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Humans Lead to Biodiversity Loss on Reunion Island

Researchers use lava flow analysis on Reunion Island to determine the ecological impact that humans had on species extinction and biodiversity loss.

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Biodiversity, colonisation and tropical islands

A natural experiment created by an active volcano has given new insight into the long-term negative impacts of human colonisation of tropical forest islands.

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Inaugural Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day

If there’s one thing Jamaicans can boast about, it’s having a reliable and recognisable brand with major marketability. Brand Jamaica not only has music and beautiful vistas on its roster, but also, and maybe most importantly for those of us who ‘love wi belly’, a hard-working Ministry of Indust ...

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One in a million

The biodiversity observed in the Hawaiian Islands is a breathtaking sight on any given day. Hawai‘i boasts a rich variety of plants and animals that inhabit the land and carpet the lush, green mountain ranges. Each island harbors unique vegetation distinct to its home landscape.

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Galapagos Islands illustrate power of biodiversity in changing climate

The Galapagos Islands, one of the first marine reserves in the world and Charles Darwin’s famed site of revolutionary observation, recently housed University researchers looking to better understand biodiversity.

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Faroe Islands 'close down' as tourists fly in to repair them

In the North Atlantic lies a remote group of volcanic islands renowned for their rugged beauty. Increasingly favoured by tourists, the Faroe Islands announced this year they were temporarily closing down parts of the country.

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The Colombian teen fighting to protect her island's coral reefs

Blast fishing is devastating Tierra Bomba's marine ecosystems. One young woman is taking on macho culture to protect the Colombian island's future.

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The U.N. says 1 million species could disappear. Pacific islands have a solution

Last week, a global scientific assessment found the business-as-usual approach to conservation is not delivering the critical action needed to safeguard the future health of our planet.

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Paradise found: Saint Lucia preserving beauty through data and policy action

If ever an island justified the label “paradise” that tourist brochures liberally apply to destinations, it is Saint Lucia.Shaped like a teardrop, this tiny Caribbean nation has everything. Crescent moon beaches of white sand.

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169 Islands that Offer Hope for Stemming the Extinction Crisis

Restoring islands by eradicating damaging, non-native invasive mammals such as rats, cats, goats, and pigs has repeatedly proven to be a high impact conservation action. New research published in PLOS ONE shows this conservation action can have a major contribution towards stemming the global ex ...

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Biodiversity Conservation on a Newly-formed Island

Four years ago, an island was erected out of what seemed like thin air. In a desolate place once only greeted by the sound of crashing waves and an occasional seabird, a formation of rock protruded outwards and upwards. The new island is officially nameless but has been coined Hunga Ha’apai (Hun ...

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Make Jamaica Green Again: 10 Powerful Women Leading The Sustainability Movement

Millions of tourists each year visit Jamaica for its spectacular natural landscapes, from the beaches of Portland to the coffee farms of the Blue Mountains. But, like all countries, Jamaica also has to contend with environmental problems that are compounded by being a small island nation.

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Netherlands: Five New Islands Created To Preserve Biodiversity

The Netherlands have found a solution to boost the ecosystem of the Markermeer by building new islands for biodiversity. The experts evoke one of the largest nature restoration operations ever carried out in Europe.

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Welcome home: iguanas are reintroduced to Galápagos island after 200 years

A group of 1436 land iguanas have been reintroduced to Santiago Island (Isla Santiago) – the fourth largest of the Galápagos islands – after an absence of more than 200 years.

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'Voice of the forest': George the snail, last of his kind, dies at age 14

As New Year’s Day broke in the Hawaiian Islands, one rare creature was not there to emerge from his shell and greet it: George, the last snail of his kind and a local celebrity, was dead at age 14.

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Tanzania: Seawalls and Forests Aim to Save the Living - and Dead - in Tanzania

Kisiwa Panza — For over 25 years, rising seas linked to climate change have caused repeated flooding on the small island of Kisiwa Panza

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Natural Resources Kangaroo Island nursery helps locals grow biodiversity

Kangaroo Island is home to many vulnerable species of native Australian plants and Natural Resources Kangaroo Island has been working hard to increase the populations of some of these often overlooked beauties.

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Martens recolonized Isle Royale in the '90s, showing island's dynamism

Researchers have traced the recolonization by martens of Isle Royale in Lake Superior to martens likely arriving in the 1990s, solving a mystery and showing the island's dynamism.

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Indian Ocean tsunami: Nicobar Islands lost 97 percent of mangrove cover, uncovered unknown species

Superseding initial reports that documented 60 to 70 percent mangrove cover loss, a new study reveals that in fact 97 percent of mangrove cover in the Nicobar Islands was razed due to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The mammoth natural disturbance triggered the emergence of potential habitats fo ...

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Greek Island to Be First in Mediterranean to Power Itself With Only Wind and Solar

The Greek island of Tilos is set to be the first in the Mediterranean to power itself entirely with wind and solar power, The Associated Press reported Sunday.

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Sargassum: The seaweed deluge hitting Caribbean shores

When waves of sargassum - a type of seaweed - washed up on Eastern Caribbean shores seven years ago, people hoped it was a one-off. Matted piles swamped coastlines from Tobago to Anguilla. "In 2011 it was the first time we'd seen it," says Professor Hazel Oxenford, an expert in fisheries biology ...

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Work on Caribbean island airport halted by court ruling

A high court has suspended all construction work on a controversial airport development on the unspoilt Caribbean island of Barbuda that residents say will devastate its fragile ecosystem.

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Storm spurs Caribbean island resort to recover lost paradise

Sun loungers dot the white sand of Cane Garden Bay, a beach resort tucked between steep hillsides and the azure sea in the British Virgin Islands. Yachts bob in the harbour and brightly painted homes line quiet streets.

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How James Bond’s Legacy Is Saving Jamaica

In 1949, Ian Fleming bought a blank naturalist’s notebook which he grandly labeled “Sea Fauna or the Finny Tribe of Goldeneye.” Bound in leather and its title embossed in gold, he took it with him when he departed London for his beloved Jamaica, where he would immerse himself in the island’s nat ...

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Building the Caribbean’s climate resilience to ensure basic survival

In 2004, when the Category 4 Hurricane Ivan hit the tiny island nation of Grenada and its 151 mph winds stalled overhead for 15 hours — it devastated the country. But not before pummelling Barbados and other islands, killing at least 15 people.

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Killing rats could save coral reefs

The much maligned rat is not a creature many would associate with coral reefs.

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Urgent Action Needed to Safeguard Saint Lucia’s Biodiversity

CASTRIES, St. Lucia, Jul 9 2018 (IPS) - Wildlife conservationists consider it to be one of the most striking parrots of its kind. Saint Lucia’s best-known species, the endangered Amazon parrot, is recognised by its bright green plumage, purple forehead and dusty red-tipped feathers.

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The Turtles, The Trees, & The Humans Of Madagascar

Welcome to Madagascar  —  biodiversity paradise, lush, green jungles, and more than 70% of the population living under the national poverty line. The third largest island in the world, lying off the coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean, is not short of natural resources though.

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Socotra, the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, becomes a disaster zone

The island chain of Socotra, famed for unique plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet, is coping with the aftermath of a powerful cyclone. The archipelago was struck by Cyclone Mekunu on Wednesday night, leaving at least 17 people missing and forcing its native population to flee flo ...

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Rich in biodiversity, Palau looks to protect its most precious resource

Palau, an archipelago of over 576 islands in the western tropical Pacific Ocean, is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, many of which are endangered or can be found nowhere else on the planet.

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The heart of a biodiversity haven

On Sibuyan Island in Romblon province sits Mount Guiting-Guiting, one of the focal points of Sibuyan’s declaration as a biodiversity haven. It is often referred to as the Galapagos Island because of its rich biodiversity.

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Dutch island wants its rabbits to breed like …

Biodiversity concerns prompt emergency plan to use ferrets to round up the few rabbits left

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Puerto Morelos gets ready for sea turtle season

The government of Puerto Morelos says they are ready for the upcoming sea turtle season, which they note was a record-breaker last year.

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An African island nation known for beautiful beaches is now a global leader in cutting greenhouse gases

Just less than a decade ago, the Seychelles—the archipelago nation of 115 island off the East African coast—faced a host of challenges in its climate protection efforts. Reports show that its environment has been vulnerable to numerous challenges including climate change, environmental degradati ...

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More Pacific nations urged to support biodiversity efforts

The UN Environment Programme said the resources were often exploited by the likes of large pharmaceutical companies and it says communities need to be adequately compensated.

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Curiosities of Costa Rica that You Did Not Know

Who does not feel proud of the beauty that your country offers? In this regard, we are not the exception. Costa Rica, a beautiful portion of land anchored right in the heart of the continent, has a series of unique and wonderful benefits.

News Headlines

Giving Tuesday Special: Why I’m Working to Protect Island Ecosystems

Islands are incredible. Some, like Hawai’i, are forged by volcanoes. Others, like Isla Mona, are born from the collision of continental shelves. In some cases, like the Palauan Rock Islands, islands are formed atop ancient coral reefs.

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Our Beautiful Planet: Pacific Paradise at risk

Fiji holds the presidency for this year's UN Climate Change Conference, taking place in Bonn, Germany. The island archipelago boasts stunning natural beauty - but it’s already suffering the effects of global warming.

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Why Cuba is home to a bounty of rare species

Replete with rare and endangered species, Cuba is a crown jewel of biodiversity in the Caribbean. Science correspondent Miles O'Brien reports on the ways scientists and conservationists are working to survey and protect the island’s rich, and sometimes unique, wildlife

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Caribbean praying mantises have ancient African origin

Mantises from the African lineage landed on the Greater Antilles islands more than 92 million years ago, likely hitching a ride on floating ocean debris. They were present tens of millions of years before other mantis groups arrived from Central and South America, and also before animals such as ...

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