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News Headlines

Serengeti Park disappearing

A huge wildebeest herd migrates across the open, parched plains. Dust swirls up from the many hooves pounding the ground, and forms a haze over the landscape

News Headlines

India plans more tiger reserves on the back of jump in numbers

India is planning to create three more tiger reserves in the country, environment minister Prakash Javadekar announced in the parliament on Tuesday. The development comes in the wake of a recent survey that showed that the tiger population is rising.

News Headlines

Conservation from 5,000 feet

VIENNA, April 14 (UPI) -- It's not enough to simply classify a large swath of habitat as protected. Conservation requires regularly monitoring, researchers at the Vienna University of Technology say.

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Nepal: A Trailblazer in Biodiversity Conservation

CHITWAN, Nepal, Apr 11 2015 (IPS) - At dusk, when the early evening sun casts its rays over the lush landscape, the Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site about 200 km south of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, is a place of the utmost tranquility.

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Declining great apes of Central Africa get new action plan for conservation for the next decade

The number of gorillas and chimpanzees in Central Africa continues to decline due to hunting, habitat loss, and disease, combined with a widespread lack of law enforcement and corruption in the judicial process, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Wildlife Conservati ...

News Headlines

Where the wild things aren’t: study says U.S. protected lands aren’t where most biodiversity is found

The United States has one of the oldest, best-established park systems in the world. But what if those public lands -- mostly created to preserve scenic natural wonders -- are in the wrong place to conserve the lion’s share of the nation’s unique biodiversity?

News Headlines

'Black Mambas' on South African rhino patrol

Poachers are depleting the elephant, tiger and rhino population. In a nature reserve in Greater Kruger National Park, unarmed women are fighting the illicit wildlife trade - and male skepticism.

News Headlines

Great Barrier Reef protection zones help boost fish stocks 'to pre-European times'

Long-term study in the reef’s marine park finds an 80% difference in the biomass of coral trout between areas where fishing is allowed and no-go zones

News Headlines

Indonesia's biodiversity-protected areas no match for encroachers, finds study

Indonesia's biodiversity-focused protected areas are failing to slow deforestation, while other categories have achieved mixed results, according to a new study by National University of Singapore researchers.

News Headlines

Africa’s Conservation Miracle: The Return of the Rhinos

Habitat destruction. That’s almost always the answer to a question of wildlife conservation. Why has this species declined? Why has that species gone extinct? Because the place where it lives is being or has been destroyed.

News Headlines

Amazon rainforest and Great Barrier Reef need better care, say scientists

Research published in journal Science shows local protection of three world heritage sites is too weak and leaves them at risk of ‘unfolding diaster’

News Headlines

Budget 2015: Pitcairn Islands get huge marine reserve

The UK is to establish the largest marine reserve in the world, around the Pitcairn Islands in the Pacific.

News Headlines

UK's first hedgehog conservation area planned

Reserve in Solihull, West Midlands aims to reverse population decline in the prickly animal due to habitat loss

News Headlines

Biodiversity protected areas in Indonesia ineffective in preventing deforestation

Establishing protected areas in forests is one way to keep deforestation at bay and safeguard biodiversity.

News Headlines

Conservationists announce program to protect East Africa's largest elephant population

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Tanzanian government have launched an ambitious new initiative to protect East Africa's largest population of elephants (Loxodonta Africana).

News Headlines

Scientists question tropical protected areas' role under climate change

New research led by University of York scientists highlights how poor connectivity of protected area (PA) networks in Southeast Asia may prevent lowland species from responding to climate change.

News Headlines

Ecological corridor to preserve Ecuadorian Andes bears

Ecuador's mountain forests are a hotspot of rich biodiversity, but many species are threatened by increased deforestation and fragmentation.

News Headlines

Conservation gets low share of tourist income

Global revenue from tourist visits to protected areas is high enough to allow more of this money to be spent on conservation, a study has found.

News Headlines

Colombia proposes protected corridor across South America

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has announced plans to create the world’s largest protected area, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes Mountains.

News Headlines

Seychelles set to be first in the world to develop countrywide ocean conservation plan

(Seychelles News Agency) - The Seychelles minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Didier Dogley, has announced that Seychelles is all set to become the first country in the world that has implemented a comprehensive spatial plan for its entire ocean territory.

News Headlines

Researchers propose improvements for Peru's protected areas

In a study published recently in PLOS ONE, researchers examined Peru's network of protected areas.

News Headlines

World's first all-female patrol protecting South Africa's rhinos

Unarmed Black Mambas recruited from local communities are guarding nature reserve inside the Greater Kruger national park

News Headlines

World's protected natural areas receive eight billion visits a year

Researchers say that the first study to attempt to gauge global visitation figures for protected areas reveals nature-based tourism has an economic value of hundreds of billions of dollars annually, and call for much greater investment in the conservation of protected areas in line with the valu ...

News Headlines

Rare Amur leopard population doubles in Russia, WWF says

MOSCOW, Feb. 23 (UPI) -- The number of endangered Amur leopards at a Russian animal reserve has nearly doubled in seven years, the World Wildlife Federation announced Monday.

News Headlines

Planning the world's largest protected area

The aim of the corridor is to improve the protection of the environment, its biodiversity and the climate. Santos would like the project to be a transnational one, involving Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela.

News Headlines

The struggle to save the 'Congolese unicorn'

EPULU, Democratic Republic of Congo — Deep in the jungle, Col. Lucien Gedeon Lokumu is rallying his troops. About 50 men stand in mismatched uniforms while Lokumu attempts to inspire them with a pitch-perfect sermon: We’ve got to stabilize the forest, but not at the expense of the people who cal ...

News Headlines

Australian zoo announces eastern bongo birth

SYDNEY, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- An Australian zoo announced the birth of a critically endangered eastern bongo, one of the world's rarest species of antelope.

News Headlines

How do parks affect the poor? Jury’s still out, some experts say

In Peru’s vast northeastern region, where roads are scarce and forests abundant, crackdowns on the illegal plundering of timber, fish, and wildlife are sporadic and expensive.

News Headlines

Hounding down poachers in the DR Congo

How do you catch a poacher? In Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo - which is famous for its elephants and mountain gorillas - a special dog unit is tracking and capturing illegal hunters.

News Headlines

Fracking to be allowed beneath national parks despite ban pledge

Ministers accused of watering down commitment to ban controversial shale gas exploration in protected areas

News Headlines

Conservationists call for UK to create world's largest marine reserve

Pressure is mounting on the UK government and opposition parties to commit to creating at least one massive marine reserve in the Pacific or Atlantic to protect rare and threatened whales, sharks, fish and corals ahead of the general election.

News Headlines

Conservation of Nature Lags Far Behind

NEW YORK, Feb 2 2015 (IPS) - A new study has found that world’s governments are failing to provide adequate coverage for nature.

News Headlines

Satellite study identifies water bodies important for biodiversity conservation

Using satellite images to study changing patterns of surface water is a powerful tool for identifying conservationally important "stepping stone" water bodies that could help aquatic species survive in a drying climate, a UNSW-led study shows.

News Headlines

Rare European duck doing twice as well in protected areas

Populations of smew drakes, which number less than 200 in the UK, are growing twice as fast in Special Protection Areas

News Headlines

Seoul seeks international support for DMZ park plan

Seoul will seek international support to create an ecological park in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) during a conference in Switzerland this week.

News Headlines

Obama push to expand Alaskan refuge

President Barack Obama is to propose setting aside the majority of Alaska's national wildlife refuge as a wilderness area.

News Headlines

India's tiger population sees 30% increase

India says it now has almost a third more tigers than it did four years ago.

News Headlines

Environment ministry may bar new roads in protected areas

Building new roads and widening existing ones in India’s 619 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries may be barred, with the government accepting most of the recommendations of a panel report.

News Headlines

How conservation drives villagers to kill animals

SURROUNDED by a wall of fire and angry Tanzanian villagers, the elephants were forced off a cliff some 50 metres high. When the dust settled, six of the herd lay dead. The now jubilant crowd took selfies among the carcasses (see a later photo of the scene).

News Headlines

South African breeders buck the system

The sale of wildlife to Angolan parks has sparked a row over the spread of species to areas in which they do not occur naturally.

News Headlines

Madagascar impresses global conservation congress with community-controlled marine protection plans

(Seychelles News Agency) - The president of Madagascar, Hery Rajaonarimampianina, has pledged to triple his country’s marine protected areas and set up a legal framework to defend local communities’ rights to manage their own fishing grounds.

News Headlines

World’s largest cave in Vietnam threatened by cable car

Vietnamese are protesting plans to build a cable car through remote Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park that could carry 1,000 visitors an hour to Son Doong cave

News Headlines

Protected Areas: Much More Than Pristine Nature

Last month, more than 6,000 government, business, and civil society leaders gathered at the once-a-decade World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia, to discuss the future of protected areas.

News Headlines

Kenya's iconic Nairobi national park is under threat, conservationists warn

Wildlife including giraffe, rhino and zebra are under pressure from roads, railways, factories and houses

News Headlines

World Parks Congress aims to protect a third of oceans in marine parks

AT LEAST 30 PER CENT of the world's oceans should be protected as marine parks where fishing and mining are banned, according to a new target set at the close of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's World Parks Congress in Sydney yesterday.

News Headlines

World Parks Congress aims to protect a third of oceans in marine parks

The once-a-decade World Parks Congress concluded in Sydney with a new target to reserve 30 per cent of the world's marine areas in parks where fishing is banned.

News Headlines

World Parks Congress: why parks are more than just pretty places

The week-long International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s World Parks Congress has culminated with a major international agreement to conserve the world’s natural assets, boost investment in climate change and promote the rights of Indigenous peoples.

News Headlines

Nepal in Asia Protected Area Partnership: IUCN

joined the Asia Protected Areas Partnership that aims to promote best practices, share lessons learnt and develop innovative solutions to conserve the protected areas in the region.

News Headlines

World Parks Congress: call to extend no-take share of marine protected areas

The world's oceans need expanded regions where fishing is barred to help preserve fragile ecosystems and protect them from what one leading biologist dubbed "a silent storm" driven by climate change.

News Headlines

Making Protected Areas an Integral Part of Development

Working with the Global Environment Facility, the World Bank helped the Brazilian Government implement a series of protected areas that have reversed deforestation in the Amazon and returned benefits to communities.

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