informed decisions about how to control Japanese beetles and the extensive damage they cause.

News Headlines

Q&A Conservationists debate 'invasive species' vs. 'non-native' labels

The term "invaders" doesn't quite conjure up feelings of welcome or belonging. But some biologists are trying to change the perception of biological invaders — and instead want us to think of them as migrants searching for the right place to live.

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