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News Headlines

Wild things return to Angkor Wat

Decades poachers stripped the forests surrounding Angkor Wat of large mammals, an innovative conservation group is bringing them back.

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Natural systems vs ad hoc interventions in conservation

A comprehensive study at the initiative of the Wildlife Society of India (WSC) finds that large herbivores like elephants living in the wild have an instinctive preference to natural waterbodies than artificially created waterholes.

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Private Nature Reserves in Latin America Seek a Bigger Role

PUNTA LEONA, Costa Rica , Nov 20 2015 (IPS) - Private voluntary nature reserves in Latin America should be seen as allies in policies on the environment, climate change mitigation and the preservation of biological diversity in rainforests, say experts.

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Ocean protections drift behind those on land, but science can help

A hodgepodge of laws protects roughly 15 percent of Earth’s land, but safeguards for the ocean lag behind. Today, laws shelter a meager 3.6 percent of the planet’s liquid blue surface. But a recent position paper in Science says lawmakers are beginning to close the gap.

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The Holy Trinity: how Wakatobi’s coral stays healthy and diverse

The world-renowned diving destination of Wakatobi is one of Indonesia’s oldest and best-supported marine protected areas.

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Africa’s oldest national park now under new threat

WWF today is warning of renewed danger to Virunga National Park from oil exploitation. The organization is urging governments to cancel two concessions posing a risk to the World Heritage site, and is cautioning multinational enterprises against their involvement.

News Headlines

Three urgent steps for better protected areas

A group of scientists have developed a three-point plan to ensure the world's protected areas meet new biodiversity targets set by the 193 signatory nations of the Convention on Biological Diversity's (CBD). They recognize that part of the current failure of the protected areas to stop the decli ...

News Headlines

Peru protects vast 'Yellowstone of the Amazon'

The new, 3.3 million-acre national park is larger than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined. It also preserves key habitat for thousands of native species and stores huge amounts of CO2.

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Tiny Island Nation's Enormous New Ocean Reserve is Official

An island nation in the Pacific Ocean that's smaller than New York City has created an ocean reserve that's bigger than California.

News Headlines

Biggest Protected Area in the World

How wild will the future be? Today, the World Database on Protected Areas estimates that 15.4% of earth's lands and 8.4% of the waters of the world are in some formal protection system (Juffe-Bignoli, D. et al. 2014. Protected Planet Report 2014. UNEP-WCMC). But do the current systems protect th ...

News Headlines

World’s protected forests lost 3 percent of their tree cover in 13 years

Forests around the world are whittled away as trees are felled for lumber, land is cleared for agriculture, and fires ravage landscapes.

News Headlines

Cuba forges links with United States to save sharks

Cuba is surrounded by sharks. Fishermen catch them, residents eat them and, increasingly, tourists are coming to see them. Now the island nation is gearing up to manage them, and its efforts are bolstering a nascent environmental partnership with the United States.

News Headlines

The Pacific Is About to Get a Massive New Ocean Reserve

A tiny island country in the western Pacific Ocean that's smaller than New York City has approved the creation of an enormous marine reserve that's bigger than the U.S. state of California.

News Headlines

More of the planet was protected in 2015 than ever. Few noticed because it was underwater

The Pacific island nation of Palau’s announced Thursday that it is designating a 193,000-square-mile fully protected marine reserve that would be the sixth largest such area in the world and would help protect over a thousand species of fish and some 700 species of coral.

News Headlines

Cuba launches shark protection plan

The Cuban government has launched a long-term plan to protect shark populations around its shores.

News Headlines

Palau approves huge Pacific marine sanctuary

Tiny archipelago seeks to create world’s sixth-largest area to be fully protected from fishing or drilling

News Headlines

Bahamas Expand Marine Protected Areas by more than 3 Million Hectares

More than 10% of the Bahamas' marine and coastal ecosystems will be protected

News Headlines

New protected areas announced for seabirds in Portugal

Good news for seabird conservation in Portugal, as the country's government approves the designation of two new Special Protection Areas (SPAs).

News Headlines

Conservation groups buy land from 109 coffee farmers, create reserve for rare salamanders

It’s good news for two of the world’s rarest salamanders: Finca Chiblac salamander (Bradytriton silus) and the long-limbed salamander (Nyctanolis pernix).

News Headlines

Chile to create one of world's largest marine parks around Easter Island

Plans put forward by the local people will ban fishing in over 600,000 sq km of the Pacific ocean

News Headlines

New reserves in Colombia protect endangered species in a ‘Pleistocene refuge’

Two new cloud forest reserves in the Colombian Andes have been established to protect a number of rare, endangered species, including the Silvery-brown bare-face tamarin (Saguinus leucopus), a monkey found nowhere else in the world.

News Headlines

Scientists measure effectiveness of marine conservation

The University of Guam Marine Laboratory leads the way in research to demonstrate how scientists help managers measure the effectiveness of marine conservation efforts.

News Headlines

Google aids in elephant conservation

As elephant poaching in Africa by organised crime gangs using high-tech equipment rises, those working to stop their extinction in the wild have turned to technology too.

News Headlines

China's panda protections are helping other species too

DURHAM, N.C., Sept. 16 (UPI) -- Trickle-down economics may be bunk, but new research suggests trickle-down conservation is real and working -- at least in China.

News Headlines

Chile plans world's biggest marine park to protect Easter Island fish stocks

Local people say way of life is under threat from industrial vessels, and see plan as chance to protect environment and repair relations with mainland

News Headlines

Protected areas only work if they include what threatened species need

The Tucuman Parrot (Amazona tucumana) is found only on the eastern slopes of the Andes in Bolivia and Argentina, in a region known as the Southern Yungas forest.

News Headlines

Threatened wallaby species gets a lifeline thanks to Indigenous rangers

Three-year program to monitor and sustain an isolated population of black-flanked rock wallabies in Western Australia has started to bear fruit

News Headlines

Bahamas announces New Marine Protected Areas

Nassau, Bahamas - The Hon. Kenred Dorsett, Minister of the Environment and Housing's Announcement of New Marine Protected Areas made on August 31s, 2015:

News Headlines

Sarawak pledges to protect its last remaining orangutans

Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) have declined more than 50 percent over the last 60 years, primarily due to deforestation.

News Headlines

The world’s largest tropical forest conservation programme – ARPA – reaches 99% of its goal

The Amazon Regional Protected Areas Programme – known as ARPA – is the world’s largest tropical forest conservation programme. Launched in 2002 by the Brazilian government in partnership with WWF and others, its goal was to take 60 m ha of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and turn into a combinat ...

News Headlines

Natura 2000: EU Reserves Are Facing Development Pressures

An astonishing 18 percent of the European Union’s land area is protected under a network of preserves known as Natura 2000. Now, at the urging of business interests and farmers, the EU is examining whether regulations on development in these areas should be loosened.

News Headlines

In Africa, good fences make for safe species

NAIROBI – African countries are often criticized for failing to meet their environmental challenges. Observers often cite loss of habitat in the face of population growth, land degradation and industrialization.

News Headlines

Peru and Ecuador sign action plan for protected areas

Peru and Ecuador officially signed the 2015-2016 Action Plan of Network for Binational Management of Protected Natural Areas in southern Ecuador and northern Peru, according to Andina news agency.

News Headlines

Bold move to conserve Sumatran forest

One of the last places on Earth where Sumatran elephants, tigers and orangutans coexist in the wild has received long-term protection. The Indonesian Ministry of Forestry approved a conservation concession – a lease of the land – covering 40,000 hectares of forest on the island of Sumatra.

News Headlines

Record-breaking number of European citizens call to protect nature

Almost half a million people are calling on the European Commission to save Europe's nature laws – by far the highest number of responses to a public consultation ever reached in the history of the European Union.

News Headlines

Reversing the Red Sand Tide: A Call for New Solutions to Land Degradation

Protected areas are a bright spot in the management of Madagascar’s natural resources, and play a strategic role in the country’s economy and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

News Headlines

Conservation involves much more than reducing deforestation

Creating protected areas that focus on maximising ecosystem services rather than minimising deforestation may be the key to reducing poverty or enhancing the environment in the affected communities, a new study argues.

News Headlines

Canada trailing peers in meeting land preservation goals: report

Five years after Canada joined nearly 200 other countries in committing to set aside a significant swath of its landscape for ecological preservation, it lags behind almost every other developed nation in meeting those goals.

News Headlines

Biodiversité : le Canada à la traîne, dénonce un groupe environnemental

Les engagements ont été pris il y a cinq ans, à Nagoya, au Japon. Depuis, le Canada ne protège toujours qu'environ 10 % de son territoire, alors que la moyenne mondiale est de 15 %.

News Headlines

Identidad Madidi: Exploring the Fantastic Biodiversity of Bolivia

It’s an idea that was four years in the making: to send a group of Bolivian scientists to investigate fourteen different habitats spanning 6,000 meters – from the Andes down to the Amazon – in what is the most biodiverse protected area on the planet. Identidad Madidi, expected to take a year and ...

News Headlines

Big reserve expansion gives tigers a boost in India

A hundred years ago, there were thirteen times as many tigers in the world as there are today,

News Headlines

The Kenyan elephant reserve that's fighting back against poachers

Conservation efforts in Amboseli national park offer hope in the battle to protect Africa’s big beasts from ivory poachers – but tackling demand for ivory is still crucial to long-term success

News Headlines

Protecting Land in Brazil Reduces Malaria and Other Diseases

In the Brazilian Amazon, getting back to nature may really be the healthiest option.

News Headlines

EAC gets new biodiversity observatory

The observatory will provide relevant data and information that will enhance planning, policy, and decision-making. It will support effective protected area management and biodiversity conservation within the region, in line with the mandate of the environmental sector of the EAC that is to prom ...

News Headlines

A Prince Battles to Save Gorillas Amid Brutal Conflict

Emmanuel de Merode, director and chief warden of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was driving through the forest last year when three men stepped out of the shadows and opened fire. He escaped—but only after being seriously injured.

News Headlines

Expedition Madagascar: Conserving Coral Reefs with Community Conservation

Madagascar: the world’s “eighth continent” and fourth-largest island; a country that offers both promise and paradox for conservation.

News Headlines

Study shows wildlife density data better predicts conservation success

A recent study published in the journal Conservation Biology makes a strong case for a new approach to conservation planning that uses much more robust data sets in order to better protect birds, plants, and animals.

News Headlines

SA gets two new biosphere reserves

Cape Town - South Africa is home to two brand new biosphere reserves after both Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve and the Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve were recognised by Unesco this week

News Headlines

Proposed deal to preserve large swaths of B.C.'s Great Bear Rainforest

The last land parcels of the Great Bear Rainforest have been identified, clearing the way for an extraordinary pact between the forest industry, First Nations, the province and a coalition of environmental organizations to be finalized by September.

News Headlines

Gorillas in Rwanda: the world's greatest conservation success?

There was a moment, during the 65 minutes I spent with a family of Rwanda’s mountain gorillas, when I felt like a boulder in a stream.

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