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News Headlines

Scientists turn to robots to battle invasive species

WASHINGTON -- A robot zaps and vacuums up venomous lionfish in Bermuda. A helicopter pelts Guam's trees with poison-baited dead mice to fight the voracious brown tree snake. A special boat with giant winglike nets stuns and catches Asian carp in the U.S. Midwest.

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Red Sea Resort Town Eilat Invaded by Notorious Sea Squirts That Could Harm Coral

Eilat is home to Israel’s one and only coral reef, which is quite the tourism magnet

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Can we eat our way out of the lionfish invasion?

Yes, say chefs and conservationists. But only if traps or robots can bring in more lionfish from depths divers can't reach.

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Into the DNA of a coral reef predator

Researchers have sequenced and decoded for the first time the genome of the crown-of-thorns starfish, paving the way for the biocontrol of this invasive predator responsible for the destruction of coral reefs across Indo-Pacific oceans.

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The ornamental plant that grew to ravage waterbodies

It has done to waterbodies what s eemai k aruvelam (Prosopis juliflora) did to Tamil Nadu’s lands. Ipomea carnea, also known as Neyveli ka atamanakku has clogged every waterbody in the State and proved detrimental to its aquatic ecosystems.

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Scientist details the indirect effects of an invasive species in guam

The indirect impacts invasive species can have in an ecosystem, new research confirms. This study focused on the brown treesnake, whose introduction to the forests of Guam has led to difficulties for local tree species to reproduce.

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Invasive snakes threaten forests on Pacific island of Guam

Brown tree snakes, which have wreaked havoc among bird populations on the Pacific island of Guam, may also be damaging the forests.

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Highlighting forests' vulnerability to invasive species

[KUALA LUMPUR] After habitat destruction, invasive alien species are the second biggest threat to biodiversity worldwide. They have a significant impact on livelihoods and the economy, with losses from the impact on all ecosystems on a global scale estimated at USD$1.4 trillion a year.

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Invasive, native marsh grasses may provide similar benefits to protected wetlands

An invasive species of marsh grass that spreads, kudzu-like, throughout North American wetlands, may provide similar benefits to protected wetlands as native marsh grasses.

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African Countries Mobilize to Battle Invasive Caterpillars

The fall armyworm has rapidly spread across the continent and is wreaking destruction on staple crops

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Red squirrels: 5,000 volunteers sought to save species – and help kill invasive greys

Wildlife Trusts’ biggest-ever recruitment drive will see volunteers monitor populations, educate children – and bludgeon grey squirrels to death

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Discovery of ‘invasive species gene’ prompts Japanese zoo to cull 57 monkeys

A city in Chiba Prefecture has culled 57 monkeys at a zoo after finding they were cross-breeds of Japanese monkeys and rhesus macaques, which have been designated as an invasive alien species in the country and apparently pose a threat to the natural environment.

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Invasive species on the rise globally

The number of alien species is increasing globally, and does not show any sign of saturation, finds an international team involving UCL researchers.

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B.C.'s invasive species warriors tackle turtles, knotweed, climate change and critics

Irish expert offers tools to help weed out destructive invaders from bullfrogs to hogweed

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Taming ornamental plant invasion in Kenya

In this video, scientists and local people explain the dangers of Opuntia stricta, an invasive cactus weed covering large tracts of land in Kenya’s semi-arid Laikipia County, and efforts in place to tame its spread and adverse impacts.

News Headlines

Taming ornamental plant invasion in Kenya

In this video, scientists and local people explain the dangers of Opuntia stricta, an invasive cactus weed covering large tracts of land in Kenya’s semi-arid Laikipia County, and efforts in place to tame its spread and adverse impacts.

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Fall armyworm 'threatens African farmers' livelihoods'

Scientists are calling for urgent action to halt the spread of a pest that is destroying maize crops and spreading rapidly across Africa.

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Plants emit different odors when eaten by invasive species

"The plants may not have a nervous system, eyes, ears, or mouths, but they are capable of determining who is attacking them," explained researcher Nicole van Dam

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Restoring native plants 'boosts pollination'

Removing invasive exotic plants from natural areas can act as a boost for wildlife, a study suggests.

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44 invading species 'loose' in North Atlantic, study shows

Accidental introductions of non-native species has been of increasing concern since the 1980s when human-mediated transportation, mainly related to ships' ballast water, was recognised as a major route by which species are transported and spread.

News Headlines

Invasive sedge protects dunes better than native grass, study finds

An invasive dune plant has an advantage over its native counterpart: the invasive is better at preventing erosion of dunes during big storms, report investigators.

News Headlines

Invasive Fern In Florida Threatens To Take Down More Than Just Trees

LeRoy Rodgers spends plenty of time in the Florida Everglades — mainly in airboats. He works for the South Florida Water Management District.

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Bioinvasion is jeopardizing Mediterranean marine communities

Non-indigenous organisms introduced through the Suez Canal are causing irreversible damage, say researchers

News Headlines

Zimbabwe: Armyworm Invasion Spells Disaster

AN invasion by fall armyworm (FAW) into the country's seven farming provinces could devastate an otherwise promising maize crop, more so as it emerged this week that there are no proper chemicals to control the pest.

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Southern African maize munching pest is South American invader: experts

A maize pest that has devastated crops in southern Africa is a South American species which is harder to detect and eradicate than its African counterpart, agriculture officials and experts said on Tuesday.

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Invasive Species: Entomology’s Role in a Multisector Mission

The National Invasive Species Council’s Secretariat ended 2016 with a series of accomplishments that will place the federal government’s future work to address invasive species on solid footing.

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Mapping movements of alien bird species

A global map of alien bird species has been produced for the first time by a team of researchers. It shows that human activities are the main determinants of how many alien bird species live in an area but that alien species are most successful in areas already rich with native bird species.

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Alien bird risk from pet trade

The trade in caged birds poses a risk to native species if the pets escape into the wild, UK researchers say.

News Headlines

Behind New Zealand’s wild plan to purge all pests

The country is gearing up to get rid of rats, possums, stoats and other invasive predators by 2050. Is it a pipe dream?

News Headlines

How far do invasive species travel?

As a result of the globalization of trade and transport, in the past decades, tens of thousands of species have spread into regions where they were not originally at home.

News Headlines

Pakistan’s papaya pest squashed through biocontrol

[ISLAMABAD] A severe infestation of the papaya mealybug (Paracoccus marginatus) nearly wiped out papaya orchards in Pakistan before the largely farmed country decided to replace conventional chemical pesticides that were ineffective with natural predators that proved to be successful.

News Headlines

India Knows Its Invasive Species Problem But This Is Why Nobody Can Deal With it Properly

In 2001, economists pegged the costs of damages caused by invasive species to agriculture and forestry at about $91 billion a year in India alone.

News Headlines

Pledge against invasive species has ‘moral weigh

[SANTIAGO] A global commitment endorsed by 33 non-governmental and state organizations has called for action to prioritize the control and eradication of invasive alien species (IAS), a key factor in the degradation of ecosystems and biodiversity worldwide.

News Headlines

The lionfish invasion: A call to arms?

A battle is brewing in southeastern U.S. waters, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea: it’s the lionfish against all comers.

News Headlines

Eat and be eaten: Invasive scavengers in Hawaii alter island nutrient cycle

Invasive species on Hawaii Island may be especially successful invaders because they are formidable scavengers of carcasses of other animals and after death, a nutrient resource for other invasive scavengers, say investigators.

News Headlines

Invasive algae species found in Tamil Nadu

Researchers at the Central University of Punjab have identified a seaweed Sargassum zhangii, growing along the rocky shores from Vedaranyam to Pattukottai and Thondi to Pamban in Tamil Nadu.

News Headlines

The effects of a peacock bass invasion, 45 years later

PANAMA CITY, Panama, Dec. 12 (UPI) -- Researchers have quantified the long-term effects of an invasive predator fish on native populations in Panama. The results aren't good.

News Headlines

Fire ants could become Australia's worst pest, experts warn

Red fire ants could wreak more damage in Australia than feral rabbits, cane toads and foxes combined, experts have warned in a new report.

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Invasive insect eating away at America's forests

PETERSHAM, Mass. —| In a towering forest of centuries-old eastern hemlocks, it’s easy to miss one of the tree’s nemeses. No larger than a speck of pepper, the Hemlock woolly adelgid spends its life on the underside of needles sucking sap, eventually killing the tree.

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A tiny wasp could save Christmas Island’s spectacular red crabs from crazy ants

In what could be the most closely scrutinised biological control project in Australia, a 2mm wasp is being released to control a deadly ant infestation

News Headlines

New alien species in Mediterranean Sea

The Niger Hind (Cephalopholis nigri) is a new alien fish species for the Mediterranean discovered by the University of Malta’s Conservation Biology Research Group.

News Headlines

A tiny wasp could save Christmas Island’s spectacular red crabs from crazy ants

Have you heard the one about the wasp that kills the bug that feeds the ants that kill the crabs that keep the forests healthy on Christmas Island?

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Invasive species can become a real nuisance if left unchecked. Here are a few prevalent varieties and some management techniques to help contain these stubborn species.

News Headlines

Climate global initiative calls for urgent action against invasive alien species

GLAND/SWITZERLAND: A new global initiative to reduce the impacts of invasive alien species - the Honolulu Challenge - has been launched on Tuesday by 33 organisations and institutions. The launch follows a call for urgent action on invasive alien species made by experts, governments and NGOs a ...

News Headlines

Invasion of the Aliens: Body Snatching Worms, Cold Winters May Rout Lakes’ Enemies

Public enemy number one, it might be called: Eurasian watermilfoil. It’s not on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, but maybe it should be, say scientists who study lakes.

News Headlines

Why Doubt Invasive Species Impacts?

Invasive alien species are now found on every corner of the planet and rank higher than climate change as a current threat to endangered species. So then why, despite all the scientific evidence of negative impacts from invasive species, would people be resistant to taking action against them? I ...

News Headlines

Denial of invasive species threat worries scientists

Scientists believe a new battlefront is opening in science denialism and this time the target is the science of invasive alien species and the fight to protect some of the world's rarest species and most unique ecosystems.

News Headlines

EU acts against dangerous (animal) immigrants

Welcomed - or feared and hated: Europe is home to hundreds of nonnative animal and plant species. They affect ecosystems and harm biodiversity - and cause millions in damage. Now, the EU is acting to stop their spread.

News Headlines

Dogs Trained To Sniff Out Invasive Species Of Mussels In Montana

Zebra and quagga mussels, the best known Great Lakes invaders, reduce the ability of native mussel species to move, feed and breed.

News Headlines

The harlequin ladybird is a clever little devil

Tricked out in Halloween orange and black, a harlequin moves awkwardly through a micro woodland of moss on the concrete as if it were wandering through an alien world, which in some respects it is.

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