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News Headlines

Rising From the Antarctic, a Climate Alarm

Wilder winds are altering currents. The sea is releasing carbon dioxide. Ice is melting from below.

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Climate change has destabilized the Earth’s poles, putting the rest of the planet in peril

The ice shelf was cracking up. Surveys showed warm ocean water eroding its underbelly. Satellite imagery revealed long, parallel fissures in the frozen expanse, like scratches from some clawed monster. One fracture grew so big, so fast, scientists took to calling it “the dagger.”

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Thwaites: Antarctic glacier heading for dramatic change

Scientists are warning of dramatic changes at one of the biggest glaciers in Antarctica, potentially within the next five to 10 years.

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Arctic heat record is like Mediterranean, says UN

The highest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic, 38C (100F), has been officially confirmed, sounding "alarm bells" over Earth's changing climate.

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Why increased rainfall in the Arctic is bad news for the whole world

While a reduction in frozen ocean surface is one of the most widely recognised impacts of Arctic warming, it has also long been anticipated that a warmer Arctic will be a wetter one too, with more intense cycling of water between land, atmosphere and ocean.

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Climate tipping points: The Arctic is a bellwether for irreversible change

The warship HMS Terror lies at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean in the Northwest passage, lost in 1848 after two grueling years stuck in the Arctic ice. Rescue missions launched to recover the ship in 1851 suffered the same fate, crushed under the year-round ice that encased Northern Canada and th ...

News Headlines

What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic

The Arctic is once again at the centre of geopolitical and strategic discussions, mainly for one reason – climate change – and it is imperative to act now, write Virginijus Sinkevičius and Boris Herrmann.

News Headlines

Antarctic ice walls protect glaciers from warm ocean water

Feb. 27 (UPI) -- The planet's oceans are capable of storing a lot more heat than Earth's atmosphere.

News Headlines

Daring scientists extract ice from Earth's highest tropical glacier

Researchers race to retrieve ice amid protests by local residents.

News Headlines

2019 in line for second lowest Arctic sea ice extent record

Arctic sea ice volume plunged to new lows last month with a July average of just 8,800 cubic kilometers (2,111 cubic miles) of ice remaining atop the Arctic Ocean.

News Headlines

Arctic wildfires continue to burn, releasing record amounts of CO2

July 25 (UPI) -- Wildfires are raging across the Arctic as warm, dry conditions persist across the region. Satellite images have revealed wildfires burning in Alaska, Greenland and throughout Siberia.

News Headlines

Glacial melting in Antarctica may become irreversible

Thwaites glacier is likely to thaw and trigger 50cm sea level rise, US study suggests

News Headlines

Climate change: Antarctic Peninsula 'can still avoid irreversible change'

Even if global warming can be kept to a 1.5-degree Celsius rise from pre-industrial times, the Antarctic Peninsula is set for some big changes.

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Greenland Ice Sheet: 'More than 50 hidden lakes' detected

Scientists have identified more than 50 new lakes of liquid water lying under the Greenland Ice Sheet.

News Headlines

The complex fate of Antarctic species in the face of a changing climate

Oxygen concentrations in both the open ocean and coastal waters have declined by 2-5% since at least the middle of the 20th century.

News Headlines

Antarctic biodiversity hotspots exist wherever penguins and seals poop

Scientists have found that on the desolate Antarctic peninsula, nitrogen-rich poop from colonies of penguins and seals enriches the soil so well that it helps create biodiversity hotspots throughout the region.

News Headlines

Antarctic penguins suffer catastrophic breeding failure

The second largest Emperor penguin colony on Earth has suffered a "catastrophic" breeding failure after nearly all chicks born over three years died as their icy Antarctic habitat shrinks, researchers said Thursday.

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