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News Headlines

Antarctic ice walls protect glaciers from warm ocean water

Feb. 27 (UPI) -- The planet's oceans are capable of storing a lot more heat than Earth's atmosphere.

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Daring scientists extract ice from Earth's highest tropical glacier

Researchers race to retrieve ice amid protests by local residents.

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2019 in line for second lowest Arctic sea ice extent record

Arctic sea ice volume plunged to new lows last month with a July average of just 8,800 cubic kilometers (2,111 cubic miles) of ice remaining atop the Arctic Ocean.

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Arctic wildfires continue to burn, releasing record amounts of CO2

July 25 (UPI) -- Wildfires are raging across the Arctic as warm, dry conditions persist across the region. Satellite images have revealed wildfires burning in Alaska, Greenland and throughout Siberia.

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Glacial melting in Antarctica may become irreversible

Thwaites glacier is likely to thaw and trigger 50cm sea level rise, US study suggests

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Climate change: Antarctic Peninsula 'can still avoid irreversible change'

Even if global warming can be kept to a 1.5-degree Celsius rise from pre-industrial times, the Antarctic Peninsula is set for some big changes.

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Greenland Ice Sheet: 'More than 50 hidden lakes' detected

Scientists have identified more than 50 new lakes of liquid water lying under the Greenland Ice Sheet.

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The complex fate of Antarctic species in the face of a changing climate

Oxygen concentrations in both the open ocean and coastal waters have declined by 2-5% since at least the middle of the 20th century.

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Antarctic biodiversity hotspots exist wherever penguins and seals poop

Scientists have found that on the desolate Antarctic peninsula, nitrogen-rich poop from colonies of penguins and seals enriches the soil so well that it helps create biodiversity hotspots throughout the region.

News Headlines

Antarctic penguins suffer catastrophic breeding failure

The second largest Emperor penguin colony on Earth has suffered a "catastrophic" breeding failure after nearly all chicks born over three years died as their icy Antarctic habitat shrinks, researchers said Thursday.

News Headlines

Greening continues across Arctic ecosystems

Aug. 21 (UPI) -- Thanks to new satellite data and improved modeling, scientists have a better understanding of how the Arctic's vegetation responds -- and will respond -- to warming trends.

News Headlines

Paul Nicklen: ‘If we lose the ice, we lose the entire ecosystem’

The photographer has been documenting life at the poles for years. He is determined to safeguard these fragile habitats.

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Largest king penguin colony shrinks 90% in 30 years

The world's largest king penguin colony has shrunk nearly 90% since the 1980s, research suggests.

News Headlines

Ice-free passage for ships through the Arctic could cause problems for marine mammals

An increasingly ice-free Arctic could test the adaptability of marine mammals, a new study has found, as hundreds of ships in recent years have used the newly open polar seas to transport goods and people.

News Headlines

The 'monster' iceberg: What happened next?

It was a wow! moment. The world's biggest berg, a block of ice a quarter the size of Wales, fell off the Antarctic exactly a year ago. But what then? We've gone back to find out.

News Headlines

Frigid polar oceans, not balmy coral reefs, are species-formation hot spots

Tropical oceans teem with the dazzle and flash of colorful reef fishes and contain far more species than the cold ocean waters found at high latitudes.

News Headlines

Giant canyons discovered in Antarctica

Scientists have discovered three vast canyons in one of the last places to be explored on Earth - under the ice at the South Pole. The deep troughs run for hundreds of kilometres, cutting through tall mountains - none of which are visible at the snowy surface of the continent.

News Headlines

'They're everywhere': has the decline of the seal hunt saved the polar bear?

Despite vanishing sea ice and shorter winters, Labrador’s polar bear population is among the healthiest in the world – and it could be thanks to the harp seals.

News Headlines

Are emperor penguins eating enough?

For emperor penguins waddling around a warming Antarctic, diminishing sea ice means less fish to eat. How the diets of these tuxedoed birds will hold up in the face of climate change is a big question scientists are grappling with.

News Headlines

Thwaites Glacier: Biggest ever Antarctic field campaign

It is going to be one of the biggest projects ever undertaken in Antarctica.

News Headlines

Scientists race to explore Antarctic marine life revealed by giant iceberg

A team of international scientists is due to set off for the world’s biggest iceberg on Wednesday, fighting huge waves and the encroaching Antarctic winter, in a mission aiming to answer fundamental questions about the impact of climate change in the polar regions.

News Headlines

China committed to protecting Arctic biodiversity

China is committed to properly protecting Arctic biodiversity and advocates transparent and reasonable exploration and utilization of Arctic genetic resources, and fair and equitable sharing and use of the benefits generated by the exploitation of such resources, said a white paper issued on Friday.

News Headlines

Why Antarctica Is So Important in a Warming World

Ever since the ancient Greeks speculated a continent must exist in the south polar regions to balance those in the north, Antarctica has been popularly described as remote and extreme. Over the past two centuries, these factors have combined to create, in the human psyche, an almost mythical lan ...

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