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News Headlines

"Climate change destroys Africa's beauty"

Speaking at COP22 in Marrakesh, 350.org activist Landry Ninteretse says African wildlife and food security are under threat. What the continent needs most from the West is not finance but an end to extractivism.

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$48 million fund to help expand marine protected areas

At the ongoing U.S. State Department’s Our Ocean 2016 Conference, in Washington, D.C., the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Waitt Foundation, the blue moon fund (bmf), and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), together announced a commitment of $48 million to expand and improve marine p ...

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'Alarming' superbugs a risk to people, animals and food, EU warns

Superbug bacteria found in people, animals and food across the European Union pose an "alarming" threat to public and animal health having evolved to resist widely used antibiotics, disease and safety experts warned on Wednesday.

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'Biblical' moth influx threatens to devastate crops

Scientists have learned that cabbage and cauliflower crops could potentially be "devastated" by a species of moth arriving from continental Europe.

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'Climate change greatest threat to agriculture'

Steadman Fuller, custos of Kingston has described climate change as the single greatest threat to local agriculture and, by extension, the Jamaican economy.

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'Climate change threatens African crops'

Climate change will claim vast swathes of land needed to grow staple food crops in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly maize, bananas and beans, researchers have warned.

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'Climate-change education essential for local communities'

Raising Public awareness is invaluable if local communities are to be engaged in the effort to meet the challenge of climate change.

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'Coffee could be extinct by 2080': why climate change may eradicate your daily latte

Coffee could become extinct by 2080 if global warming continues to worsen, according to a report by The Climate Institute.

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'Crisis is a way of life': helping farmers cope with devastating climate change

Changing weather patterns are having a dramatic effect on the livelihoods of smallholders in the developing world. So what can be done?

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'Culture an ally for achieving gender equality', says Director-General of UNESCO in New York

A high-level breakfast in the margins of the 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations headquarters in New York, gave delegations from around the world the chance to debate the rich and complex relationship between culture, gender, and human rights.

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'Ecosystem canaries' provide early warning signs of catastrophic changes to ecosystems

'Ecosystem canaries' can provide early warning signals of large, potentially catastrophic, changes or tipping points in ecosystems, say researchers.

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'Facebook group' trade in endangered species causes outrage among conservation groups

Thousands of endangered animals have been traded illegally via Facebook forums, environmental groups claim.

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'Flying ivory' hornbill bird gains extra protection

An Asian bird species under threat for its ivory like helmet has gained extra protection at the Cites conference in Johannesburg.

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'Food Wise 2025 plans not viable without serious environmental impact'

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report also states that "we need policies to promote the right farming in the right place" due to the environmental sensitivity of certain areas. And it highlights the negative impact razor-thin margins are having on the drive for greener farming.

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'GMO Only Causes Problems': Serbia Maintains Import Ban Despite WTO Demands

Genetically engineered food brings no benefit to Serbia, which shouldn't compromise on its GMO law to enter the WTO, Professor of Agriculture Miodrag Dimitrijevic told Sputnik.

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'Ghostlike' octopus found in Pacific may belong to new species

An underwater research craft has spotted a "ghostlike" octopus that appears to belong to a previously unknown species on the ocean floor near Hawaii, a discovery that highlights how little is known about the deep sea, a U.S. zoologist said on Saturday.

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'Go wild for life,' UN says on World Environment Day

5 June 2016 – Marking World Environment Day, which this year focuses on the illegal trade of wildlife, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is calling on everyone to “go wild for life” and take action to help safeguard species under threat for future generations.

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'It's a disaster': children bear brunt of southern Africa's devastating drought

In southern Malawi and Zimbabwe, drought is overwhelming communities, forcing families to rely on meals of leaves and watermelon soup

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'Let mangroves recover' to protect coasts

In Indonesia, a Wetlands International project uses permeable dams to restore sediment needed for the trees to grow. The charity says early results suggest "ecological restoration" is more effective than planting programmes.

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'Let mangroves recover' to protect coasts

Allowing mangrove forests to recover naturally result in more resilient habitats that benefit both wildlife and people, say conservationists.

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'Marine snow' drifts buoy life on ocean floor

SOUTHAMPTON, England, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- New maps charted using sonar sensors on Autosub6000 have revealed the importance of "marine snow" to the distribution of biomass on the ocean floor.

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'Now is the time for implementation,' Ban urges session on integrating UN sustainability agenda

2 May 2016 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today underlined the importance of devising creative and coherent approaches in linking the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development as world leaders continue to work towards successfully implementing the U ...

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'One needs to understand biodiversity to protect it'

The need for coming up with initiatives to control the loss of flora and fauna was highlighted by experts on Sunday-International Day for Biological Diversity at the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (IFGTB). Experts also encouraged the youth to understand biodiversity in order to p ...

News Headlines

'Planet Earth II' weds climate message with jaw-dropping imagery

(CNN) — Jaw-dropping nature footage is one of the many blessings provided by this age of TV abundance. So "Planet Earth II" -- coming a decade after the original -- seeks to up the ante, in part, by incorporating an environmental message.

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'Protecting forests is the best way to fight climate change'

With the Cancún Declaration adopted at the Convention on Biological Diversity summit, DW talks to an indigenous leader on how native peoples are defending the Earth's forests - and through that, biodiversity and climate.

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'Protecting forests is the best way to fight climate change'

With the Cancún Declaration adopted at the Convention on Biological Diversity summit, DW talks to an indigenous leader on how native peoples are defending the Earth's forests - and through that, biodiversity and climate.

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'Red tape' locking small island states out of billions in climate funds

Commonwealth initiative aims to enable countries such as Vanuatu and Fiji to access $100bn pledged in Paris climate talks

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'Rule-breaker' forests in Andes, Amazon revealed by remote spectral sensing

It turns out that forests in the Andean and western Amazonian regions of South America break long-understood rules about how ecosystems are put together, according to new research.

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'Seagrasses' vital to coastal health

The importance of seagrasses to the health of coastal ecosystems is underlined in new research conducted around Indonesian atolls.

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'Sweet business' of beekeeping helps protect Zimbabwe's forests

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Divas Matinyadze’s 47 beehives are hidden away in a dense patch of forest, along a narrow dirt path beside a small river in Mpudzi Resettlement Scheme.

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'The blob': how marine heatwaves are causing unprecedented climate chaos

First seabirds started falling out of the sky, washing up on beaches from California to Canada.Then emaciated and dehydrated sea lion pups began showing up, stranded and on the brink of death.

News Headlines

'The future is happening now,' warns UN, calling for urgent measures to cut carbon emissions

21 March 2016 – The Earth is already one degree Celsius hotter than at the start of the 20th century, halfway to the critical two-degree threshold, and national climate change plans adopted so far may not be enough to avoid a three-degree temperature rise, the UN weather agency warned today upon ...

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'There was just no snow': climate change puts Iditarod future in doubt

After record high winter temperatures reduced parts of the course to a bone-jarring, sled-wrecking obstacle course, is the great mushing race on its way out?

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'This forest is like an old friend' - India's tribal women fight for land ownership

RANAPUR, India, Oct 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For the tribal women of Gunduribadi village, in India's eastern Odisha state, an early morning patrol is essential to conserve their forest, but what they are protecting goes far beyond food security or even their livelihoods.

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'Time to act': Damage to Great Barrier Reef worse than thought, surveys find

The government agency responsible for the Great Barrier Reef says urgent action is needed to save the world heritage site after yet-to-be-published surveys found the record coral bleaching damage earlier this year was even worse than initially thought.

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'We urgently need healthy soils to ensure essential services they provide,' Ban says on World Soil Day

Marking World Soil Day, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stressed the importance of healthy soils, adding that “sustainable management systems and practices will unlock the full potential of soils to support food production, store and supply clean water, preserve biodiversity, se ...

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'Zombie corals' pose new threat to world's reefs

Scientists discover corals that look healthy but cannot reproduce, dashing hopes such reefs could repopulate bleached areas

News Headlines

10 Technologies That Are Helping Save Endangered Species

In today’s world, scientists and conservationists are starting to work together to look for solutions to help the plight of endangered species around the globe. These solutions are primarily using technology to help revitalize different populations of animals that are experiencing a decline. Usi ...

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10 conservation “fads”: how have they worked in Latin America?

In May 2013, the journal Conservation Biology published an editorial describing 10 conservation methods that emerged since the late 1970’s as fads, “approaches that are embraced enthusiastically and then abandoned.”

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10 facts about forests for International Forest Day

Today is International Forest Day, which was launched by the United Nations March 21, 2012 to promote the importance of forests and trees. In recognition of the designation, below are ten facts about forests.

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10 reasons to be optimistic for forests on World Environment Day

It’s easy to be pessimistic about the state of the world’s forests. Rates of forest loss remain persistently high, especially in the tropics and boreal regions.

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10-day IUCN World Conservation Congress begins

The world’s largest conservation conference gets underway in Hawaii

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16 new frog species spotted in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Sixteen frog species and three snake species, which have not been spotted in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary earlier, have been spotted during the first phase of a first of its kind reptile-amphibian survey carried there from August 5 to 8

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165 states queue up to sign UN climate deal

Countries are lining up to sign the Paris Climate Agreement at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York on April 22. The treaty marks a turning point on paper, but still needs huge efforts to be implemented.

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20 science questions for US presidential candidates -

MIAMI - A coalition of US groups representing more than 10 million scientists and engineers published 20 questions on Wednesday they want every US presidential candidate to answer ahead of November's vote.

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20 sites added to UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserve

Lima, 19 March—The International Co-ordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme of UNESCO added 20 sites to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves during its meeting in the capital of Peru on 18 and 19 March.

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2016 'very likely' to be world's warmest year

2016 looks poised to be the warmest year on record globally, according to preliminary data. With data from just the first nine months, scientists are 90% certain that 2016 will pass the mark set by 2015.

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2016 on pace to be hottest year ever as climate change trends reach ‘new climax’– UN

21 July 2016 – Global temperatures for the first six months of this year reached new highs, setting 2016 on track to be the hottest-ever on record, the United Nations weather agency said today.

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2016 was the hottest year ever recorded – UN weather agency

18 January 2017 – The world has just witnessed the hottest year on record, surpassing the exceptionally high temperatures of 2015, the United Nations weather agency reported today, highlighting new records in indicators of human-caused climate change, as well as loss of Artic sea ice.

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22 years and counting – the two whale sharks calling Ningaloo home

They’re believed to be the longest studied wild sharks in the world, providing critical insight into the mysterious endangered species.

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