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News Headlines

Cambodia declares protected area in hotly contested Prey Lang forest

A landmark decision by Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen could see almost a million hectares of forest reclassified as protected areas in a country with one of the highest deforestation rates in the world.

News Headlines

David Attenborough unveils UK's newest nature reserve in east London

Britain’s threatened birds including kingfishers, bitterns and Cetti warblers find a refuge in Woodberry Wetlands, once a barren wasteland

News Headlines

How Nations Are Chipping Away at Their Protected Lands

It’s the saddest truism in wildlife conservation: When politicians announce that they are setting aside precious habitat “in perpetuity,” what they really mean is until somebody else wants the land.

News Headlines

UNDP to Intensify Frontline Wildlife Conservation Efforts in Africa

To help African countries protect their wildlife, UNDP jointly with partners is beginning to programme USD 60 million to support frontline conservation efforts.

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European Commission urges Spain to protect Doñana World Heritage site

Spain must end the overuse of underground water that is deteriorating the natural habitats of Doñana National Park, the European Commission has warned this week.

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Dolphins, seabirds and turtles get eight new protected sites

Turtles, seabirds and dolphins who make Maltese territorial waters their home are to be further protected thanks to the creation of eight new marine protected areas.

News Headlines

Has big conservation gone astray?

A few months after I began working full time as an environmental journalist in 2009, I found myself in Malaysian Borneo. I spent a day with a small group of conservationists and officials driving through a seemingly endless expanse of oil palm before coming to the lower Kinabatangan River.

News Headlines

Mongolia to Create New Protected Area for Snow Leopards

Mongolia's Parliament declares Tost a State Protected Area. The mountain range is home to a stable, breeding population of snow leopards.

News Headlines

Scientists say we need to be far more ambitious about protecting oceans

Researchers say that 30 percent of the Earth’s oceans must be protected in order to preserve marine biodiversity, fisheries productivity, and all of the economic and cultural benefits we derive from the sea.

News Headlines

The hands-on breeding effort saving the world’s weirdest parrot

As I reach up into the manuka tree, the shaggy, whiskered face of a giant parrot stares back at me before it turns away from my grasp.

News Headlines

The Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary: A Win for New Zealand and Our Planet

Dramatic, diverse, and spectacular are just some of the words visitors use to describe New Zealand’s Kermadec region, which has borne witness to Polynesian voyagers, European migrants, whalers, and now, many of the world’s leading marine scientists.

News Headlines

Conservation giant puts $100M into Amazon protected areas

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation — the biggest private supporter of conservation in the world’s largest rainforest — has pledged another $100 million toward efforts to establish and support protected areas across the Andes-Amazon landscape.

News Headlines

Protecting 30 percent of the ocean has many benefits, study suggests

Protecting large stretches of the ocean from human influence may well be good for conservation. But a new study by University of York scientists Professor Callum Roberts and Dr Bethan O'Leary suggests that setting aside at least 30 percent of it would also benefit fishermen and other stakeholders.

News Headlines

Ecuador creates Galápagos marine sanctuary to protect sharks

Belgium-sized area around northern islands of Darwin and Wolf will be off-limits for fishing in bid to conserve sharks and unique habitat

News Headlines

Nature conservation areas no haven for butterflies

What do the brimstone, meadow brown and small heath butterfly species have in common? All of them are rather habitat specialists, with no specific ecological demands, they tend to have modest requirements when it comes to habitats and larval host plants.

News Headlines

Marine protected areas can benefit large sharks

The expansion of protected areas into US federal waters would safeguard 100 percent of core home range areas used by three species of sharks tracked in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, new research suggests.

News Headlines

Africa: Kenyan Wildlife Organization Finds Innovative Solutions to Human-Wildlife Conflict

Laikipia — A Kenyan wildlife conservancy organization said on Monday it has opened a new corridor which will enable wildlife species cross a main government road safely without bringing risks to local communities.

News Headlines

Hong Kong’s white dolphins will die out ‘unless the government beefs up its action plan’

Hong Kong’s white dolphins will die out entirely unless the government sets out clear targets to widen protected waters in a conservation action plan scheduled for release later this year, environmentalists have warned.

News Headlines

Court upholds federal plan to protect vast polar bear habitat in Alaska

A federal government plan to protect a vast area of the US Arctic as habitat for polar bears has been upheld by an appeals court, overturning a previous victory by the state of Alaska and fossil fuel lobbyists against the designation.

News Headlines

Nature conservation: The choice is there, the decision is ours

Countries adjacent to the North Pole such as Canada and countries in Northern Europe, which are developed countries, are obsessed with the beauty of their heritage landscape.

News Headlines

More protection for country’s ocean zones

South Africa has announced plans for a major expansion of “national parks in the sea”, by creating a new 70 000km2 network of marine protected areas.

News Headlines

Marine Protected Areas: ‘Government stuck between a rock and a hard place’

Cape Town – The Department of Environmental Affairs has recently announced the proposal to proclaim 22 new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) all along South Africa’s shores, and invited the public to comment on the concept.

News Headlines

The Great Bear Rainforest, B.C.’s new, giant protected area is a truce between loggers, greens

Twenty years ago, the Great Bear Rainforest was a marketing term used by environmental activists to refer to a massive slice of the British Columbian coast destined for the lumber mill.

News Headlines

Landmark deal to protect Canada Great Bear Rainforest

Indigenous tribes, timber firms and environmental groups in western Canada have welcomed a deal to protect one of the world's largest remaining tracts of temperate rainforest.

News Headlines

Feds expand protected habitat for right whales along East Coast

WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Tuesday that it plans to expand designated critical habitat for endangered North Atlantic right whales.

News Headlines

Photos reveal that protecting animal habitats is improving biodiversity

For nearly a decade, scientists have used motion-triggered cameras to capture animals living in protected areas around the world.

News Headlines

Yaguas National Park, another great attempt at conservation in Peru

Much is known and has been studied about the rampant deforestation in Madre de Dios due to illegal mining and logging. The destruction of primary forest in Peru’s Amazon region has left in its wake degraded soils and mercury contamination, as well as the irreversible loss of ecosystems on which ...

News Headlines

Tropical forest protected areas can protect biodiversity

Biodiversity in tropical forest protected areas may be faring better than previously thought, according to a study publishing in the Open Access journal PLOS Biology on January 19th.

News Headlines

A new reserve for the world’s smallest deer

The Ecuadorian government recently approved a new nature reserve in Carchi Province near the Colombian border, providing a meaningful victory for activists and locals who spent almost 14 years advocating for its creation.

News Headlines

Say cheese for science: Camera traps show how habitat protection aids biodiversity

Researchers have some good news for the animals struggling to survive in the world’s tropical forests: Setting aside habitat for their protection does more to protect biodiversity than scientists had realized.

News Headlines

Marine protected areas around the world do not support corals and fish: researchers

Marine protected areas around the world are failing to protect most of the evolutionary diversity of the world's coral and fish, a new study has found.

News Headlines

Protection of marine areas to be based on science, Hunter Tootoo says

Arctic-born fisheries minister says Canada will make good on international agreement on coastal waters

News Headlines

Assessing nature's carbon sinks

Protected areas such as rainforests occupy more than one-tenth of the Earth's landscape, and provide invaluable ecosystem services, from erosion control to pollination to biodiversity preservation. They also draw heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and store it in plants and s ...

News Headlines

Experts say environment, community balance needed to protect Nunavut coast

Justin Trudeau's Liberal government has promised to designate 10 per cent of Canada's oceans as marine protected areas, but in Nunavut, which sits on the Arctic Ocean, that means balancing environmental concerns with the needs of Inuit communities.

News Headlines

Marine protected areas failing to conserve biodiversity

Despite a rapid increase in the number of marine protected areas (MPAs) globally in the last ten years, majority have not succeeded in conserving marine biodiversity. Blame it on states for not taking appropriate measures to carry proper conservation, says a study led by Australian scientists th ...

News Headlines

Open borders make way for pollution in Myanmar

Researchers warn that Myanmar's Mergui archipelago should be made a protected area before the signs of human-caused pollution reach its unspoiled waters.

News Headlines

What Are We Actually Protecting In The Ocean?

One of the great recent success stories in conservation is the rapid increase in the establishment of marine protected areas (MPAs). Since 2006, there has been a staggering growth of 10 million km2 of new MPAs globally, a nearly four-fold increase over the past decade.

News Headlines

Pacific Islands’ Marine Reserve: Safe Haven for Depleted Tuna and New Holiday Spot

KOROR, Palau, Dec 14 2015 (IPS) - President Tommy Remengesau Jr. of the Pacific island nation of Palau has cemented a legacy as the world’s most effective protector of marine life by creating a giant marine reserve that will directly benefit his people through increasing tourism and securing its ...

News Headlines

Four new protected marine areas proposed in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is to get four new protected marine areas to conserve important habitats and species, including one of the slowest growing shellfish in the world.

News Headlines

What Is Driving The Loss Of Protected Areas?

The larger the protected area, the more likely it is to experience downgrading, downsizing and degazettement.

News Headlines

From conservation refugees to natural allies

New national parks often mean that people, who have lived on the lands for generations are forced to leave. Authorities use economic incentives to gain their support but understanding their culture may be more important.

News Headlines

Existing marine protected areas ineffective; 17,000 marine species under-protected

Marine species are grossly under-protected, according to a new study published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports. Moreover, existing marine protected areas (MPAs) are insufficient and ineffective in protecting the world’s marine species, researchers found.

News Headlines

Wild things return to Angkor Wat

Decades poachers stripped the forests surrounding Angkor Wat of large mammals, an innovative conservation group is bringing them back.

News Headlines

Natural systems vs ad hoc interventions in conservation

A comprehensive study at the initiative of the Wildlife Society of India (WSC) finds that large herbivores like elephants living in the wild have an instinctive preference to natural waterbodies than artificially created waterholes.

News Headlines

Private Nature Reserves in Latin America Seek a Bigger Role

PUNTA LEONA, Costa Rica , Nov 20 2015 (IPS) - Private voluntary nature reserves in Latin America should be seen as allies in policies on the environment, climate change mitigation and the preservation of biological diversity in rainforests, say experts.

News Headlines

Ocean protections drift behind those on land, but science can help

A hodgepodge of laws protects roughly 15 percent of Earth’s land, but safeguards for the ocean lag behind. Today, laws shelter a meager 3.6 percent of the planet’s liquid blue surface. But a recent position paper in Science says lawmakers are beginning to close the gap.

News Headlines

The Holy Trinity: how Wakatobi’s coral stays healthy and diverse

The world-renowned diving destination of Wakatobi is one of Indonesia’s oldest and best-supported marine protected areas.

News Headlines

Africa’s oldest national park now under new threat

WWF today is warning of renewed danger to Virunga National Park from oil exploitation. The organization is urging governments to cancel two concessions posing a risk to the World Heritage site, and is cautioning multinational enterprises against their involvement.

News Headlines

Three urgent steps for better protected areas

A group of scientists have developed a three-point plan to ensure the world's protected areas meet new biodiversity targets set by the 193 signatory nations of the Convention on Biological Diversity's (CBD). They recognize that part of the current failure of the protected areas to stop the decli ...

News Headlines

Peru protects vast 'Yellowstone of the Amazon'

The new, 3.3 million-acre national park is larger than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined. It also preserves key habitat for thousands of native species and stores huge amounts of CO2.

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