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News Headlines

Tiger trumps man in Indian tribal villages

Hundreds of families from 44 tribal villages have been asked to leave their homes to ensure the security of a local tiger habitat

News Headlines

Federal government’s reef-conservation plan irks B.C. fishermen

The federal government was expected to announce a 2,000-square-kilometre marine conservation area off the coast of British Columbia on Thursday – a measure that has already received mixed reaction from industry and environmentalists.

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Stanford researchers among those discussing the future of conservation

The world is changing too fast for nature to keep up. Conservation scholars, including those at Stanford, agree that strategies need to evolve to consider not only how ecosystems operated in past decades and centuries, but also thousands and millions of years ago.

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Reserva Monte Mojino: Conservation on the Slopes of the Sierra Nevada

A cactus flower blooming next to a lush fig tree, a desert tortoise resting beneath an elegant trogon perched in a mesquite: I first encountered these strange bedfellows when I visited the forest near Alamos in Sonora, Mexico, during the summer monsoon.

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Bison return to Banff national park in Canada

A herd of plains bison have been successfully reintroduced to Canada's oldest national park, more than 100 years after they were nearly hunted out of existence.

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China to protect areas of high ecological importance identified

China leads the world in greenhouse gas emissions. Its biggest cities are shrouded in smog.

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Ocean Preserves Keep Fishing Boats Away from Grey Reef Sharks

Scientists tracked hundreds of reef sharks to find that massive marine refuges can work—with one caveat

News Headlines

Thap Lan: Thailand’s unsung forest gem under threat, but still abrim with life

On the trail of a conservation group conducting a wildlife monitoring survey, we stop the 4×4 on the road and walk along the red earth to check on camera traps.

News Headlines

Large Scale Marine Protection Introduced by Obama Under the Antiquities Act. What will President Trump do?

President Obama used his executive powers to protect 550 million acres of land and ocean during his tenure. Applying the Antiquities Act, President Obama more than doubled the existing marine protection in National Marine Monuments in his last year in office.

News Headlines

Marine protected areas for sharks and rays: are they working?

The idea of specific areas of ocean set aside as “protected” zone, officially Marine Protected Areas (MPA) was to protect marine biodiversity in a safe area.

News Headlines

Antelope revived in Sahara years after going extinct in the wild

They’re back. Scimitar-horned oryx have been reintroduced to the wild after a two-decade absence and are flourishing in their old stomping grounds.

News Headlines

Take a Rare Look Inside Russia's Wildest Nature Reserves

Russia is celebrating the centennial of its system of nature protection—including reserves so strict that few people have ever visited them.

News Headlines

Once a trophy hunting concession, now a snow leopard sanctuary

Snow leopards are showing up on camera traps in places they’d never been seen before – thanks to an innovative programme in Kyrgyzstan.

News Headlines

Road-free areas need better protection, study says

A global map of areas without roads shows large tracts of wilderness remain unprotected.

News Headlines

Protection sought for Leuser ecosystem, Sumatran orangutans

Coordinated efforts by stakeholders to protect Indonesia’s Leuser ecosystem are becoming more crucial to help save the heritage site and its endangered species, a United States-based environmental organization has suggested.

News Headlines

Mexico to get its largest ever protected area

The new Mexican Caribbean Biosphere Reserve will cover more than 5.7 million hectares

News Headlines

B.C. seabird haven marked for protected status

The federal government is proposing to designate the waters around the Scott Islands, a vital haven for seabirds off the northwest tip of Vancouver Island, as a marine national wildlife area. The designation, which would put commercial fishing practices under scrutiny, would help Canada meet its ...

News Headlines

Arctic haven for belugas becomes Canada’s newest protected area

A rich breeding ground for marine mammals, Arctic char and other aquatic species that are vital to Inuvialuit people living along the Beaufort Sea has been named Canada’s newest marine protected area.

News Headlines

Sabah will ‘make a Third of its land’ Totally Protected Areas

Sabah’s government is planning to turn almost a third of the state’s forests into totally protected areas. The total of gazetted areas where no logging or encroachment will be allowed will account for 30% of the state’s land mass. It’s definitely a welcome development, yes, but it could take a d ...

News Headlines

Protected areas important for large animals, says study

Protected areas (PA) are important for large animals, including top predators like tiger, and should not be degazetted, a new study has said. The study, based on transect surveys across four independent sites in the Kameng Protected Area Complex in Arunachal Pradesh, also advocates the significa ...

News Headlines

Mangrove protection key to survival for Senegalese community

Pelicans, flamingos, monkeys and even hyenas are under threat in Senegal along with the livelihoods of the local people as thick clusters of mangroves are disappearing.

News Headlines

Conservation boost for scavenger bird

140 sq km area in Bejjur forest likely to be declared as a Protected Area for Indian vulture

News Headlines

Brazzaville-issued mining permits dip into Congo’s flagship park

The boundaries of Odzala-Kokoua National Park contain some of the best-preserved old-growth rainforest in the Republic of Congo. Its terrain varies from hills rising to 350 meters (1,148 feet) to dense low-lying jungles to more than a hundred bais or clearings in the forest – popular hangouts fo ...

News Headlines

World’s largest marine protected area created in Antarctica

The new marine protected area, expected to come into force in December 2017, will set out to protect some 1.55 million square kilometers (~600,000 square miles) of the Ross Sea around Antarctica — an area more than the size of France, Germany and Spain combined.

News Headlines

World's largest marine protected area declared in Antarctica

Delegates from 24 countries and the European Union have agreed that the Ross Sea in Antarctica will become the world's largest marine protected area (MPA).

News Headlines

Why is the new Antarctic marine sanctuary such a big deal?

On Friday (28.10.), 24 countries including Russia, China, the United States and members of the European Union agreed to create the world's largest marine protected area in the Ross Sea.

News Headlines

When animals share, conservation is affordable

Grizzly bears in the Rocky Mountains are probably a bit lonely. .

News Headlines

Antarctic protection a beacon of hope for ocean conservation globally

Today, 24 countries and the European Union have agreed on the world’s largest ocean protection plan, for the Ross Sea off Antarctica.

News Headlines

Whaling nations block South Atlantic sanctuary plans

Conservation groups dismayed as Japan and other pro-whaling nations vote against plans for a protected area for whales, dolphins and porpoises

News Headlines

How ‘protected’ are the Amazon’s protected areas?

Brazil houses nearly two-thirds of the Amazon rainforest and one-third of all the tropical forest left on the planet — forest that represents 30 percent of the solution to climate change.

News Headlines

Conserving Madagascar's forest of hope

Developing the confidence of local communities and a BirdLife Partner to work together to protect their environment has brought encouraging changes for nature and people.

News Headlines

Eco-marine conservation project a boost to tourism and fishing industry

MIRI: The RM8 million Petronas-Sarawak Forestry Eco-Marine Conservation project at Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park in northern Sarawak will be a shot in the arm for tourism and the fishing community in Miri.

News Headlines

Ugandans told to treasure national parks

MBARARA, UGANDA - President Yoweri Museveni has asked local governments bordering national parks to support conservation agencies such as Ugandan Wildlife Authority (UWA).

News Headlines

Future of Antarctic marine protected areas at risk

Antarctica's surrounding waters are home to some of the healthiest marine ecosystems on Earth and support thriving populations of krill, seabirds, fish and whales.

News Headlines

Community-led marine reserve sees lobsters thrive

The first and only fully-protected marine reserve in Scotland is proving highly beneficial for marine conservation and fisheries, with lobsters more than doubling in numbers and increasing in size.

News Headlines

Size matters: Tigers survive better in larger areas, research says

The probability of survival of the big cats in protected areas even as big as 540 square km is barely 40%, and almost 85% of their protected areas in tropical dry forests are smaller

News Headlines

See a rare West African conservation success story

Shifting mindsets have allowed people living around Senegal's Sine-Saloum Delta – and visitors – to get the most of its lush, life-giving environment

News Headlines

High Stakes on the High Seas: A Call for International Reserves

Marine protected areas in national waters have proven successful in helping depleted fish stocks to recover

News Headlines

Chile creates largest marine park in Southeast Pacific

An area that includes the islands of San Félix and San Ambrosio — also known as the Desventuradas — is now officially protected.

News Headlines

Bison report card shows gains in conservation efforts

Bison conservation across North American is steadily moving in the right direction, according to a 10-year report card released Tuesday by the American Bison Society in Banff, Alta.

News Headlines

Optimization technique identifies cost-effective biodiversity corridors

A new optimization technique could help conservation biologists choose the most cost-effective ways of connecting isolated populations of rare, threatened and endangered species living in protected areas.

News Headlines

Scientists discover half of Asia's protected areas too small for snow leopard survival

A new scientific report has confirmed that the snow leopard is running out of room to survive, with nearly 40% of all protected areas across the species' range too small to support even a pair of breeding snow leopards.

News Headlines

Proposed marine protected areas concern Nova Scotia fishermen

The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans wants to double the number of marine protected areas around Nova Scotia next year

News Headlines

$48 million fund to help expand marine protected areas

At the ongoing U.S. State Department’s Our Ocean 2016 Conference, in Washington, D.C., the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Waitt Foundation, the blue moon fund (bmf), and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), together announced a commitment of $48 million to expand and improve marine p ...

News Headlines

Private lands within B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest donated for conservation

A vast tract of pristine waterfront within British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest has been donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, filling in part of a patchwork of conservation efforts in the prized wilderness.

News Headlines

UK to ban fishing from a million square kilometres of ocean

Government creates marine protected areas around four islands in the Pacific and Atlantic, with commercial fishing banned in some areas

News Headlines

Saving Africa's elephants isn't just a 'white man's job'

Kenyan conservationist Paula Kahumbu leads a new generation of Africans who are taking control of their environmental future

News Headlines

Largest marine reserve opens amid controversy

The world’s largest ocean research and protection area, the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, was launched in Hawaii on 31 August amid criticisms of its impact on trade and fishing innovation.

News Headlines

Protected areas are effective conservation tools, but even they can’t keep out rising temperatures

Protected areas have emerged as a key conservation tool for curbing deforestation and preserving Earth’s biodiversity. But even they can’t keep out rising global temperatures. So how much will that limit their effectiveness?

News Headlines

UN cultural agency hails creation of world’s largest marine protected area

29 August 2016 – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today welcomed the establishment by US President Barack Obama of the largest nature reserve in the world, done through expanding a marine reserve in the state of Hawaii.

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