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'Tipping point' risk for Arctic hotspot

A rapid climate shift under way in the Barents Sea could spread to other Arctic regions, scientists warn. The Barents Sea is said to be at a tipping point, changing from an Arctic climate to an Atlantic climate as the water gets warmer.

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'We packed long underwear and never wore it': Arctic scientists shocked at warming

When the Arctic researchers Jacqueline Grebmeier and Lee Cooper made their annual scientific pilgrimage to frigid seas off Alaska last month, what they found was startling.

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10 of the Most Endangered Species in Canada

Canada is known for its varied landscape, ranging from mountains and rolling plains, to rivers, lakes and Arctic tundras. It is therefore unsurprising that a great variety of animals make this region its home.

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2019 in line for second lowest Arctic sea ice extent record

Arctic sea ice volume plunged to new lows last month with a July average of just 8,800 cubic kilometers (2,111 cubic miles) of ice remaining atop the Arctic Ocean.

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A Greener Arctic Will Not Halt Climate Change

The image of the Arctic as a frozen wasteland could soon be a thing of the past thanks to climate change, with the region warming at double the rate of other areas of the planet.

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A father and son’s Ice Age plot to slow Siberian thaw

In one of the planet’s coldest places, 130 km south of Russia’s Arctic coast, scientist Sergey Zimov can find no sign of permafrost as global warming permeates Siberia’s soil.

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A fortress of ice and snow

After only a few days of searching, experts from the MOSAiC expedition have now found a suitable ice floe where they will set up the research camp for their one-year-long drift through the Arctic Ocean.

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A groggy climate giant: subsea permafrost is still waking up after 12,000 years

In the far north, the swelling Arctic Ocean inundated vast swaths of coastal tundra and steppe ecosystems. Though the ocean water was only a few degrees above freezing, it started to thaw the permafrost beneath it, exposing billions of tons of organic matter to microbial breakdown.

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A human right to nature: The people suing governments for environmental damage

An Asian megacity partially locked down because of pollution. Acres of farms in Africa destroyed by extreme weather. Ancient Arctic cultures disappearing with melting ice. This isn’t the future. It’s happening now.

Side Event

ARCTIC FLORA AND FAUNA - Status and efforts towards conservation leading to 2010.

Side event focusing on Arctic Flora and Fauna, led by CAFF - Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Working Group of the Arctic Council with assistance from UNEP, WCMC, WWF and other international organizations.

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Africa: Big International Gathering Will Home in On Migratory Species

From whale sharks to Monarch butterflies, many animals are hardwired to migrate along set routes in search of food or a breeding area--and in some cases they've been doing this for tens of millions of years. The Arctic tern migrates the longest distances of any animal, flying over 25,000 km each ...

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Air temperatures in the Arctic are driving system change

A new paper shows that air temperature is the "smoking gun" behind climate change in the Arctic, according to John Walsh, chief scientist for the UAF International Arctic Research Center.

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Al Roker travels to the Arctic for firsthand look at climate change

What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. And scientists studying global warming are trying to learn why.That’s why Al Roker headed to Utqiagvik, Alaska, considered ground zero for climate change, and learn from the scientists gathering critical information there that could help sav ...

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Alaska worries for its salmon run as climate change warms Arctic waters

With marine heat waves helping to wipe out some of Alaska’s storied salmon runs in recent years, officials have resorted to sending emergency food shipments to affected communities while scientists warn that the industry’s days of traditional harvests may be numbered.

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America's last wilderness is about to go to the highest bidder for oil drilling

Language is everything. Those who argue for oil drilling in the Arctic national wildlife refuge, a place of stunning wild beauty in far north-east Alaska, seldom call it what it is – a refuge.

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Arctic 'doomsday vault' stocks up on more food seeds

An Arctic "doomsday vault" is set Tuesday to receive 60,000 samples of seeds from around the world as the biggest global crop reserve stocks up for a global catastrophe.


Arctic Biodiversity Symposium

18 - 19 November 2010, Ottawa, Canada

Side Event
COP 10

Arctic Biodiversity: status and trends

A review of the current status and trends in Arctic Biodiversity. And an overview of ongoing work by the Conservation of Arctic Flora & Fauna working group (CAFF) of the Arctic Council e.g. The Arctic Biodiversity Assessment and the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme etc. CAFFs misi ...

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Arctic Ocean could be ice-free for part of the year as soon as 2044

It's hard to imagine the Arctic without sea ice.But according to a new study by UCLA climate scientists, human-caused climate change is on track to make the Arctic Ocean functionally ice-free for part of each year starting sometime between 2044 and 2067.

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Arctic Ocean: Climate Change Is Flooding the Remote North With Light and New Species

At just over 14 million square kilometres, the Arctic Ocean is the smallest and shallowest of the world’s oceans. It is also the coldest. An expansive raft of sea ice floats near its centre, expanding in the long, cold, dark winter, and contracting in the summer, as the Sun climbs higher in the sky.

Action by

Arctic Regional Workshop to Facilitate the Description of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs), 3 to 7 March 2014, Helsinki, Finland

Reference: SCBD/SAM/DC/JL/JG/82648 (2013-085)
To: CBD National Focal Points and SBSTTA Focal Points in the Arctic region: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden, United States of America; relevant Permanent Participants and Working Groups of the Arctic Council; relevant regional seas conventions and action plans; relevant regional fisheries management organizations; and other relevant regional organizations/initiatives

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Arctic Sea Ice Succumbs To Atlantification

Scientists with the European Space Agency (ESA) said on May 25, 2021, that satellite data have revealed how much warming Atlantic waters are intruding on Arctic sea ice. They said they made their announcement “with alarm bells ringing about the rapid demise of sea ice in the Arctic.”

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Arctic Terns arrive in the thousands to Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

The annual migration of birds from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve, has begun with an enormous flock seen swarming the Manoli Islands inside the park last weekend.

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Arctic Wildlife Are Shifting Their Behaviors Due to Climate Change

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as anywhere else on Earth. Across the region's 5.5 million square miles of land and ocean, wildlife species—like caribou, golden eagles, grizzly bears and whales—are adjusting their behavior to cope with the effects brought on by climate change.

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Arctic and tropical Pacific synergistic effects cause extremely cold winter in China

China is just one of many countries in the Northern Hemisphere experiencing an extremely cold winter due in part to both the tropical Pacific and the Arctic, according to an analysis of temperatures from Dec. 1, 2020 to mid-January of 2021.


Recommendation XV/7

Arctic biodiversity

News Headlines

Arctic biodiversity at risk as world overshoots climate planetary boundary

Today, bowhead whales still transit the fringes of Arctic waters. Polar bears hunt blubbery ringed seals from rafts of ice. And ivory gulls ride gale force winds, plucking juvenile polar cod from the roiling sea. But for how much longer?

News Headlines

Arctic climate change – it’s recent carbon emissions we should fear, not ancient methane ‘time bombs’

The Arctic is predicted to warm faster than anywhere else in the world this century, perhaps by as much as 7°C. These rising temperatures threaten one of the largest long-term stores of carbon on land: permafrost.

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Arctic heat record is like Mediterranean, says UN

The highest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic, 38C (100F), has been officially confirmed, sounding "alarm bells" over Earth's changing climate.

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Arctic ice loss forces polar bears to use four times as much energy to survive – study

Polar bears and narwhals are using up to four times as much energy to survive because of major ice loss in the Arctic, according to scientists.

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Arctic open-water periods are projected to lengthen dramatically by 2100

A team from the Centre for Earth Observation Science at the University of Manitoba has published a paper in the Nature journal Communications Earth & Environment that addresses a large gap in our understanding of Arctic Sea Ice coverage.

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Arctic permafrost releases more carbon dioxide than once believed

Rising global temperatures are causing frozen Arctic soil— permafrost—in the northern hemisphere to thaw and release CO2 that has been stored within it for thousands of years. The amount of carbon stored in permafrost is estimated to be four times greater than the combined amount of CO2 emitted ...

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Arctic research expedition likely faces extreme conditions in fast-changing Arctic

In October 2019, scientists trapped a ship filled with equipment in Arctic sea ice with the intention of drifting around the Arctic Ocean for a full year, gathering data on the polar regions and sea ice floes. However, a new study indicates there is a chance the expedition may melt out months be ...

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Arctic sizzled in 2020, the warmest year for Europe too

Europe endured record heat and rainfall last year while temperatures in Arctic Siberia soared off the charts, the European Union's climate monitoring service reported Thursday.

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Arctic tundra emits more methane during autumn freeze than spring thaw

Arctic tundra, a unique ecosystem characterized by permafrost, contributes to approximately 45% of all Arctic methane sources and therefore plays an important role in global carbon cycle. Arctic region is warming faster than other global regions over the last century. Warmer temperature accelera ...

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Arctic wildfires continue to burn, releasing record amounts of CO2

July 25 (UPI) -- Wildfires are raging across the Arctic as warm, dry conditions persist across the region. Satellite images have revealed wildfires burning in Alaska, Greenland and throughout Siberia.

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Arctic wildlife uses extreme method to save energy

Researchers from Lund University and the University of Tromsø have examined the immune system strength of the Svalbard rock ptarmigan in the Arctic. This bird lives the farthest up in the Arctic of any land bird, and the researchers have investigated how the immune response varies between winter ...

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As planet warms, Arctic lakes, rivers will lose their biodiversity

May 22 (UPI) -- As Earth's temperatures continue to rise, freshwater ecosystems in the Arctic are becoming unusually warm -- too warm for many native species.

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As sea ice disappears, a greener and browner Arctic emerges

Arctic sea ice has been in steep decline over the past two decades. A study of tundra shrubs published today in the journal PNAS shows that as sea ice disappears, the Arctic is becoming both greener and browner.

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Backing up crop biodiversity collections

The International Potato Center (CIP) recently joined 34 other organizations across the globe in depositing more than 60,000 seeds in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a biodiversity bunker in a mountainside of an Arctic island in Norway.

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Beluga whistles and clicks could be silenced by an increasingly noisy Arctic Ocean

Under the sea ice, the Arctic Ocean is one of the quietest places on Earth. But it can be very noisy when the ice is forming and breaking up or during storms and when glaciers are calving.

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Better understanding the reasons behind Arctic amplified warming

It's clear that rising greenhouse gas emissions are the main driver of global warming. But on a regional level, several other factors are at play. That's especially true in the Arctic—a massive oceanic region around the North Pole which is warming two to three times faster than the rest of the p ...

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Biden administration halts oil drilling in Alaska wildlife refuge

US President Joe Biden's administration announced Tuesday it was halting petroleum development activity in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, reversing a move by former president Donald Trump to allow drilling.

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Biologists Find Evidence of Migration Gene in Birds

Millions of migratory birds occupy seasonally favorable breeding grounds in the Arctic, but scientists know little about the formation, maintenance and future of the migration routes of Arctic birds and the genetic determinants of migratory distance.

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Builder aims to help UK construction industry kick its plastic habit

A builder from Merseyside has launched a project that aims to remove plastic from the British construction industry within two decades.Neal Maxwell, who has worked in the trade for more than 30 years, co-founded the non-profit organisation Changing Streams after a trip to the Arctic

News Headlines

Can Arctic Animals Keep Up With Climate Change? Scientists are Trying to Find Out

New studies suggest that rising temperatures may prove disastrous for species of birds, fish and other animals that are adapted to the cold of Arctic climes.

Press Release

Canada and the United States of America Affirm Partnership on Climate Action, Clean Energy, and the Arctic and its Biodiversity

Montreal, 14 March 2016 –The Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Mr. Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, applauds the Arctic Partnership announced Thursday by United States President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Washington, D.C. Although focus ...

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