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News Headlines

The Antarctic too is under stress and threat

We are hearing more and more about stress, and threats to the Arctic, but not so much about Antarctica.

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Arctic Ocean becoming more like the Atlantic, scientists say

"Rapid changes in the eastern Arctic Ocean, which allow more heat from the ocean interior to reach the bottom of sea ice, are making it more sensitive to climate changes," said researcher Igor Polyakov.

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Poor outlook for Antarctic biodiversity

An international study involving scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has debunked the popular view that Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are in a much better environmental shape than the rest of the world.

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Sea ice extent for both poles shrinks to record low

March 22 (UPI) -- Earth's combined polar sea ice extent -- the total sea ice coverage on both the planet's poles -- hit a record low in March.

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Researchers ponder conundrum of disappearing Arctic caribou

March 23 (UPI) -- Vast herds of caribou roaming the barren tundra are among the most iconic images of Arctic wildlife. But today, most of the world's barren-ground caribou and reindeer herds are on the decline.

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Sea Ice Retreat Could Lead to Rapid Overfishing in the Arctic

A consortium of countries are meeting in Iceland, where they hope to strike a deal that protects the newly accessible ecosystem.

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Scientists miscalculate penguin population

Good news for Adélie penguins - the species of Happy Feet fame - as scientists revise their numbers upwards by millions.

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Rapid decline of Arctic sea ice a combination of climate change and natural variability

The dramatic decline of Arctic sea ice in recent decades is caused by a mixture of global warming and a natural, decades-long atmospheric hot spot over Greenland and the Canadian Arctic.

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Are We the Last Generation to See Polar Bears in the Wild?

Is the extraordinary polar bear going the same way as the dodo? A large flightless bird, the dodo was last seen in the 1600s, when it was most likely clubbed on its island home by protein-starved sailors looking for some meat for their cooking pot.

News Headlines

There's a giant crack in an Antarctic ice shelf. Should we be worried?

An accelerating crack in the ice shelf known as Larsen C, the fourth largest ice shelf in Antarctica, has grown by 17 miles since the beginning of December, according to multiple news reports, including a recent article in the New York Times.

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Giant crack in Antarctic ice shelf spotlights advances in glaciology

Rift through Larsen C ice shelf has grown to 175 kilometres, and collapse of nearby ice shelves could offer a glimpse of its future.

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Antarctic sea ice shrinks to smallest ever extent

Data contradicts climate change sceptics, who have pointed to earlier increases in areas of sea ice to support their views

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Arctic 2.0: What happens after all the ice goes?

Researchers look into the future of the far North for clues to save species and maybe even bring back sea ice.

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Larsen ice crack continues to open up

The crack that looks set to spawn a giant iceberg in the Antarctic has continued to spread.

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Argentine scientists in Antarctica tally toll of climate change

CARLINI BASE, Antarctica (Reuters) - On King George Island in Antarctica, the thunderous sound of ice sliding off the Fourcade Glacier and crashing into the icy water bordering Argentina's Carlini research base serves as a daily reminder of a warming climate.

News Headlines

Huge Antarctic iceberg poised to break away

An iceberg expected to be one of the 10 largest ever recorded is ready to break away from Antarctica, scientists say.

News Headlines

Hidden lakes in glaciers point to further Antarctic melting

Researchers suggest that the unusual phenomenon could compromise the structural integrity of glaciers in the region.

News Headlines

Ice loss spreads up Antarctic glaciers

The scale and pace of change now taking place in West Antarctica is captured in a new, long-term satellite record.

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Sea ice extent tumbles around both poles in November

Water and air temperatures and shifts in wind patterns conspired to hold down sea ice extent, setting record lows for the month of November in both the Arctic and the Antarctic.

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Arctic Agriculture: farming opportunities on the horizon

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- Tomatoes in Alaska. Leeks in Greenland. Fields of barley creeping northward in Norway.

News Headlines

Nations push to protect Antarctica's 'last ocean'

Campaigners believe a proposal to establish a vast marine reserve in the seas around Antarctica will finally be accepted this week.

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Why Global Warming Hits the Arctic Harder Than Anywhere Else

Explorer and marine biologist Enric Sala talks about Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary, Before the Flood.

News Headlines

Scientists measure record glacial melting in West Antarctica

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Glaciers in West Antarctica are shrinking and retreating at record rates, threatening to further accelerate sea level rise.

News Headlines

The World’s Last Great Wilderness

For many of us Antarctic is out of sight and out of mind. We know even less about the waters surrounding it, the wild Southern Ocean.

News Headlines

Bird flu poses threat to penguins - scientists

Scientists are warning of new threats to penguins on Antarctica from diseases spread by migratory birds.

News Headlines

Greenland ice is melting seven percent faster than previously thought

The same hotspot in Earth's mantle that feeds Iceland's active volcanoes has been affecting scientists' calculations of ice loss in the Greenland ice sheet, causing them to underestimate the melting by about 20 gigatons (20 billion metric tons) per year.

News Headlines

Working together to save the Arctic: 20 years of Arctic Council

Julia Gourley, America’s senior Arctic official, tells DW how the far North is changing in light of melting sea ice and newly discovered resources. The Arctic still remains a peaceful place, she says. For now...

News Headlines

Second lowest minimum for Arctic ice

Arctic ice cover in 2016 reached the second lowest minimum on record, tied with 2007.

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Arctic sea ice cover set to be second lowest ever recorded, data suggests

Arctic sea ice cover could be confirmed within days as the second lowest ever recorded, the latest data suggests.

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Land-based food not nutritionally sufficient for wild polar bears, according to new study

On average, a polar bear loses up to 30 percent of its total body mass while fasting during the open-water season.

News Headlines

Arctic Ocean shipping routes 'to open for months'

Shipping routes across the Arctic are going to open up significantly this century even with a best-case reduction in CO2 emissions, a new study suggests.

News Headlines

Arctic sea ice will miss record low despite major melt, experts say

As the sun begins its seasonal descent in the Arctic sky and temperatures drop, the summer melt of sea ice is slowing down. In the next few weeks, the span of the Arctic Ocean covered by ice will reach its annual low.

News Headlines

Blue lakes are appearing in Antarctica – and that’s a bad thing

In a new study, scientists who study the largest ice mass on Earth – East Antarctica – have found that it is showing a surprising feature reminiscent of the fastest melting one: Greenland.

News Headlines

Opinion: Time to listen to the ice scientists about the Arctic death spiral

Ice scientists are mostly cheerful and pragmatic. Like many other researchers coolly observing the rapid warming of the world, they share a gallows humour and are cautious about entering the political fray.

News Headlines

FAA to Arctic pilots: Do not disturb the walruses

It doesn't take much to scare a walrus. The scent of a polar bear, the footsteps of a hunter or the drone of a bush plane are more than enough to send the blubbery pinnipeds into panic mode.

News Headlines

Birds on top of the world, with nowhere to go

Climate change could make much of the Arctic unsuitable for millions of migratory birds that travel north to breed each year, according to a new international study published today in Global Change Biology.

News Headlines

Melting sea ice brings danger and opportunity to Canada's Arctic

As sea ice continues to melt at an alarming rate, indigenous peoples in Canada's Arctic are struggling to come to terms with how the environmental shift could affect their traditional way of life.

News Headlines

Ice algae: The engine of life in the central Arctic Ocean

Algae that live in and under the sea ice also serve as a nutritional basis for animals living at great depths

News Headlines

Binding agreement on high seas fishing in Arctic Ocean needed, says conservation group

‘A treaty needs to be broad enough and strong enough that it can stand up internationally,’ Oceans North

News Headlines

Can we halt Arctic melt? Hard question for UN advisor

I had a very interesting high-profile visitor here at Deutsche Welle this week. Bonn, John Le Carré’s “Small Town in Germany” is this country’s UN city nowadays, home to organizations like the climate secretariat UNFCCC and the Convention on Migratory Species, CMS.

News Headlines

Arctic sea ice crashes to record low for June

From mid-June onwards, ice cover disappeared at an average rate of 29,000 miles a day, about 70% faster than the typical rate of ice loss, experts say

News Headlines

Greenland's 2015 melt records consistent with 'Arctic amplification'

Following record-high temperatures and melting records that affected northwest Greenland in summer 2015, a new study provides the first evidence linking melting in Greenland to the anticipated effects of a phenomenon known as Artic amplification.

News Headlines

Shifting bird distribution indicates a changing Arctic

Shifts in the distribution of Spectacled Eiders, a predatory bird at the top of the Bering Sea's benthic food web, indicate possible changes in the Arctic's marine ecosystem, according to new research.

News Headlines

Cryosat spacecraft's ice vision is boosted

European scientists have found a way to super-charge their study of the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland.

News Headlines

European Union proposes 39-point policy plan for the Arctic

The EU's executive has developed the bloc's first integrated policy for the Arctic, focusing on 39 actions. The proposals center on the environment, sustainable development and international cooperation.

News Headlines

Nations negotiate fishing in Arctic high seas

Last week, delegates from six Arctic nations and other countries with major fishing fleets met in Washington, D.C., to discuss plans to prohibit commercial fishing in the central Arctic Ocean until scientists can find out more about the fish stocks and how they are changing.

News Headlines

Sentinels in constant watch on mighty polar glaciers

The EU's Sentinel satellite system has begun monitoring six mighty polar glaciers in near real-time.

News Headlines

Antartica’s Penguins Need Your Help, Become a Citizen Scientist Today

In case anyone needed a reason to spend hours on end looking at pictures of adorable penguins, we now have a valid excuse: scientists need us to.

News Headlines

Heat wave triggers Greenland's ice melting season two months early

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, April 13 (UPI) -- As much as 12 percent of Greenland is melting, according to measurements taken on Monday by scientists with the Danish Meteorological Institute.

News Headlines

Uncharted Arctic waters: A new opportunity for exploitation, or conservation?

When thick sheets of sea ice began melting in the Arctic waters around Svalbard, Norway, a few years ago, a new expanse of sparkling blue sea opened up.

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